Aladins FX heavy Rapid Fire MM 1.5

This is the build i chose for starting into the new Patch and it turned out pretty good.
I wanted something that is relatively cheap,fast to level, able to do ABs quickly and Cata 1-5 early.
That means a couple of things. First is movement speed, second is aoe third is burst.

Movement speed is pretty easy for a MM - just wear Kyles. Sprint 2, movement speed and Escape Master as secondary sprint. Also Adrenaline mass consumption.

Aoe for the MM is not as straight forward. I went for Reapers hellrail and Rapid Fire. Reapers have the secondary effect of a lightning field which does some damage and Rapid fire is essentially a forward cone AOE skill and it is available pretty often. Having rapid fire also provides the needed burst when encountering regenerating Mobs and Bosses. As a MM even if i wouldnt use it later on, i would get a point in rapid fire just for leveling. But this one is built around it.

So leveling is pretty much set. Now Catas have become pretty hard solo at least and the bosses got more HP. So figured to do them early you need ignite and other fx and that is essentially the key atm.

So that’s the basic straightforward idea - Rapid Fire with emphasize on FX.

Now to the details. Here is the skilltree:

I calculated a +1 helmet into the skilltree. But it turned out there is no way around a Sombergs and they are hard to come by +1. In the end i still run around with a normal Sombergs.

The skilltree has 4 sections for this MM:

  • Rapid fire maxed, Controlled burst to 5/6 to be able to spam Rapid Fire when needed and a good amount into the Heightened Senses for additional dmg
  • Multishot: also maxed for general damage and flexibilty and Multishot as a mobility burst
  • Beacon tree: skilled to Multibeacon which is super valueable in groups and in combination with the 100% curse duration of Sombergs usefull solo. Elemental beacon is pretty important for this build too.
  • Escape tree: 1 point in escape (more would be nice though- i have 2 on a trinket) and 3 Master Engineer from Kyles work wonders.

Perks are in the following order (i allways perk to 3 first so i get the best of everything earlier):

  • Powerreg (important for spamming Rapid fire)
  • Elemental Attack
  • Crit
  • Armor (you die with rapid fire but less with more armor)
  • power

The gear is also straight forward:

  • Helmet: Sombergs. Most important piece as it can have 200 phase attack and 100% curse duration - two essential affixes for this build. Dont go for a low phase but high crit version.
  • Shoulders: advanced scout shoulder plates. Aim for high armor penetration and preferably the good variant with userate and increase dmg. Alternatives are Techa Shoulders or Sues Steadiers.
  • Torso: Techa Core - still too good and without alternatives. Userate, Dmg, Shields, Accu
  • Arms: Duellos of the Duelist: 3% crit, easy to get.
  • Boots: Kyles Everpresents, best boots in game, easy to get early on. Good variant with 5% damage and 5% userate.
  • Pants and Belt: one of these needs to have Shield penetration, so i went for the belt. The pants can be good Cybernet pants.
  • Dyekit: Elemental attack
  • Trinket: Squadros with ele dam (phase) and skills (more beacon, Escape or even Elemtal Vision to make use of tactical stance)

Now how does it work? - the weapons

Rapid fire in combination with the right weapons does two things. First it does massive damage, second it proccs FX super easy and most of the time instantly even with relatively low sfx attack.
And we want to procc Phase, Fire, Poison and Shock. The foundation for that are the dyekit (+elemental attack), the perk (+elemental attack) the sombergs (200+ phase) and Elemental Beacon.
And then you put in the right mods into the right weapons.

For rapid fire to apply the 200%+ increased fire rate you need weapons that are relatively slow from the start because rate of fire is capped somewhere in the 600.

One of the best weapons for Rapid Fire are Sniper Guns with 120 rate of fire and there are two exceptionally good ones that are also easy to get.

First is Reapers Hellrail which you can first get from Bloodbane in the Cannon Street Rail finale of Act 4. I farmed him for an hour and got 2 on day one. Nowadays you get them in the AH. He also dropped me the second wanted weapon - Nantos third rail. Very good railgun for single dmg. So at Level 15 you got weapons that last deep into the endgame.

I use a reaper and a nantos together in one set and this has some very good benefits when you put in the right mods. The reaper has this long lasting electric field which ticks quite a few times, so it is perfect for applying the best of the Fxs and that is phase. The two mods in there are combinations of elemental damage and phase. With one rapid fire you spread out lightning fields all over the place which phases most of the mobs that enter it sooner or later. That means not only more damage but also less incoming damage which is important for a rapid fire build. The gun also applies shock inherently which is invaluable against Bosses as it makes them attack less often and not use their special attacks - super important for Cata Bosses.
Into the nantos i put in fire dmg and ignite which makes sense for a single target weapons. It also has high poison inherently.
So when you stand in front of the boss, beacon him and trigger rapid fire and you will see it being shocked, phased, ignited and poisoned allmost instantly.

Thats it, you run around gunning and when you have a lot of mobs in front of you, you go multibeacon and rapid until they die. When it gets rough you go escape or backpaddle with Multishot.

Some important points:

  • dont go for increased duration of boost skills as it increases your rapid fire duration. You can already spam it and shorter burst make you more flexible.
  • Use shield emitters (have it in your skill bar). I allways buy them in Stonehenge and have a good stockpile of them. It is the only thing that can save you while in Rapid Fire. And it can prolong your burst phase. Have an eye on your shields.
  • Use a normal Sombergs over any other +1 Helmet.
  • Aug you Reapers before you Nano them.
  • get some defense, you are on the squishy side but need to endure some beating while in rapid fire. The armor perk helps a bit.
  • Have enough Power
  • Dont use this in Hardcore, you get better in deciding when you get through with your rapid fire. But you will more than once hit rapid fire and know instantly that you are not going out of it without dying eg you press rapid and Molloch raises his Fist :slight_smile:

Here is a short Bosskill Video in the absence of a better gameplay video:

Have Fun.


With the recent talk of your Grenadier build, I did not expect this. But kudos, great work as always :slight_smile:
I’ll add it to the guide index in a minute.

The Grenader guide was pretty much done (and it is a much longer guide) when i came across some things i want to change and try out first.
But when we made a dps comparison on discord i figured my MM is a pretty good starter build so while i am doing guides anyways, lets just put this out.

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Understandable. I salute your work either way, one can never have too many guides to consult.

I have some questions to the skill interactions.
You cant activate multishot and go into rapid fire? Rapid fire get rid of multishot doesnt it?
For some reason i have that different in my memory.

Does Ravager/rebounder works with rockets, Like the Thermal Canon?
Does it also work with Multishot?

multishot + thermal cannon definitely works, but ravager/rebounder are weird: extra rounds seem to be exploding on the same spot as the first one. no clue if those extra shots count as a direct hit.

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What do you mean with “extra rounds”(multi/retarget?) and same spot?
If you hit a larger enemy that when it dies you still hitting the air?

And thx for the answer!

talking about thermal cannons only: extra bullets from Ravager Rounds or Rebounder Rounds. sometimes when i shoot, the explosion is way louder and deals way more damage (and, possibly, has more dense explosion graphics? i can’t tell). and i never notice multiple explosions happen in different places without Multishot, which leads me to believe extra projectiles from the first two Rounds skills explode as soon as they’re spawned.

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Rapid breaks Multishot yes - but not the other way around.

On the rounds thing, i have no idea. Rapid fire doesnt use them so i dont invest in them.

With the nerf on Railguns this doesnt really work anymore. I am currently investigating other weapons…