A request for Omerta

First, thank you for your work with London 2038. I have seen the new
NPC in holborn station for attribute retraining, and I wanted to ask if
it is possible to also put in an NPC who could retrain skill points.
I have a level 50 summoner and have made some mistakes with my build
and I have been farming moloch relentlessly to get a skill retrainer, to no
I see a skill retrainer show up in CH sometimes for around 1000,000
palladium, and by the time I finally save up that much they will probably
cost even more. Would it be at all possible to include an NPC like
"erich" that does skill points instead of attribute points?

As far as i have understood, everything is possible but first they are going to try to match the game to the 2.0 Patch as close as possible before adding new stuff so we just need to be patient and enjoy that we can play.

I would also like to see a skill retraining NPC because now with the rings there is an additional incentive to reskill when you get a better ring with different skills and thats even if you perfectly skilled your toon it just happens.

But the attribute retrainer also seems to be very useless atm with 250k per point.

Just cause it’s fitting here… i Liked the level-up rewards that are common in roleplay-games (global too). Specially the 1 free Skill Retrainer via ingame-Mail for reaching lvl 50 was nice. If you planned good, you can sell it. If you need it, you are not in distress, if you made a mistake while leveling up or wanted to test something. And as leveling to 50 takes quite some time (comparable to farming one?) i’d say the method is balanced more or less.

i also liked the free skill reset token that you got at level 50
in global. It would be nice if we could (eventually) have the
same thing in 2038.

Just checking, is the Skill Retrainer from Moloch still the only way to respec?

As said in the first post by tpm341 there’s an npc in holborn station which can refund you single attribute points (but for horrendous amounts of money, depending on charlevel).

I addition you can buy them off the ch for like 250k to 400k palladium.

Also, yes, there’s moloch dropping skill retrainers and talox in abyss is dropping them too.