1.5 guide to rings


It’s been correctly pointed out that we don’t really have informational guides on such subjects as rings and their recipes. While the wiki should likely cover some basics, I figured I’d consolidate such information here too.

Disclaimer: This guide holds true as of 1.5.1, but much of the information on it may become obsolete with future changes to what rings are and where they’re acquired. If you find any information has been outdated, kindly report it here so I can update it.

Note: For the sake of text economy, I’m using the following naming convention below. “Boss rings” refers to rings that are named after Abyss bosses, while “Abyss rings” refers to the 3 Rare/Legendary rings that are not (Skillful Opal Band, Defender’s Stone Circle, and Silver Runic Ring).

1. An introduction to rings and ring grades

Rings were the first accessories Flagship introduced, and the only ones they had implemented by the time of TCv4. Initially, London 2038 still had TCv4’s rings of all grades, excluding the Double Edged grade (which Flagship hadn’t created) and including the new Cursed grade. As of 1.5.1, Enhanced rings are no longer available.

Cursed rings

The Cursed grade is a 1-star grade exclusive to rings. Cursed rings drop in the Abyss, and they only come with minor negative affixes. They serve as materials for crafting Rare rings, a process the game dubs as “purification”.

Dismantling Cursed rings produces Cursed-grade materials, which are not used anywhere as of 1.5.1.

Enhanced rings

This grade functioned almost identically to the Rare grade in terms of rings. As of 1.5.1, Enhanced rings are no longer available.

Rare rings

The regular “base” ring grade as of 1.5.1, Rare rings serve as standalone rings and some also as materials for recipes for higher grades (explained below).

Legendary rings

The next grade for all items, tied with Double Edged (which doesn’t occur for rings), Legendary rings can be produced through recipes. Just like with other items, they have the advantage of being able to have affixes with higher values than Rares. However, they can’t currently be used as materials for any recipes.

As of 1.5.1, Legendary rings are the only ones that can have the rare affix of +1 to all [class] skills.

Unique rings

Finally, Unique is currently the highest possible grade for rings. As of 1.5.1, they can only be produced through the “Enhanced ring of [Abyss boss name]” that uses Rare rings to create Legendary ones. This recipe has a 10% chance to create a Unique ring of the same type instead.

Unlike previous grades, Unique rings don’t have random affixes. Each comes with its own predetermined affixes, which are often conceptually based on its type’s inherent affixes.

Finally, as of 1.5.1, there is also the Unique ring “Dark Master”. This ring has its own recipe, both of the materials for which can be found in Dawn of the Dead. Dark Master is currently the only Unique ring that has no Abyss counterpart or lower grades, and uses a different recipe structure.

2. Ring affixes

Rings come with inherent affixes and secondary affixes. Inherent ones are type-bound, and secondary ones are shared between Rares and Legendaries of all types - with the exception of +1 AS which is exclusive to Legendaries. Lastly, as outlined above, Uniques do away with both and only come with their own predetermined affixes.

Inherent affixes

Each ring comes with a set of inherent affixes, whose feeds depend on the ring type in question. For boss rings, these are as follows:

  • Dreadnaught’s Ring: STR
  • Talox’s Ruby: ACC
  • Fulcrum’s Scale: STA
  • Squadro’s Prism: WILL

For Abyss rings, those are as follows:

  • Silver Runic Ring: STR
  • Skillful Opal Band: STA
  • Defender’s Stone Circle: WILL

Next, each ring’s unique inherent affixes depend on its type. These are as follows.

Dreadnaught’s Ring

These come with a random sfx defense value:

  • Ignite
  • Poison
  • Shock
  • Phase
  • Stun

Additionally, they come with a random attribute value:

  • Accuracy
  • Strength
  • Stamina,
  • Willpower

The two are not connected, so any combination is possible.

Talox’s Ruby

These come with one of three inherent affixes:

  • Fire thorns
  • Ignite attack strength
  • A fire nova when the player is hit

Fulcrum’s Scale

These come with one of three inherent affixes:

  • Total armor value increased and minion armor
  • Hit point bonus (%) and minion health
  • Increased damage and minion damage

The two components of each affix are connected, so one will only appear with the other. There can be no combinations, such as, say, increased damage and minion health.

Squadro’s Prism

These come with an affix set that consists of a random added elemental damage type and its corresponding sfx:

  • Fire damage, ignite attack strength
  • Toxic damage, poison attack strength
  • Physical damage, stun attack strength
  • Spectral damage, phase attack strength
  • Electrical damage, shock attack strength

The two components are connected, so there can be no combinations such as, say, fire damage and shock attack strength.

Silver Runic Ring

These come with one of two inherent affixes:

  • +Luck
  • +Movement speed

Skillful Opal Band

These come with 2 skills as an inherent affix. Unlike all other rings, whose +skill secondary affixes come with no feeds (outlined below), these come with inherent STA feeds.
The 2 skills are connected, and will thus always be for the same class. Furthermore, Skillful Opal Bands cannot have +skills as a secondary affix.

Defender’s Stone Circle

Finally, these come with one of two inherent affixes:

  • % hit point bonus
  • Total Armor Value increase

Secondary affixes

Apart from inherent affixes, all rings also come with a single secondary affix. Unique rings are the only exception, as they only come with predetermined affixes.

Before 1.5.0, rings could have mod affixes as secondary affixes. As of 1.5.1, rings can only have ring-exclusive affixes, and can only have one.

As of 1.5.1, secondary affixes can be the following.


Secondary affixes can be skills, depending on ring grade.

  • Rare: [class skill] 1, [class skill] 2
  • Legendary: [class skill] 2, [class skill] 2

These skills can only be of the same class. A ring can’t have, say, a Marksman skill and an Evoker skill – but they can naturally have skills that two classes of the same faction share, such as Afterlife.

Finally, these affixes have no added feeds as of 1.5.1.

Skillgroup affixes

Next, as of 1.5.0, rings can have skillgroup affixes as secondary affixes. These are as follows.

  • Skill damage group (Rare: 13-16%, Legendary: 17-20%, WILL feed cost)
  • Skill cooldown group (Rare: 9-12%, Legendary: 13-16%, STR feed cost)
  • Power cost group (Rare: 9-12%, Legendary: 13-16%, STA feed cost)
  • Boost duration (Rare: 6-9%, Legendary: 10-13%, ACC feed cost)
  • Buff duration (Rare: 13-16%, Legendary: 17-20%, ACC feed cost)
  • Curse duration (Rare: 13-16%, Legendary: 17-20%, ACC feed cost)

These affixes are independent from base ring types.

+1 to all [class] skills

Finally, as of 1.5.0, any Legendary ring can have a +1 to all [class] skills. This is the only affix exclusive to Legendary rings, and is independent of ring type.

This is the only affix that has a (much) lower chance than any other to occur, and has higher (STA) feeds than any other secondary affix.

3. Unique rings

With the exception of Dark Master, Unique rings have the same feeds as their regular counterparts. All Unique rings only come with predetermined affixes. These are as follows.

Dreadnaught’s Masterwork Band:

  • +All Attributes: 8-10
  • All elemental defenses: ~1900-~2700 (will update this with exact numbers soon)

Fulcrum’s Masterwork Scale:

  • Inherent armor value (scales with item level).
  • Total Armor Value increased by 4-7%
  • Hit Points Increased by 15-25%.
  • Minion Health increased by 15-25%.
  • Minion Armor increased by 16-28%.

Squadro’s Masterwork Crystal:

  • Adds each elemental damage 1-2%.
  • Armor Penetration 3-7%.

Talox’s Masterwork Soulband:

  • Increased Range 20-35%.
  • Increased Missile Velocity 25-50%.
  • Movement Speed 15-25%.
  • All elemental attack strength 8-12%.

Dark Master:

  • Critical Chance (1-3%)
  • Critical Damage (50-125%)

4. Ring recipes

As of 1.5.1, the 4 Abyss rings can be created through the corresponding Cube recipe. The Dark Master ring is the only exception, as it requires a blueprint recipe instead.

Rare rings

Rare rings can be created through their corresponding recipe in the Cube. This is what the game dubs as “purification”. All 4 boss ring recipes require the same material types:

  • A cursed ring of the same type
  • 50 of the corresponding essence type

Essences correspond to boss rings as follows:

  • Talox’s Ruby: Spectral
  • Dreadnaught’s Ring: Beast
  • Fulcrum’s Scale: Necro
  • Squadro’s Prism: Demon

Abyss rings require the following materials instead:

  • Skillful Opal Band: Accursed Band, 500 Runic fragments
  • Defender’s Stone Circle: Cursed Circle, 1500 Blessed shards
  • Silver Runic Ring: Ruinous Ring, 1500 Tech components

The Abyss ring recipe has a small chance to produce a Legendary ring instead, but there’s no dedicated recipe for Legendary Abyss rings outside of this.

Legendary rings

Legendary boss rings can also be created through their corresponding recipe in the Cube. Those are all named “Enhanced Ring of [boss name]”. As of 1.5.1, all 4 require the following materials.

  • 3 Rare rings of the same type
  • 100 of the corresponding essence type (outlined above)
  • 100 Nanoshards
  • 10 Shiny Crystals

The Legendary rings produced through this recipe are completely independent of the inherent or secondary affixes of the Rare rings that are used to create them.

Unique rings

Finally, as of 1.5.1, the above recipe (“Enhanced Ring of [boss name]”) has a 10% chance to produce a Unique ring of the same type as the Legendary ring it would normally produce. Recipe materials don’t change for this, and no Unique ring recipes currently exist.

The inherent and secondary affixes of the Rare rings that are used to create them don’t affect Unique rings in any way.

Dark Master

As of 1.5.1, Dark Master is the only ring that has no Cube recipe. Instead, it can only be created through the Dark Master blueprint that may only drop from Imhotep, found in the Dawn of the Dead map. This blueprint recipe requires the following materials:

  • 1500 scrap materials
  • 500 Rare scrap materials
  • 30 Shiny Crystals
  • 1 Wedding Ring

The Wedding Ring is a Cursed ring that only comes with negative affixes. It may only drop from Ankhsunamun, also found in the Dawn of the Dead map.

Unlike all other Unique rings, whose affix ranges are determined when they are created, the Dark Master ring’s affix values are bound to individual blueprints.

5. Ring property interactions

Finally, some ring properties provide some unique or unknown interactions. This is in part due to them providing some affixes through a new slot, and in part due to technical limitations.

Dreadnaught’s Masterwork Band

As with all flat bonuses to sfx defenses, the massive value of +sfx defenses on this ring can be multiplied by Elemental Drain.

Fulcrum’s Masterwork Scale:

As with all armor sources, the inherent armor value on this ring affects TAVs from all sources, as well as skills that multiply or reduce total armor. Notable examples include Aura of Defense and Crusader Wrath.

The hit point bonus on this ring, like all hp bonuses, affects skills that scale off max hp. Notable examples include:

  • Aura of Renewal
  • Surge of Restoration
  • Afterlife
  • Drain Life
  • Brom’s Curse

As with all hp % bonuses, it does not multiply other % hp bonuses from other sources such as gear and Darkform.

Squadro’s Masterwork Crystal:

The added elemental damage types on this ring can enable any sfx effects from various sources, as long as corresponding sfx strengths are also present. As with all other personal properties, those do not affect, or interact with, minions in any way. Notable examples of interactions include the following.

Evoker spells

Since all foci come with some inherent sfx strength for all sfx, this ring can allow any spell to apply any sfx effect.

Personal offensive skills

The vast majority of personal weapon-based offensive skills can apply any sfx effect with this ring, as long as the corresponding sfx strength is present from weapons or other sources. Examples of such skills include Hunter skills like Rapid Fire, Templar skills like Sword of Reckoning, and offensive Cabalist spells like Swarm.

However, some skills such as the Hunters’ Grenades and Strikes do not take weapon properties into account. In this case, such skills can apply any sfx effect as long as the corresponding sfx strength comes from dye kits or armor.
The Summoners’ Elemental Nova is a notable oddity in this regard, since the skill appears to be personal but is only based on the Elementals that are present at the time of activation and their own stats. Thus, like other Commands, it takes on no personal properties, and can’t benefit from this ring.

Weapons with inherent sfx strengths but not corresponding elemental damage

Lastly, this ring can allow any weapon with inherent sfx strengths but not the corresponding damage type to apply sfx effects. The most notable example of this should be the Hunter rifle, Odin’s Legacy.

Talox’s Masterwork Soulband:

The increased range bonus on this ring affects all weapons, and instantly updates their range indicators in the weapon inspection screen. Skill range indicators on skills that are affected are also updated on the skill tab descriptions, but may require changing instances after wearing the ring.

Understandably, long-range weapons and skills receive the most benefit from this property. Notable examples include sniper rifles, which come with a base range of 40m, and Spectral Lash, which maxes out at 45m. As with most personal properties, this does not affect minions in any way.

Notable examples of skill interactions, or lack thereof, include:

Prayers, Challenge

These skills are based on Aura range, so they’re unaffected by range bonuses.

Bone Shards

This skill is technically a player-centered AoE, so it’s unaffected by range bonuses. However, it is affected by +radius affixes.

Shield Throw

The added range affects this skill by increasing the projectile’s lifespan. It thus increases damage/sfx ticks per skill use.

Talox’s Ruby

The fire nova when the player is hit on this ring doesn’t deal damage as of 1.5.1. This is related to the unintentional way in which such novas behave; at the time of writing this guide, novas on armor and rings don’t deal damage, while novas on weapons and shields do.

Thorns on this ring, as well as in general, have a few curious interactions with skills.

Skill activations

Thorns’ damage can trigger skills that depend on landing hits to enemies, as long as their other conditions are met. Notable examples are:


Thorns can trigger any Surge, and their chance to do so depends on Surge Mastery’s level. For this to happen, the player must be holding at least one sword.

Dark Lord

Thorns can trigger Dark Lord to spawn Shadow minions, and their chance to do so depends on Darkform’s level. For this to happen, the player must be in Darkform.

Brom’s Curse

Lastly, thorns can trigger Brom’s Curse and heal the player if they damage an affected enemy. This counts toward the skill’s internal activation cooldown.

Minigame and sfx

Finally, damage from thorns counts for related minigames as damage of the thorn affixes’ stated type. However, thorns do not apply their corresponding sfx, even if sfx strength is provided through such sources as Fawkes’ Flameguards, Mythic armor pieces, and dyes. They also do not take inherent, augmented, or modded sfx strengths from weapons into account in any way.


Updated to add unique or unknown property interactions.


This turned out to be way better than anticipated. Well done.

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i’m looking at recipes and the ingredients don’t match. rare ring, for example, takes runic fragments and in much higher quantity.

I’m assuming you refer to the 3 non-boss rings there, since the other recipes should match their in-game materials. I haven’t added those here yet, but I will shortly.
Edit: Added.

Abyss rings

i got two rings outside of Abyss - quite early, in fact, at like lvl10-15. or does the name imply the rings were added with the Abyss?

also, i’ve been told it doesn’t matter at which level these rings are crafted. is that true? it is the same for all rings?
except for this one?

Fulcrum’s Masterwork Scale:

  • Inherent armor value (scales with item level).

That’s the naming convention I’m using here, yes - all rings were added with the Abyss. For the sake of clarity, it’s easier to name the rings named after bosses “boss rings” and the others “Abyss rings”.
The item level doesn’t mostly matter, that’s true. It should only affect that specific ring’s armor value, and perhaps the possible skill rolls (though I’m assuming it doesn’t).

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If the ring i need is a legendary ring with +1all skills what kind of rings i need to craft and wich mats i need to farm?

can i craft skillful opal bands with 1 acursed ring and 500 runic fragments till i get a legendary with +1 all skills ? or i should craft abyss bosses rings?

wich one has more chance to give +1 all skills ?

Any Legendary ring can come with +1 to all skills as a secondary property. Technically, Skillful Opal Bands have a higher chance for it (since they cannot roll +skills as a secondary affix, and thus have fewer possible secondary affixes), but it’s harder to get Legendary Opals (or other Abyss rings) since there’s no dedicated recipe of them. They can only be produced by the normal Abyss ring recipe, but the chance is fairly slim.
So it might be better to craft boss rings since they’re guaranteed to be Legendary, instead of crafting Opals and hoping they turn out to be Legendary instead of Rare.

(Added a note on this in the guide, speaking of. Hopefully it should now cover everything.)

then opan ring can have +1 skills if becomes legen but chance is much lower than any legen boss ring, then i should farm abys bosses to craft bosses rings.

wich of all bosses ring has more chance to roll +1 all skills or all have the same chance? anty of the rings has more open afixxes than others?

No, none of the boss rings should differ in that regard. So they all have the same chance to roll that affix.

Hi, I crafted some “abyss” rings lvl 42 with char lvl 9. The rings produced were lvl 4.
I was able to get skill+1 and skill +2 on a ring quite often (two different skills on one ring).
Some values were lowered due to low level of the “crafter” - like movement speed and luck. Not sure about armor, never got one.
Hit point bonus was up to 3%. I got +combat up to 16%.

I also tried it with char lvl 1 but the result was trash, only +1 skill, very low other values so it is not worth it.

I think it is a good option for high level chars to give materials+raw rings to “babies” to craft, because at high lvl most ppl look for “boss” rings and do not bother to craft “abyss” rings at all.