About the importance of LUCK

The more i speak to people, the more i inspect the gear they’re wearing and the more i use it myself, the more i realize that luck has a huge place in the game.
While i know it’s a common stat in a lot of loot based game i really think it’s an outdated mechanic that could use some serious rework.

Right now, it feels the most important stat of all. We play the game to get loots, the more luck we have the better loots we get. The problem then is that the nature of this kind of game is to farm for loots all the time. So in a way we should always have the max amount of luck.
What do we do with the powerful items we drop thx to this luck then ? We stash them as we should not wear them because they don’t have luck for the next farm or boss kill and we don’t want to feel we’re missing something.

One problem i can see is the time spent killing vs reward. Let’s take a random Moloch team. This team can kill Moloch in 20 seconds with their “damage” gear or 30 seconds with full luck gear. Their choice would go toward luck gear right now as the time gained with damage gear isn’t big enough to justify not min maxing the reward for their head set.

Maybe the damage is not rewarding enough then ? I always prefered the approach of killing more things to roll the dice more often. If my radius is with damage gear allow me to kill 20 mobs instead of 10 with a single cast then i could think that i gain twice more loot for my time played. Except that one green is better than 2 whites.
On top of that, i don’t like gimping my character in profit of magic find. Turning our avatars into gods is what make those hack n slash games fun for me.
Maybe luck in HG doesn’t penalize us enough for the benefit we gain from it ?

All in all, i’m not sure what would be the solution. I’m not even sure others think that this is also a problem to be honest ^^
Basic solution could be to remove it so we focus on power instead ?
An other one could be to make sure we can’t kill things fast enough to not be able to sacrifice the damage gear of the whole team ? But then when this said team manage to grind better gear with luck the issues mentionned earlier will be the same again.

Moloch (and most of the bosses) are a bad example of showcasing the importance of luck. The signature items from these bosses (Retrainers, Dye kits, Unique armor sets etc) have a prefixed drop chance that completely ignores your luck.
But if you do several runs in cemetery you will notice significant difference between luck/no luck gear, and even party/solo play.
If you really only do that for loot, i would suggest a full luck gear with a huge aoe attack (e.g. hellfire with splash mods in your weapon) to cover the cemetery broadwise, smashing all the urns at once.

Alternalo was faster ^.^
The “important” droptables are not (big) affected by luck so it really doesn’t matter.
If you reached a stage when you kill Moloch in 20 secs or 30 secs… you have reached a farm-status where its nearly irrelevant what you wear at all - luck or no luck. And the dropchance that has to occure to optimize your gear further is probably very very low.

All those Greens and most Blues from normal mobs - i don’t even pick them up anymore. Doesn’t matter if they drop in 10s or 1000’s. But the things that matter for bringing my equipment further on, are still extremely rare due to RNG on the items, even on my Luck Char. From the last 20 legendary Surgecasters i found, all were crap statwise. Without +luck i’d propably have only found a tenth of them… that would be frustrating.

On the other hand, there’s a reason there were no double edged items in Global (as far as i remember) and not many items with lots of luck - not to speak from a whole set of +200 luck. And i think the luck expertise got patched /10 so it was very small numbers that nobody skilled cause it was worthless. The cemetary was patched out too, cause all those urns (i never had the chance to see it until here)… but i think that whole combination was overkill for luck :frowning:

In global luck wasn’t that important because in hell difficulty almost all drops was legendary, and mythics could only drop from bosses with a prefixed loot table.

I know that Moloch unique loot are fix, it might be a bad exemple. My point is more whereas if luck has a fun role to play in the game.

do you have a proof for this claim, aside from ‘this is what I’ve seen everyone else post’?

Ontopic, luck is completly OP and farming without it feels like a complete waste of time.

Boss loot tables in the database build up mostly by two types of loot, one with direct percentage like Retrainers and a pool of random junk, which’s quality can be affected by luck.

So let’s say you’ve got a Retrainer and a Lee’s Lightlance from Molly, then it means you’ve got the retrainer because you was lucky with the prefixed chance, and you’ve got the Lee’s because there was a fusion rifle in the junk pool which turned unique, which happens more often, if you have luck stat.

Same goes with abyss bosses, you can have more unique items if you have luck stat, but since the signature items are not in the junk pool you won’t get more of them by gearing up for luck.

If i still doesn’t convince you, then we should ask Omerta and Bryan about this, Bryan can spawn like 100 Mollys at once, kill them with his Final Flash attack and see if he gets a significant difference in the number of retrainers with or without luck gear.

"Ontopic, luck is completly OP and farming without it feels like a complete waste of time."
If that’s the case, shouldn’t it be taken out of game completely? Wasn’t that was global did? Delete the double-edged items (as anything else than luck is not in demand anyway) so nearly no items have more than ~50 luck. [some exceptions in traks illuminations, keeper of north star and such, but no “farm-friendly” items]

I personally like it the way it is. Sacrifice of usefullness from gear for drop-luck making me fragile. Maybe it can be fine- tuned in the future?

If that luck gear in the CH is sold - it is in demand - is it not? If everybody would consider it junk, it wouldn’t sell.
Economy at work.

That idea to raise luck on normal gear misses the law of equivalent exchange.
If you raise the luck on gear, it will have to have a higher feed or level. Power demands balance.

It is in demand because it s super powerful.

I currently try a few things on my gundian in brompton cemetery. I tried full luck gear and my regular set. I’m farming for mods mostly and they drop well on jars.
My luck gear really feels like shit to play, it’s slow, fragile and really boring but the results are so impressive that i can’t go back to regular gear after this. i get more mods in one luck gear run than 3 runs in the same time period with regular set.

I hate playing luck cause it’s super boring but it brings way too much good things. I’m not having fun while farming mods like this, the only thing i want to get is more luck instead.

If you only do this for mods, why don’t you farm cata 7-10 instead? Nether Ward will drop legendary mods, all you need is a party to reset the map. I personally would suggest cata7, because 10 will result in mods that cannot be placed in nanoforged items.

they would be too high for the vorpals im currently using sadly and im sure i generate more of them in cemetery right now :frowning:

Yes, that boringnes - that’s excactly what the double edged is for.
I’d even say, every double-edged +luck could have the fixed -dmg per default to further discourage and as a mechanism of limiting it’s use.

I get around 25 mods (Blue/Orange) in one run with 1200 luck.
I get about 5 mods (Blue/Orange) in one run with “no” luck (well, it’s around 150 or so)
I tested that in only about 10 runs each.

I don’t think a solution will be to give candy’s to all kids in the kindergarden.
The parenting-solution is to make the kid work for the candy or eat the effing brokkoli and have no candy at all and appreciate the candy.

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In that case, i’d prefer a different drawback to the double edges. If you want to have plenty of nice loots, you should suffer instead of being bored. A reduction to life or an increase in dmg receive is way more fun to play with than sluginess.

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_Deleted passage about fortune expertise as an alternative, as it looks like only 168 luck instead of 1680 luck, which seems to be confirmed by the drop numbers in Bryans newest video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V84nnCC2aLc _

Due to that facts i have to agree partly. It would be nice if there would be other options to get high luck numbers, not just penalizing equipment. Maybe somebody looks into that expertise in the middle to far future, it would at least restrict that accessability to the endgame as expertise is only available to Ranks.

So this new video Shows 2 things to me :

  • I regret investing in this expertise.
  • I Need better shrapnel mods.