Achievements - You Found a What?

I think “Identify 2,000 items” is too much here, it’s just not fun to do and a unnecessary long click party

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Ident before sale. By that thing You will get more palladium and that thing You wrote about.

Im gonna use this topic instead creating new one.

It is about achievements. I know that there was two that increase crit chance by 1 and 2 % for winning PvP but not sure how many times.

It this achievement still in game? What are requirements to do it?

THX in advance.

No, these were Global’s additions. We haven’t recreated them, partly because our PvP is a mess.

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THX for answer :smiley:

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Decoding of achievements.Is there a list of all achievements and requirements for them?

All skill learning achievements are difficult. I would like to change it to learn 10 skills.

Indeed :slight_smile: Achievements - London 2038

@hpcstar I agree, but that seems to be the spirit; a hard achievement with a substantive benefit.
That said, I’ll raise the issue for discussion.

Ничего не понял! Кому Брайан отвечает! Спрошу,ещё,раз.Брайан,есть-ли список достижений и требований к ним?I make a translation into English with the help of a Yandex translator-“I didn’t understand anything! Who is Bryan answering to! I’ll ask you again.Bryan, is there a list of achievements and requirements for them?”

I tried to answer to you both in the same post, apologies if that caused confusion.
Yes, you may find the list here: Achievements - London 2038