2038 Class Feedback: Engineer

This series of threads is intended to provide a place where internal class balance can be discussed. Once class balance becomes a priority the 2038 team will collect all constructive feedback in these threads, investigate it, and act accordingly, always with the intent of fairly adressing the testing phase in which the game was left in TCv4.

more power / dmg for drone and more armor that the drone can withstand anything

Bots should bring something, for example. Rocket Bot

bots invest for example Nanobots if you already sacrifice them, but then correctly

fourth way
full striker


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That a Retrainer set the Points back at the Drone.
Too many Bugs after i use an Armor with ++ at all Attributes: Cannot use Weapon, Barts leg and the Armor together now, because i set many point at Drones Health.

Strikes and grenades should be able to crit for both mm and engi. I wouldn’t allow splash radius to work, don’t turn this game into HGG nuke fest, the aoe skill synergy is good enough, it just doesn’t do enough damage.

Nanobots should attack more aggressively and do more damage, they are less effective in damage dealing at max than putting 1 point into bomber bot, which doesn’t even have pre-requirements.

Molotov makes the Rocket bot randomly explode somewhere, the pathfinding is horrible. I had several cases where mobs were right in front of me and the bot exploded 2 rooms away from me when i used the skill.


All issues I have with Engineer are related to the Drone and its gun retrofit passive:

Drone keeps shooting after enemy has been killed, up to 3 seconds afterwards
Drone Will not properly track targets when shooting sometimes
Drone does not account for some obstacles when firing equipped weapon.
Drone randomly moves to target if first firing round does not kill target, with or without melee weapon equipped

Not sure if any of this is intended, but it makes drone-heavy builds clunky and stressful to play

It seems like the synergies listed for the precision strikes only affect the skill that the synergy is listed under, for example the one that increases the area of effect only affects that skill and not all of the precision strike skills. This is different than the way it functions for the Marksman but the text description is the same. If you want to balance them against the marksman you could either increase their power cost or increase their cooldown rather then remove the synergy bonus.

Have you tried Agressive Mode?

Just a quick question on strikes, my crit hit mini game counter shows the strike critting?? Is this right or is the problem they are not getting the damage delivered to the target? I would investigate further but dont want to waste time if they are definitely broken.

I’ve got an idea for a rework of Nanobots:

The problem with this skill currently it is not only does around the same damage as rocket or bomber bot, requires much more skill point to get, but then you also rely on the poor minion ai and 99% of the time they won’t implant themselves into an enemy before you kill it anyway, therefore it is just a wasted potential. The explosion itself isn’t much of a big deal either, for this investment you would expect a devastating attack which could at least bring down rares in one shot and also deal a good amount of damage on bosses.

So here is my solution for this:

It should grant the engineer splash damage while the nanobots are active, basically the explosion should apply for every hit no matter where the bots are standing, it’s like the passive buff the haste bot grants you, but this would remain a limited time buff like how it is. This would greatly increase your trash killing potential, provide some damage boost for bosses and don’t forget the shock attack strength the explosion have, should be able to disable some of the bosses spells.

Thing is with the engineer, it has a Ton of trashkilling potential but it lacks Boss killing potential. I kindof like the mechanic of the Nanobots but they are just too erratic and take too long to implant themselves. Sometimes they sit beside a Boss and won’t do anything. Imho it should be the boss killing bot. Less use when there are multiple lesser mobs but really good when casted to infest a Boss.
Imho they shouldnt return to the Engi when he kills the mob they originally target. The damage of the explosion needs to be upped maybe by giving them poison too or by increasing damage relative to the HP of the infested Mob. Tricky to balance though. In Global btw they didnt count towards the bot limit, so you could have them out additionally.

Thing is with the engineer, it has a Ton of trashkilling potential but it lacks Boss killing potential.


with shrap every class can kill that fast. You probably know that. Thing is with eg the bots, if you max them out, minion damage wise they can oneshot most elites. But they shoot still too slow to do effecitve damage against high hp bosses. Of course the engi can kill bosses but definitly not as good as other classes.

Hello! I’m just playing with my first engineer and have some questions, would be really helpful if anyone could answer! :smiley:
I read in the alpha-mini guide that the drone’s tactical mode is broken… what does it mean exactly? It is absolutely not worthy to develop it?
The aggressive mode just adds some movement speed or it changes the behaviour of the drone?
Is molotov assault a useful skill for the rocket bot? I mean in higher levels (40-50)?
I’m lvl 33 and put 1 point (+1) int phase grenade but not very impressed… is it worthy to develop?
Thanks versy much! :slight_smile:

Hi there :slight_smile:
Apologies for the late reply.

  1. Tactical Mode does not apply the proper Rate of Fire/Cooldown bonuses; a 220% bonus would be highly visible, after all, and it’s unfortunately not. So no, it’s safer to not invest in it at the moment.
    One could get it for Advanced Tactical Mode, which does work, but its usefulness is also debatable.

  2. Aggressive Mode does change the Drone’s AI, making it more aggressive. Any Drone that’s intended to engage enemies in melee/close range benefits from it, such as those that use Surgecasters.
    Personally I always get 1 point in it, strictly for the AI change.

  3. Molotov can be very useful in leveling, but unfortunately I found that it doesn’t scale too well to the endgame, even with +minion damage gear.
    I’d personally suggest against it, unless one is building around ignite and sfx.

  4. Phase Grenade is one of those skills that can be invested into for an extra utility if the core build has been covered; it’s not an absolutely reliable way to phase, but it can be a useful investment if there’s no other skills in one’s sights.

Thank you soo much!
I’m playing my first engineer and right now the plan is something like this:

My question: if the drone has sword retrofit and gun retrofit, both type of weapons can be equipped at the same time and the drone chooses which one to use or just one weapon?

I put 1 point in molotov, so far I like it against mobs (lvl38) but we will see how it works later.

If I put an armor on the drone which give +% minion damage

  • the drone gets it?
  • the rocket bot gets it?


The drone can equip both weapon slots at once and uses one at a time. I think it uses ranged weapon at first and switches to sword when close to enemy. Can be counter productive unless both do similar damage - I think. For example I put a warts leg on to boost armour but it waste too much time hitting stuff with it and not firing gun.
I dont think +minion stats work unless “you” are wearing but I will bow to Bryan’s knowledge on that one.

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I see, so does it worth to put any skillpoint into sword retrofit? Or maybe just for the + STR to the drone to let it be able to use more mods?

The Drone will use both weapons and swords, but its AI will choose which to use when. I find that to be… less than reliable, so I tend to only use one and use the other Retrofit as a point source.
One exception would be using Wart’s Peg Leg and Yahtel’s Fist together, since they’re both intended to provide armor instead of really kill anything.

As for +minion stats on gear, those will only affect minions if the player themselves is wearing said gear.

Funny that it’s mentioned, by the way. Around '10 we were designing our community items on hga, and a member designed an item with this concept in mind; +minion stats on Drone gear.
Thankfully that was noticed in time, but it did spark an interesting discussion over whether this should be the case or not. So perhaps it could be discussed again and seen into when the time comes.

I’ve got a very useful discussion about a build without drone with AresDiscord, I would share:

That Build leaves you with 8 skill points, that can be used for an additional point in Inhibitor Bots, one point in the phase grenade or can be sinked into either T-Stance or T-Stance and Rapid Fire. Keep in Mind, your desired endgame weapon with engineers are Hu’s Hypershot that give each +3 in Rapid Fire(So 6 in total) and you’ll probably wear a helmet that gives you +1 to all skills.
If you want to play with the drone(I find it mostly useless later on and it behaves wonky from time to time, but there are a few good engis, that really made it work) you should try the forums or in the discord again, because I’ve got no build for drones^^

Thus, the damage in singleplayer comes mostly from the weapons itself. Hu’s Hypershot are crazy strong compared to normal weapons. Even with Nikolas Polyphase Rifle that I’m currently trying, the damage is far away from being anywhere near the Marksman, Evo or Blademaster. Problem is, party-play isn’t really an appealing thing at the moment since the enemy-HP-scaling is totally off, resulting in doing basically no damage at all against stronger mobs. Besides the haste bot he just hasn’t really anything to offer(And Beacon, but MM’s can do that even better).

All in all, relying on bulletspraying with Rapid Fire(Super fun Skill) and two Hu’s Hypershots the Engi doesn’t present the typical “best build” and thus Strikes are at least, while not nearly as strong as before, somewhat efficient in killing big groups of mobs in solo-play. With the synergies and some increased use rate you can throw your second strike before the first ends resulting in a great way to farm basically anything besides Dessi and Talox. (It takes much longer than with the MM, Evo and BM of course) The Drone on the other hand ist just a third rifle, that doesn’t work right and you have to re-equip gear often. The endgameBosses just snack the stupid AI of the Drone in seconds… At least the strikes make everything killable.
(Strikes+Escape let you farm even harder bosses like Dreadnaught or Moloch. The Drone doesn’t.)

Haven’t really tried the Bomber Bot as much as the rocket bot. First off, what makes the Rocket Bot and the one point in molotov assault so good, is that it helps so much while leveling. It’s a mini-Napalm Strike every few seconds. The Ignite Chance is also there.

The Bomber Bot on the other hand comes a bit late to the party and is damagewise not better. The phasing would be nice, but that procs not really often, at least not against the enemies it would be useful against. Still better than the Spider Mines and Nano Bots, that are super frustrating to play with.
And since you can only use two bots at the same time (and the Haste Bot is mandatory) there just isn’t much space for the bomber bot. The Molotov Assault still works solid in Stonehenge and even in Parliament at level 50 and is a great thing to do, whenever something just couldn’t die to the strikes. Drone is totally as valid as strikes, but I’m lacking the experience to say, that I know the best build for it. It doesn’t really matter what you do as an Engi, since it comes all down to Hu’s Hypershot or Shrapnell-Builds