About the game some feedbacks

Hello and ty all who made the efforts to keep this game alive .

I want to start by saying that i was thrilled when i found out that other people really cares about this game and didnt wanted to see it forgotten . Im really glad people with love for this game and who have the founds try to bring back this epic game and for that i applaud you all .

I started playing hellgate global . I played it since tokyo and played it for 2 years or so until it closed .

Now for the main reason that i started this topic . I got some feedbacks / ideas / concerns .

The main goal for me starting this thread was something that bugged my head for a while when i was playing global :

Why does party have to be so much rewarding then actually farming solo and ill start by giving some examples :

If i get into a party i get my drop boosted meaning in a party of 5 people i will get x2-x3 times the reward but the problem is that drop is individual so if i make a party of 5 people and farm molly for example each bringing 5 heads sets each a total of 25 runs per party seems alot imbalanced then for a player that decide to kill it himself .

1 person - 5 heads sets - 5 x 1 drop ( solo ) = 5
1 person - 25 heads sets in party - 5 x 5 ( heads ) x 2 ( drop party boost ) = 50 . 50 x 5 players = 250 .

This advantages the party alot and here comes the problem . If u are not in a good guild or with some friends ur stuck waiting for random parties and even tho u might get into a guild eventually people will search for just the right class needed for the boss fight .
This happened alot also back in Global Hellgate time . You cant play what class u like or with what kind of items u like because u wont get invited into end game parties and even tho u play the right class like a marksman for example for dps class … you will get invited if u are geared and play in sniper skill but will u get invited if u play rapid fire or tactical stance ? dont think so .
So to get to my point … no game has a boost drop increased in party if the drop its individual … its decreased if its individual because with party of 5 … the boss is lets say x2 -x3 times harder to kill so in the end you kill it faster cuz of the number of people . Either make the drop in party x3 times but for the hole party or individual loot with penalty or at least no boost from party .

The second thing i wanted to talk about its the nano forge . It doesnt cost palladium … it costs xp . I think thats a bad thing . The palladium should be added because it will make the game better . Why you ask ? Because in the end game not only augumenting an item should be required for palladium . That will make people keep alot of items instead of sell the stuff to get their item enchanted and agumented . Removing the cost of nano forge will result in people not giving a crap about palladium unless they drop like their end game item ( that he already has geared on ) and trying to agument it for something better . For me the constant need of palladium even more on end game to agument and Enchant items made this game alot more fun and to spend alot of time .

This is what my concerns area so far .
I will end by reporting something ( a bug ) that its really annoying when for example and was never been fixed . When u kill an end game boss for example oculis or the boss at the end of act five … you dont get the chance to pick up your items … you get teleported into that portal and when u come back there is no items to pick up . Happend at the end of first act to me and also at occulis .

Cheers .

Hey there o/

I kinda agree on your point about team vs solo. Even for XP gain the difference is massive. I feel like the amount of drops are fine while in a group right now, but the solo part however is seriously depressing.
What i’m concerned about is : this is a really unknown niche game. Even though it gets revived, i doubt that we ll see a lot of new players joining the family. We’ll have a very small amount of players (i hope i’m wrong) generating a small number of items. The CH won’t receive enough items to keep the prices low enough for solo players to get some items there, and with the current drop rates this solo player will have huge issue getting some pieces of gear.
tl;dr: party play is fine, solo need a buff ?

As for the nanoforge, i think when it says XP it’s not a cost but it’s simply that your character is not high lvl enough to wear the result. The main pala drain will be augmentrex while mat drain will be rings/forge.

Hate to you break it to you but if everything stays the same, you’re not wrong & the end result will be a low player base.

With the prices from what I’ve seen on the consignment house the numbers are eye cringing. Anything with (retrainer in it) will become the new currency & that is not a good thing.

Currently there’s nothing rewarding about Hellgate, it’s just a farming simulator & I only hope for some improvements on this server in the near future, well see.

I heard that some loot tables will be changed in the near future so it will be a nice addition.
Right now, i feel the game is rewarding enough. I don’t want a game like Diablo 3 where the game gives you your full set for free by mail. I want to grind for hours, with small but regular gear increments.
But the grind has to be fun.

Having to keep a quest open like gnip pong to farm an uninteresting mob over and over isn’t fun. Getting rewarded for getting deeper into the catas or taking down challenging bosses is the fun part for me. It’s all about risk vs reward.

retrainers are an other story that i won’t delve into as it’s not what this topic is about.

I’m 100% confident about the devs and their capacity to fine tune drop rates for team and solo play. I’m having tons of fun despite the small issues here and there. I’m playing even tho i know my char will get wiped which says a lot to me ^^


Chars are gonna get wiped?
Do we have a date? I wanna know if I can still make it to Endgame with my new MM.

The last official information on character wipe that i know of is - “that it will only be done if necessary” - so i wouldn’t worry about that at all. AND this is an Alpha, we have the incredible luck to have an extremely stable build, but that could change overnight if the devs are doing “stuff” (i don’t even want to speculate in any direction).

Just be happy they don’t redesign the entry-levels of the Game right now; they could wipe the chars once a week, just to see if we find bugs in the early game :smiling_imp: :innocent:

There will definitely be at least one wipe, when transitioning from Alpha to Beta. There are no solid dates though, and no absolute certainty that the need for emergency wipes won’t arise.

So yes, as LordFalcon said, “that it will only be done if necessary” :slight_smile: