2038 Class Feedback: Engineer


What should i choose before HU’s

Atm im lvl 34 and having a real hard time. Im struggle between Jung’s (wich i owne) + maybe The Fragger or an Nikolas.


I never really struggled as I remember. I always bought cheap legendary high rof 2 handed rifles from the AH and filled up with cheap +dmg mods and I replaced it quite often (always when I reached the lvl requirement of the next category)


Thanks! do you know does T-Stance increase the damage of the strikes and the damage of the shrap mods? do you know good equipment which has increased damage affix? thanks!


what do you think about this?


Some small notes to extend this.

I meant Dread and Fulcrum, obviously. Moloch is pretty hard for the engi because of those healing adds.

The use rate isn’t relevant to throw your second strike, it just helps using escape in between and gives you more options what strike to use next.

I really tried to make the best out of the polyphase rifle and it’s kinda decent now. With enough superexpensive mods to use all of those 8slots, it’s nice.
I really liked those thermal/arclight fusion rifles before, and the metal projectors before that. Having a gunnys mistress for the haste bot is also advisable.

I was always happy to get the “increases damage of combat skills”-affix for the strikes.

Sues Steadiers, Duellos, the techa battle core and belt are great equipmentwise.

Engineer is hands down one of the hardest classes to play, but also superfun.

(May be edited in the next days, when I remember what I forgot to add.)

(Also @F0W, T-Stance won’t effect Strikes, sadly.


I just started a fresh Engineer today. I’ll keep an eye out on anything that could be a noticeable problem.


it seems if you put shrapnel gun on the drone, the effect appears but it doesn’t do any damage… :frowning: