2038 Class Feedback: Evoker

This series of threads is intended to provide a place where internal class balance can be discussed. Once class balance becomes a priority the 2038 team will collect all constructive feedback in these threads, investigate it, and act accordingly, always with the intent of fairly adressing the testing phase in which the game was left in TCv4.

@Bryan, copied my opinion here, so you can delete the topic i made, so it looks more tidy :slight_smile:

Some things came to my mind while playing the beloved Evoker. So if somebody ever decides to tweak a bit on skills, here some suggestions (which are my personal opinion, feel free to give your’s and argue about it but be friendly while doing so ^.^ Thank you very much)

Demonspine had more spikes per level in Global, which raised the damage immensely. I don’t know if they could each crit. Personally i like the London2038 version more with one spike, getting more elemental-intense BUT it lacks damage. Maybe not much. I’d say maybe 3% DMG increse per Skill-Level more would make it a lot more viable. (so 30% on max skilled)

Flameshards should not spread so gigantic wide, 45-60° would be enough. Feels like 180 now. Which in itself would raise the damge output brought to enemies in the direction i am facing, so that can maybe stay as it is.

Hellfire had the impact-timer reduced significantly in Global, and that made the skill a lot more end-game friendly for the mobile boss-encounters. I’d say the damage per Mana investment on the AOE is okay-ish, but the time from cast to BOOM should be halved from like 5 to 2,5 seconds. The skill usage should be defined by the cooldown of the skill, not the wait for the time for a meteor to crash.

Brom’s Curse Could be made a % lifeleech again because with fixed numbers it’s suboptimal… but it should be small numbers. it was 5% HP per hit once, that’s overkill… Maybe 0,5%, 5 sec. on lvl1 so you end up on 3,5% with lvl7 and a duration of 11 sec.

Haven’t had a chance to test the poison tree and can’t afford two skill rerainers to do so and switch back xD The armor and Swarm would be nice to try, they sound really nice, if they are “usable” in a timely manner.

Hey there !

I played Evo a bit (once to 35 in normal as i forgot we had elite and i’m now 35 also in Elite).
My suggestions might be off or biased because :
-The last time i played was in Naga mod with a monster Evo that nothing could stop.
-I played a lot in HGG which was a completely different game balance wise
-I never played online back in the old days.

After trying pretty much all skills here’s my feelings: (keep in mind that i know nothing about what the devs can or cannot do with the game in order to alter the behavior or the balance of the skills so all i say might not be relevant):

Bone tree :

Demonspine is too expensive for it’s damage.
Boneshard is great.
Skullsplitter is horrible. It leaves a lot of stragglers due to its randomness. An other issue is when the initial projectile directly hit a mob, it gets “absorbed” and doesn’t shatter at all. I feel that the spell should shatter no matter what.
Wall of bones : didn’t try.

Fire tree:

Firestorm is an ok starter skill and is in the right place i guess.
Flameshards are great thx to their ignite strenght. The upfront damage is decent when getting close and shotgunning the mob.
Hellfire feels bad, as the fuse time is way too long. I might be too used to the HGG version but i feel that a skill that expensive with a somewhat small radius should be nearl instant to not feel clunky.

Lightning tree:

Lightning field is good when you invest into it. Medium power cost and cool radius. I think the skill could use more radius at low rank with a lower increasing curve for a similar result at rank 10.
Tempest damage feels too low even at rank 10. The difference between rank 1 and 10 doesn’t feel satisfying enough i think.
Arc legion feels good, i love it.

Poison tree :

I only tried Swarm for a while and it’s damage/radius feels meh for the cooldown.

Spectral tree:

Spectral bolts are good when you can shotgun the bullets from afar on a big target. The power cost is way too high though for a granted lvl 1 skill.
Spectral lash is awfull. The damage is bad, but the worst part being that the channeling stops after a mob dies. We should be able to make it behave like arc legion.
Spactral lash mastery is garbage at best. The on kill nova does no damage and doesn’t even works at all most of the time. If it was more consistent, coupled with a better spactral lash it would make a really fun skill to use to decimate low HP mobs. Maybe a chance for the on kill nova to proc again if it kill mobs by itself could be a satisfying feeling ^^
Spectral serpents A.K.A the purple dicks. I love them ! they can snipe shit from a really good distance, be used in corners and have ok damage. I would love them to have higher projectile speed however as they miss fast targets a lot.The “arming” time is also kinda long. They start shooting really late after being planted and their head pops out.


Arcane shield: HGG made the skill to good i think but at least we had a reason to invest more than a single point into it. right now the bonus feels a bit too low.
Arcane resilience: haven’t tried it yet but i can say i’ll love it already !
Dual focus feels too mandatory. I don’t see any evoker not investing 1 point into this.

General feedback about the class:

The overall power cost of the skills are a bit too high i think. Maybe because my evo isn’t well geared yet so i may change my mind once lvl 50+ranks+ gear. But for levelling it’s rough. Drain power feels too important because of this, i’m drinking power kits like a crack whore on her pipe.

I’ll try to update this post as i keep levelling as i’m sure i’ll change my mind on several things :slight_smile:

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I aggree with most of you’ve mentioned here, except for Brom’s Curse. If you change it to %heal it will be significantly less effective for those who are doing a lots of small damages (mm, engi for example). IMO this was originally designed as a support skill for them, because for example, mm lacks of healing skills, and Brom’s comes handy when you party up with a summoner.

All i can say if you could make Skullsplitter explode on contact i would immediately retalent for that skill.

Erm, don’t, no disrespect. You can get more radius on the Lightning Field by using splash mods, or else you just end up with a huge radius. You already have Tempest for that matter. Here to change the curve as you’ve suggested means more people will use only the first two skill levels required to get to Tempest and the remaining skill levels become irrelevant to most. This shouldn’t happen. The reverse would rather be better if anything, because right now will most players do just that - invest two skill points and leave it at that.

Do take into account that both +% Boost and +% Buff Duration on gear are taken into account for Lightning Field and Tempest. So you can make them last a long time. This is then also where your damage comes from and it’s kind of huge I’d say for the power it costs. The damage from one ball of Lightning Field stacks with previous ones and one can throw three balls of Lightning Field at a target while the first Lighting Field still delivers damage. A ball of Lightning Field can be thrown over 30m when thrown in an arc. With a bit of practise is this a very good tool to kill groups of mobs behind obstacles or just from a long distance away. The mechanic here is noticeably different from the fire skills and should remain different to have this kind of versatility.

You can also easily get 4 Tempest clouds up, again, stacking in damage, if you invest in +% Boost and +% Buff Duration gear. The way Tempest works is that it’s lighting strikes split up over multiple targets. Thus it feels weak when used against large mobs, because its damage is split up. Hellfire works better for large groups of mobs. However, with only one target left standing (i.e. the boss) do the lighting strikes of Tempest all join together and it’s anything but weak when it does.

So I’m quite happy with the two skills and use them very often. A boost to any of them would make them over-powered. The skills do critical hits, too. Together with extended durations and doing skill combos between Tempest, Lightning Field, Flame Shards and Hellfire can one produce a huge amount of DPS. Once donations to the war drive are being made and one practically posses an unlimited supply of power can one pump out combo after combo.

I just started a new Evoker build. I last played an Evoker on the original servers up to lvl 49, as I was a filthy casual. I didn’t do much Global, as many of the changes broke my heart.

This is an early feedback. Barely touching lvl 10. Dual focus shield overload evoker feels OP with Demon Spine. I’m not used to the spread, but it has penetration and is much more effective than the single projectile. With just 20 mana regen I hardly ever need to inject, that I even have come to use this as my general left-click for breaking crates. Had a few scares before I was able to unlock demon spine and dual focus, so the game felt very even from 1-7. Was forced to use a gun weapon like a peasant Hunter and spamming firestorm until some better focus items dropped. I found spectral bolts nearly useless early on, but possibly useful for flying targets later.

I remember the Boneshard not breaking open if it collides into an enemy before rupturing. I considered this a feature. It forces you to aim it into an open space or even above the heads of the mob. It became tactical, where as lightning field could be lobbed in any sloppy way and was always effective.

The single target delay of the spectral lash was considerable, but understandable, considering its strength. I look forward to opening them up as I go forward and continuing feedback. Currently trying HC with shield Guardian and also with a lightning and bone Evoker.

Early game is bad place to give feedback. Wait untill You hit Wall on Nightmare then You will know if Your build works.

I play evo its like my favourited class. I loved bones but Skullsplitter need a serious rework. Dont have idea what exackly but currently skill feels hirrible.

Some synergies between skills would be kindly seen. Like Lightning Fields gets dmg for each level of Tempest. Tempest gets longer time for each point in LS. Just examples but You get the idea.

Last evo used flameshards as main attack. Current one uses Spectral Bolts and i must say latter is mych stronger. But that need some testing.