2038 Ideas: Events!

The original thread, along with the feedback it received at the time, can be found here:

Heya :slight_smile:

While development and testing are keeping a steady and promising pace, we have started brainstorming on future community events.
A few poor souls have already fallen victim to my in-game shenanigans towards testing new event ideas, so I believe the best course of action now is to bring the question to you.

What events would you,the players,want to see?

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One of my favourite events we ran, was the Hardcore PVP Event. We had different categories, for LVL5 max, LVL10 and LVL15. The time you had to level and gear your char was limited. It was great fun, and I just found something from that time :smiley:


Hey Bob! Yes, that would be funny, again! :slight_smile:

Do we have to subscribe anywhere? :rofl:

remember, remember the 5th of november

There will never be any subscription anymore! It will all be free for anyone!

He’s probably referring to the event idea, not the business model for the game’s reboot.