About the balance and other thing

Hi all i will tell about classe i try.

Blademaster :

Weak classe !
Lack of Aoe ;
You need heal point, you need armor, you need damage, you need resistance elementaire, you need heal recovery ! ;
You need alot of attribut point, with the problem of attribu point, you forced get the unique 27 gear that add attribut point, but you can’t get in any way 2 swords full mode !

People who tell me blablabla BM strong, go DoD with your 3k hp.

Summoners :

Balenced and massive lag + crash !!

You nerfed hard the demon tree summons !!
Now ppl run with 50 summons for do same damage then 1 only unique Marskmare nice !


Ppl do every same bruild ! same weapon, again same weapon !

Multishot beug + grenade or strick grenade,
I spend a reset skill for play strick grenade(fire, light, physical) + multishot !
What i see ! 1 grenade do more damage then 3 grenade send with multishot.

Lose a reset skill for nothing ! description skill wrong !

Now i kown why people play same bruild because other bruild bad !

Enginner :

Good classe, balanced, full minions damage or gun + hastbot work well !
2 bruild viables that is in progress .

Evoker :slight_smile:

Hellfire get hug nerf, if you want play hellfire go play MM grenade is better !
Spetral Serpent skill, people on the forum tell is strong skill blablabla !

I tryed that skill "Spetral Serpent " is the weakest skill, monocible target and very low damage !
No have 500% minions damage, but why i need get that for the skill be good ?
then 50-100-150-200-250-300 etc the skill is bad ? where is the evolution ?
Lack of attibut point like every classe in the game.

Yea every classe have attribut point problem !
Specialy when you want equiped hight lvl weapon, you can t!
Why not make us reset a attibut point for 500k at lvl 50 ? it have too many problem from attribut point in the balenced !
Because is a farming game ! stuff-gear get update every days !
Better remove Attibut point from gear, and ppl will use attibut point for get more damage or Hp etc.

Good night, morning.
Have fun.

Hello there, thanks for the feedback.
Let me respond with my own views on those. Nothing I say here reflects the team’s views, and my views don’t dictate what happens to the game. Just my own takes here.

Could you define this?
The feed system is what keeps builds in check and makes different affixes meaningful, by trading the costs/benefits of one stat for another. I don’t believe there’s a massive feed problem for most classes, considering how many attribute points one gets from sidequests and endgame gear.
As for respec options, there’s Erich in Holborn for selective respecs, and Attribute Retrainers which should go for ~500k on the market. At worst, they’re farmable from 2 sources with better odds than ever before.

The class does generally lack AoE by design. We’d need to create AoE skills to remedy that problem, if Sword Typhoon and Whirlwind don’t suffice. But the class seems to perform very well as a bosskiller, so I’m not sure it needs it beyond basic farming speeds.

As for stat demands, it’s a melee glass cannon that requires many different stats. It can forsake everything but damage and power management to be effective, however, as long as it doesn’t try to be a solo all-rounder.

This is being worked on, rest assured.

This I strongly disagree with. Demons are better than they’ve ever been, and each of them serves its purpose through more efficient Commands and higher base stats.

That’s the design of the class, sadly. I’d like to have a way to make it work without needing to grab all minions, but the skillset is much more focused than the Engineer’s is; without proper limitations the class would overperform. Which is already being asserted.

I’m inclined to disagree. MS builds do tend to be stronger than most, but many players find many different viable options. For examples, see Bonta’s, Alternalo’s, and Aladinf’s guides. I’ve also made a Sniper build work with notable results: https://youtu.be/6_WpvOHG5-I

I’ll look into this.

An explanation on this can be found here, but I’m all up for discussing this at length. Evokers should be good damage dealers if they build around it, but at some cost.

The skill works as a minion, on top of being a spell, so it provides an alternative building option.
It’s not that it’s bad before 500% and then becomes great, by no means. It scales properly, the higher minion damage the better it performs. See Mew’s guide for clarifications on this.

All the best.

Hi thx for the clarification.

Attribut point, show me a people who have full lvl 49 gear with no bonus attribut on it equiped, based only sur 2 stats, like Stamina/str or Stamina/Accura/ or Stamina/Willpower.
You will get for sure lack of point of attribut then you focuced only 2 stats !
The Attibut point is not balanced at all, you need gear, mode etc with attribut for complete you lack of point.

Second point about stats, the game will get evolution or not ?
If the game Add content like item or mobs, is alot better maintien lvl 50 for max lvl and add hight ilvl gear 70-80-100 etc and mobs lvl 70-80 etc.
Because you will get alot problem balenced added more lvl on chars + item.

Rift + AB :slight_smile:

I see in the game, have Hidden passage, treasus and elite !
Why no add AB elite, AB Hell with boss in + mobs !

Mode : Why Tech mode, Rocket mode so rare on gear ?


Yes for exemple Whirlwind have less aoe range then normal attack, how i see that ?
Normal attack hit flying mobs where Whirlwind can’t.


Is too late, but the best is limited minions by tree, demon,elemental or melee, increased the damage of all summons, but when you summon a demon or 3 you can’t summon elemental or melee, when you summon melee(darkform) you can’t summon the 2 other tree etc.

you are right, but when i do Cata run or Dessi run, Dod or see the Market; what i see most ppl play with ravage weapon !Tropical storm and time of time rocket.
Juste see the price of the weapon, you can see what is the demand market for bruild.

Exemple not many ppl play grenade, the stuff is very cheap.
Cause multishot beug ? with grenade ?

I show the link, but kown about it aleady, in the link he tell serpent spertral do second best damage with 500% minions damage, oki !
Then why summon ember do more damage then Serpent spetral at lvl 50 with 300% minion damage ? That why i told need waiting 500% minions damage for Serpent spetral be good ?
Is a lvl 30 skill ends game with hellfire etc, why the skill do less damage then any lower skill ?

For ppl when you play engi minions dps, you can’t get hastbot because you are limited 2 bot, don’t ask me why i don t have hastbot !!
Because i need the 2 slot bot for dps bot and not support bot !!
I undertand no many ppl kown about engi dps minions ! Because no many play it !
But it work well as hell !

And when you reset your skill, Drone Attribu don’t reset !

See you.

game just entered open beta

Is too late


Then They not will wipe chars ? yea that can be fixed with free attribut point, free re-skill and free expertise + 3 millions to us.