About the phooey guy insist that moderator punish 2 guys for not proper reason

wow. i’m at that conversation, this phooey guy intentionally give other people wrong information.
there’s only one who is against moderator. and this phooey guy don’t mention the analogue 2 guys talk.
is that rational? phooey just point that tomfoolery is so vague that can’t be a reason for the punishment. if that’s all, phooey is right. I suggest bryan to read all dialogues, that 2 guys marking on , and attack, and make fun of modulator with dick word. I think that’s enough for the reason for punishment. although that modulator didn’t say any other aggressive words, that 2 guys keep insulting modulator that is so over the line. they keep talking, so chat-1 is all paralyzed with those 2 guys talking.
and I thing that it is also enough for punishment. I understand why the article is closed but there must be other views