A thank you to the team

I’d like to thank all of the folks who were involved in getting 2038 up and running. I am late to the game (so to speak) but I really appreciate what has been done.

I played HGL up until the last minute of the servers being unplugged. I then was involved with Revival (Thumper) as a lab rat and genuine PITA. Played Global for a bit (the cash shop did me in as much as the buggy code) and then just kind of forgot about HGL for several years.

I recently found a copy of HGL on Amazon for $8.00 and got everything installed a few days ago. I cannot believe that whatever captured my brain so many years ago is still there, but it is :smile:.

Thanks again for making this game crawl from it’s grave for me once again!


Hi there Thumper! Great to see you back after so long :slight_smile: And thank you for the kind words, of course.
If there’s anything you might need along the way, please feel free to also drop by the project’s Discord. Would be happy to catch up too, given the opportunity.

Hi Bryan, long time no type :smile:, I’ve joined the discord channel - I am using my ‘catch all’ userid of Direwolf… but as I stated I am the original Thumper from the Revival forums.

I’ve been playing non-stop for several days - my goal is to get one of each archetype to Temple Station, just to get a feel for everything again. I am amazed at the work you folks have done.

I have a few questions which I will drop in the discord. Later!

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