2038 Class Feedback: Blademaster

This series of threads is intended to provide a place where internal class balance can be discussed. Once class balance becomes a priority the 2038 team will collect all constructive feedback in these threads, investigate it, and act accordingly, always with the intent of fairly adressing the testing phase in which the game was left in TCv4.

You should be able to jump while Whirlwind. Make the skill boost your movement skill more from lvl1, increase the duration.

All surges should cap at 7 from 10, increse the effect of them by 30% each.

Call of the Chosen and Angelic Orator should be merged, and cap at 5 instead of 10. The skill effect per level should be increased by 100%.

Crosscutter should pierce all targets along it’s path.

Sword Typhoon’s use rate should be reduced to 5 seconds. Power cost should be reduced by 50%.

Sweeping Strike’s damage should be increased to 150% from 75%.

Onslaught should be merged into Charge and Path of Righteousness. Use rate should be reduced to 5 seconds.

Sword of Authority should grant splash damage to direct damage weapons. Reduce the cooldown of this skill to 3 seconds.

Thorns should be redesigned to grant extra damage to all weapons while carrying a shield. (I know it sounds a bit wierd but this should enable more builds with bm-s, especially gun and Sword of Reckoning builds). Grants 15% added damage to all weapons per level while carrying a shield.

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@alternalo I assume this also includes reducing damage from Sword of Justice? :slight_smile: Or do you want all BM skills to be wrecking through the whole game?

no just not

but the thorns dmg heighten there I am for it
also with guard
then becomes very interesting

ach shit ich meinte omertas kommentar nicht von Alternalo

I am trying to make other builds more interesting. Everyone go for the “green tree” since the beginning, especially SoJ in the current build. And to be honest even in the current build SoJ is just a bit ahead of Evokers dps, and it’s only true for single target. You won’t ever be as effective as an evo against large groups, which is good.

I don’t understand whats your problem with all of this, i am trying to make build diversity, otherwise noone would go for Sword typhoon or Path of righteousness ever for example.

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Turning Whirlwind into a channeled skill (hold down button/key) would be cool and make it more fun to use. Then the power cost would have to be decreased, maybe lower the damage a bit since you’d be using it for longer intervals with no cooldown which isn’t how the skill was originally designed to be used.

For Sword of Justice, giving a slight damage penalty per swing (less of a penalty per skill level) which still amounts to more total damage might work, but it could be too much of a nerf. Aside from simply reducing damage, other options include introducing a cooldown (could make it clunky) or lowering the base attack speed and increasing it per skill point.

Changing Thorns damage to be a percentage of the player’s armor value could make it more useful. I was originally thinking it could be a percentage of the attacker’s damage, but that might be too much in some cases unless it only applied to physical damage or something, but then it would sometimes be useless. It’s a defensive skill, not something you “attack” with, so it doesn’t make sense to have it add weapon damage.

Crosscutter could alternate which sword is thrown when dual-wielding, but then the cooldown would have to be decreased to make it work. Couldn’t be both swords at the same time unless the skill had Matched Blades as a prerequisite. Adding pierce to one/any/all of the skills in that line would make it interesting, maybe have a damage decrease after each enemy pierced to not make it too powerful.

Oh yeah I definitely agree, that should really be the main goal of most changes.

I am only worried about the game being too easy when all builds are equally EZ mode. I feel like when I watch BMs stream they could AFK the whole game without much risk of death because even though their DPS is mainly single-target, they are so high DPS with SoJ where it is, they tear through everything and still have pretty good damage mitigation.

But I am not an expert at all :smiley:

Even if you nerf SoJ to the original level ppl will still use it as a main skill, the problem with that, is when this would happen bm-s would lose their value as a single target dps in a party.

It’s a bit hard to place bm in this situation, there are basically 3 factors here:

1., If you nerf SoJ’s damage, bm will do less single target dps than an evo, so why bother making one?
2., If you keep the current dps, then MM-s will do less single target dps and also have less defense than a bm, so why bother making an MM?
3., If you buff MM to be better single target dps than bm, then again why would anyone doing a melee class when you can kill everything from distance?

However, if you look into my suggestions in the MM topic making shotguns easy to crit could help in the 3rd case, because that could make a good boss killer setup while using automatic rifles againts them should result in less overall dps because of the fact that you need much more ccm to reach the cap (therefore less slot for damage)

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Played a BM up to 50/20 since Halloween
I agree with re-working the surges’ skill point investment.
They use about half of the skill points we get in total
So 20-30 SP which depends on preferences & flexibility: mobility, healing, extra dmg
Then we have the aura = 9 SP
Sword of Reckoning 1 SP (not removable)
Matched Blades = 1-max (since todays tweaked feed costs, 1 SP here means low overall STR, which cripples damage, makes for longer fights, higher risk of dirt-napping and more power consumed in general.
Then we need the Charge skill.
Again mostly for mobility reasons, but also to help a glasscannon party member who is in trouble.
And to deal with high risk enemies / priority kill

In total thats easily 30+ SP before actually buying a single high DPS attack skill
So if there is a way to diversify build options, that would rock!

could add a lot more stuff at some point.
why and where I dirtnapped, items used, skills tested,
shields getting 100% destroyed by a single fellborn and thus why all elemental defense is so important and very demanding on stat feed.

Agreeing with Alternalo on most points here.
There are just not enough free SPs to get more than 1 rank 10 high dmg attack skill at the moment.
So when you buff other attack skills, it is largely just ading to a BM player’s choice about which playstyle they prefer and then buy that single attack skill (and maybe 1 other for clearing groups).

I found a rather anoying bug with the blademaster… the charge ability is not working correctly… the blademaster should attack the target right after teleporting to it, instead, the character is prematurely attacking before getting to the target, to the point that no damage is being done.
This only happen in the multiplayer, i don’t know if it will be an easy fix, or if it’s just happening to me, or perhaps i’m the first to comment about it.
Also, i need a littkle help in the forum, hard to find a bug thread…

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: As for the bug thread you mentioned, the bug report form and known issues list can be found here :slight_smile: Known issues list and bug report form

SOJ isn’t actually single target if I remember my BM right. It shreds groups of mobs (multiple targets) at the same time near the front of the blade master. I’ve seen a single button push obliterate like 8 mobs. No way it’s single target.

Maybe with splash swords ?