2038 is looking for voice acting!

Hello, hello!

As you might’ve seen in the latest status report, we’re now at a place where we can finally add new voices to the game. So, why not replace all these recycled, generic voices we’ve used so far with those of willing players who have stuck with this game for so long?

If this interests you, and you feel you can contribute to the project in this way, this is what we’re currently looking for.

1. Characters
First, the characters currently available.
Base game:
-Rick - found!
-Baker - found!
-Smith - found!
-Librarian - found!
-Seer - pending
-Vicar - found!
-Envoy - found!
-Miner - found!
-Modder - found!
-Coder - found!
-Tester - found!
-Ken - found!
-Ethan - found!
-3x vendors

2. Format
NPCs’ lines tend to (and ideally should) last between 1 and ~10 seconds. Since we’re not localizing the game for different languages, said lines naturally need to be in English. The audio format doesn’t quite matter, as we’ll be processing and converting audio files anyway, but better-known formats (eg. .mp3, .wav, .ogg) would be preferable.
NPCs get greeting lines and farewell lines, used when players interact with them (eg. take up a quest) and quit the interaction (ie leave the dialogue) respectively. Between the two, NPCs should need at least 10 lines for variety - but more are always welcome.
Finally, NPCs might also reserve additional specific lines for a specific faction (eg. a “Greetings, mighty Templar” line would be reserved for Templar players). This is not necessary, but is very much appreciated.
-Voice lines structure/content sample

3. Material
As regards specific material, the lines we’ve gotten thus far were entirely crafted by players. They far exceeded our expectations, and added something unique to the characters that we hadn’t. In turn, we find this approach fitting now, as it gives players ample creative leeway to add their own spin on existing characters.
So, since all the characters above (except archetypal vendors, who just sell things…) are already in the game, we’d rather leave this part to you. As long as you try to stay close to their established character, and of course avoid profanity (unless you want a bleep-rich Arlo-style character), here you can let your creativity flow.
Still, if you need any specific guidance we can offer suggestions, and by all means write specific lines for you if you prefer.

4. Submissions
Finally, if all of the above ticks your boxes, you may send your work to:

  • My inbox here on the forums, or
  • my inbox, or Psyona’s or Alternalo’s, on the project’s Discord server

You can by all means also submit your work to the #community-contributions channel; we’d just prefer the methods above to preserve the surprise factor for your fellow players.
And of course, if you have any questions this post didn’t cover, my inbox is always open.

All the best :slight_smile:


Is there any specific accents that you’re looking for?

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No, not really. As long as it loosely suits the character and is understandable enough, anything goes :slight_smile:

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Can I just replace Gunny? His lines hurt me, physically? All jokes aside, I’ll have something for you guys by the weekend.

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Thank you :bowing_man:

On replacing Gunny, or anyone really, I don’t think it’s very likely (as much as I get the linguistic objections). Not so much because replacing dupe dialogue is more of a priority at the moment, but because the team largely doesn’t feel we should be removing old assets unless entirely necessary.
Of course you’re free to; that stance might change, or at worst it could see use elsewhere.

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So to confirm, you need a load of Hello/Goodbye lines, nothing overly in depth, but different enough to not get boring ?


Indeed :slight_smile:

Speaking of, I’ve added a structure/content sample to the OP. I’ve also linked to each character’s texts, to make the process easier for willing contributors.

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I would be happy to offer my voice for any female characters. I am rather proficient in Neutral American, Southern American, New Yorker, New Jersey, Canadian, English, Irish, Scottish, French, Indian, Russian… really though if I am allowed to hear a snippet of what the accent sounds like I can mimic it.

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If there’s any male parts still needing English VO, I’d be interested :grin:

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Oh really, could be that I just came here but if you’re looking for extensive music, I can shine my light through and although this is a voice acting thread, I feel like the community topic should be, may we find someone to do the voice acting.

Hi there, welcome :slight_smile:
It’s been going quite well on the whole; still missing some female voices, but most of the characters have found theirs by now. So once that’s done we can hopefully start looking into old duplicates/generics and whatnot.
On music, we haven’t added any before so it’s a bit of a new frontier. We wouldn’t be against it, however, so we’re open to suggestions and submissions.

I’d love to do female voices.

Oh, excellent. The vacant ones at the moment are Teacher, Leader, Catharina, and Tracy - although in the latter pair we’d ideally want to keep one free for a pseudo-reservation we have on the table.
So if you need anything along the way I’d be more than happy to lend a hand.

I would love to help. Anything to support the server.

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Hey ^^
If one day this game will be Compatible to French language.
Then ask for me for Voice acting =)

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