Alpha mini-guides: Evoker

The original thread, along with the feedback it received at the time, can be found here:

Disclaimer: As 2038 progresses, much of the info in these guides is very likely to, or even bound to, not apply in the future. The purpose of these guides is to highlight how classes differ from their Global/SP counterparts, so as to provide leveling testers with more efficient ways to test later content.

Disclaimer #2: The builds outlined below are most often functional after lv30, as they do often use lv25-30 skills. It is noteworthy that not all such builds will be easy to start from lv1 with, either due to high gear dependency (ie Shrapnel) or a significant lack of AoE that would assist in leveling. Therefore, in such cases it is highly advised that testers either

  1. deviate from such builds in favor of more AoE-oriented ones early on, and later reskill to them, or
  2. account for the relative lack of AoE through the use of early/mid-game weapons that assist in that front, either by themselves or by providing AoE skills.

What’s the Evoker now?

Naturally, Global had Evokers excel at dealing damage. While this remains true for 2038, a striking difference can be identified in the ways Evokers currently deal damage, and the amount of targets they can deal damage to.

In contrast to Global’s “crit-or-bust” route, Evokers now have options when raining fire on their enemies. Though crit builds are still magnificent (more on this below), Nova builds are now a decent contender in terms of dealing raw damage, and elemental builds are actually viable for encounters that require elemental effects (most notably Dessicator).
Lastly, the existence of Glyphshards (formerly Glyph-Cages) with added +radius bonuses (such as The Keel Brand and Galactic Conquest) makes AoE-oriented builds easier, unlike Global, where AoEs would often become secondary to single-target, mid-range spells.

Key differences with Global (details in spoiler tags)

While outlined above, many differences need to be highlighted.

Demonspine is much weaker. The spell currently fires 1 projectile instead of 4, severely limiting its damage potential.
Flameshards are similarly weaker. The spell currently has a wider spread and a fuse timer, instead of exploding on impact. Combined with the above point, Global's Demonspine/Flameshards spam is much, much less potent.
Arcane Shield is much weaker (but still viable) In compliance with TCv4's reduced shields for Cabalists, Arcane Shield provides much fewer shields than it did. While still a decent panic button, maxing it may no longer be preferred.
Tempest works. Terrifyingly so. Unlike its unthreatening Global counterpart, 2038's Tempest is stellar. It crits, attack frequency and base damage are both higher, +damage on gear affects it, and it even reliably inflicts any elemental effects one's foci provide, partly due to its increased attack frequency.
Spectral Serpents work. Similarly to the above point, Serpents are much more viable than their Global counterpart.
Crit builds are actually easier, while still being very efficient. The combined existence of the Feral armor line (inherent crit chance on all pieces on all grades) and Ripshards (formerly Claws of Morax, 25% inherent crit) allows Evokers to very easily reach 40-50% base crit. While CCM caps have been halved, an Evoker will typically need 100-150% caste CCM to be critcapped against said caste. Between augments and the Ripshards' 3 max mod slots, this is a very realistic number to achieve. Lastly, the modest feeds leave much room for free stats that can be safely invested into ACC.
Novas work. Possibly the most basic difference with Global, in 2038 Shrapnel and Exploding Spikes currently* work terrifyingly well. Evokers can make great use of Novas through constant spells such as Arc Legion, Spectral Lash and Drain Life/Power, and even spells such as Firestorm, Skullsplitter and Tempest, due to their attack frequency and/or number of hits per use.
  • This is an aspect of the game that is very likely to change in the future. But currently, it’s a very efficient leveling/farming option.

Gear (details in spoiler tags)

The most distinct difference in gear for Evokers comes in the form of the Feral armor line. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this armor line is by far the superior choice for any direct damage-dealers, the only exception being elemental effect-focused Evokers. Namely, it provides:

18% inherent base crit In total, all 7 pieces provide a sum of 18% base crit. Thus, a full set combined with Ripshards would provide 1 (base) + 18 (set) + 25 (Ripshards) + 4 (Surgical Precision expertise) = 48% base crit. Swapping the Feral belt (1%) with Balbi's Ring (3%) would bump this up to 50%, before any added crit bonuses through relics and foci affixes.

In turn, this allows Evokers to only need 100% caste CCM per caste for critcapping against it.
Note, CCM augments roughly cap at 50, while mod CCM roughly caps at 35. I’m using 30 for the latter for these calculations, as the average mods will likely be closer to it than the cap.

In theory, an Evoker with 2 Ripshards with 3 slots each should thus be able to be critcapped against

  1. 1 out of 4 castes (augged 50 + 30 + 30), with 4 relic slots still free for CDB or other desirable properties, OR
  2. 2 out of 4 castes (augged 50 + 30 + 30 per caste) with 2 relic slots still free,
    or distribute CCM more evenly across all castes in a manner like 50 + 30 (caste 1), 50 + 30 (caste 2), 30 + 30 (caste 3), 30 + 30 (caste 4), for a non-critcapped result that still yields 80%+ crit against all enemies.
33% added damage In total, all 7 pieces provide a sum of 33% damage through the "Adds x% damage" property. While notable on its own, Mythic Feral pieces can also have the "heavenly" property, for a very decent extra 10-15% damage per piece. All builds will see a massive, visible boost to their damage, crit builds even more so.
-33% power point penalty This is currently a negative property that comes with all Feral pieces, much like Double-Edged items. While this certainly puts a strain on one's power pool, the current modest feeds, a few +AA/+WILL/+power properties on gear, the Expertises, Drain Power and Powerpacks can all very efficiently counter this.

The Feral armor line aside, previously secondary properties on gear that may now be of much more use include:

Shrapnel. The mother of all damage-dealing, this property currently works terribly well. Any constant spell such as Arc Legion, Spectral Lash and Drain Life/Power, and even spells such as Firestorm, Skullsplitter, Tempest and others can truly abuse Shrapnel.
+Damage against caste/+damage/increases damage. These are also previously overlooked properties that currently seem to work much better than they did. +Damage against caste roughly capping at 50% allows the player to stock up on it, in a similar way to how they would on +caste cdb.
+Elemental damage and +elemental strength. Global had little use for this property, but currently using a Mythic set of armor that grants a decent sum of +elemental strengths can be very efficient. +Ignite strength is now more likely to actually help ignite a boss, and the Dessicator calls for massive +poison strength.
+AA/+WILL/+ACC While always being sought properties, they may actually be of even more use in 2038 than they were in Global. Much more modest feeds and Mythic +stat properties allow one to accumulate much more massive amounts of ACC than before, thus also boosting CDB tremendously. +AA/+WILL assist one's power pool, even more so as a counter to the Ferals' penalty. +AA/+ACC help cover the ACC feeds of Ripshards, and then massively assist crit builds in building up CDB.

Evokers that choose to wield Bloodshards may also find use in +STR to cover their inherent feeds, and +STA is always welcome towards boosting one’s HP pool.

+power/+power regeneration These properties help alleviate the Feral line's power penalty.

Foci (details in spoiler tags)

Contrary to Global, 2038’s Evokers have 3 notable options for foci, each designed for specific purposes. Of course, all foci can equally benefit from Novas, but Glyphshards’ 2 max slots make them the least suited ones for this approach.


As discussed above, Ripshards currently have a massive inherent 25% base crit, which is a massive boon to crit builds.
The most notable Unique variant of this foci is Black Angel, which provides points in Blink, increased damage, movement speed and CDB vs Demons.


Formerly Glyph-Cages, Glyphshards currently have a unique disadvantage over the other 2 endgame foci, in the form of 2 max relic slots instead of 3. However, they also come with massive +range and +radius bonuses depending on their level, up to 20% radius and 40% range.
Notable Unique variants include The Keel Brand (which grants early access to Spectral Curse and a unique ~30-50% increased duration of curse skills) and Galactic Conquest (which grants points in Hellfire, Swarm and Lightning Field, spectral damage, power points and increased damage).


Exclusive to the TC, these foci provide an actually useful auto-attack (see here for footage) and massive inherent poison attack strength. Combined with +poison attack strength relics and possibly the respective Mythic weapon property, Bloodshards are the ideal foci to inflict poison on such bosses as the Dessicator. Evokers can make particular use of this foci through Swarm, which provides a massive poison strength multiplier.
The most notable Unique variant of this foci for Evokers is Tuskull, which provides points in Drain Life and Brom’s Curse, and has +phase strength.

Builds (details in spoiler tags)

Given the factors discussed above, here are the rough outlines of two builds that can work sufficiently.

Note, both builds take for granted a +1 to All Skills helmet. This is much easier to augment compared to Global, and it’s generally not a rare augment by any means.

Such gear as Tuskull, Balbi’s Ring, Night Striders and other +AS/+skill weapons and rings can also provide room to expand on these builds. They are not accounted for in either build, to ensure gear dependancy is kept at a bare minimum.


Skills 3/10 Firestorm, 3/10 Flameshards, 1/10 Hellfire

Firestorm is a prerequisite for advancing in the tree, but it can also provide decent synergy with Novas in one’s foci.
Flameshards is only taken for access to Hellfire.
Hellfire is chosen due to its decent performance as an AoE spell and its decent ignite strength.

More points can be invested in Hellfire, but also see “notes” below.

3/10 Lightning Field, 10/10 Tempest, 1/10 Arc Legion

Lightning Field is a requirement for Tempest, but it also works as a decent AoE spell on its own.
Tempest is an absolute must due to its stellar performance, both as a player-independant source of damage and as a means of applying poison/other elemental effects.
1 point is invested in Arc Legion due to its notable use in PvE, and its great synergy with any Novas in one’s foci.

More points can be invested in Lightning Field, but also see “notes” below.

3/10 Venomus Spirit, 3/10 Venom Armor, 10/10 Swarm

Venomus Spirit and Venom Armor are both only taken for access to Swarm.
Swarm is a core skill for this build. It is a decent AoE spell in itself, but maxing it allows one to make full use of its amazing poison strength multiplier. +poison strength on mods and Mythic armor/foci can truly shine through Swarm, even more so in combination with Elemental Drain.

More points can be invested in Venom Armor depending on one’s preference, but also see “notes” below regarding Swarm.

1/7 Dual Focus

Contrary to Global’s norm, this skill doesn’t need to be maxed due to the much more manageable feeds.

More points can be invested in it, of course, as extra WILL from it can be invested in ACC instead, for a CDB boost.

2/7 Drain Power/Drain Life, 5/5 Elemental Drain

Both Drain Power and Drain Life are taken for access to Elemental Drain, although both can also be used if one wishes. Being constant spells, both synergize with Novas in one’s foci, and Drain Power in particular is essentially a power cost-free way to utilize Novas.
Elemental Drain is maxed to ensure the target’s elemental defenses are reduced as much as possible, as a core aspect of this build is inflicting elemental effects.

6/10 Arcane Shield, 2/10 Blink

Both intended to be panic buttons, Blink suffices at 2 (1 + 1 from AS) and Arcane Shield doesn’t really provide considerably more shields if maxed.

Arcane Shield can still be maxed, of course.

Notes on this build.

This build is meant to ultilize AoE spells and inflict elemental effects.
Thus, Glyphshards are probably the ideal foci for focusing on the AoE element, while Bloodshards can provide a massive boost to Swarm’s poison strength.

Galactic Conquest
This Unique Glyphshard is amazing for an AoE-focused build that is willing to sacrifice the Bloodshards’ poison bonus. As it provides up to 3 points in all 3 AoE spells used here, one could theoretically get 7 points in all 3 (3 + 3 + 1 AS) before investing any skill points in them.
This introduces heavy gear dependancy, of course, but such AoE-heavy builds will most probably function best with Glyphshards anyway.

Crit(+shrapnel) Tempest/Serpents

Skills 3/10 Lightning Field, 10/10 Tempest, 1/10 Arc Legion

Lightning Field is a requirement for Tempest, and isn’t really beneficial as a standalone skill here.
Tempest is an absolute must due to its stellar performance, both as a player-independant source of damage and as a means of triggering Novas.
1 point is invested in Arc Legion due to its notable use in PvE, and its great synergy with any Novas in one’s foci.

10/10 Spectral Serpents

Note: I have invested points in the Spectral tree for access to this skill, as it’s the last skill on it.
Spectral Lash can still be used due to its synergy with Novas, but Arc Legion is superior in all regards.

Similarly to Tempest, Serpents are a great player-independant source of damage. They and Tempest can be the only 2 skills one uses against bosses to decent effect, while conserving power.

10/10 Spectral Curse

A very decent AoE debuff for any situation, it is maxed for maximum effect.

This skill can even be skipped entirely if it doesn’t suit one’s preferences.

1/7 Dual Focus

Again, this skill doesn’t need to be maxed here due to the much more manageable feeds.

More points can be invested in it, of course, for an indirect CDB boost.

2/7 Drain Power

A personal choice, Drain Power assists with replenishing power, while being a free spell that decently synergizes with Novas.

It can be skipped rather safely.

10/10 Arcane Shield, 2/10 Blink

Again, both intended to be panic buttons. Blink suffices at 2 (1 + 1 from AS) and Arcane Shield is maxed due to lack of better options with the left points.

Arcane Shield can be kept at lower levels for more options.

Notes on this build.

Ripshards are essential for this build.
Being a crit build, Ripshards are by far the superior option for it. It can still work without them, but the loss is very visible.

Novas are optional, but pay off.
This can be used as a strictly crit build, but Shrapnel synergizes with it with minimal effort. If a player has room for it, it’s an excellent property to keep in mind.

See here for footage of a combination of the two builds above, specifically designed for the Wilds.


Hello there,

i’d like to take the opportunity of the new Skillplaner to post my current Build here.
Nothing i worked out from scratch myself, credit goes to Bryan and Alternalo. I have had some very nice chat’s in Discord with them, and they showed great patience to answer all my questions until my min-maxers heart was satisfied and understood why each skill was chosen ^.^ The Build assumes you have a head +1 to all Evoker skills.

My current Build:,50,50,0,v1.0000100000009900000293256011100000

Lightning Field 9/10
Tempest 9/10

Spectral Bolt 3/10
Spectral Lash 2/10
Spectral Lash mastery 5/10
Spectral Curse: 2/10
Spectral Serpent: 9/10

Dual Focus: 6/7
Drain Power: 1/7
Arcane Shield: 1/10
Blink: 1/7


For AE general damage purposes, i chose Lightning Field (rightclick) as recommended by Alternalo, but as i tried a bit, i also had to agree to Bryan saying that Tempest is quite potent. It does an exceptional job at attacking many mobs at once or rare mobs - even through walls. With the points already spend, neither hellfire nor swam are available to reach, so it’s an obvious choice for this build constellation.

-Spectral Bolt what is needed to go further, it isn’t on my attack bar anywhere.

-Spectral Lash only the points to go further as it is not going to get a lot stronger, it’s my left-click attack. The “meters” gained with more points are not worth it imho.

-On the Lash-Mastery i spend a few points i had left over, as +200% phase strengh sounds nice. That could be left, if they don’t count for the spectral serpents which i couldn’t test. I found the leash itself to phase not that often but on the other hand, i’m not equipped for this purpose specially.

-Spectral curse, i put only 2 pts. to unlock the serpents (don’t forget you need a special item to unlock them complete). I find this skill personally mediocre at best and not good to apply. There is some casting animation and it just feels not effective. I’d rather throw another lightning field on the mobs than apply that curse. So here i took some points saved from the Alternalo build, that can be transferred for the tempest.

-Spectral Serpent is very nice, they have a quite good phase chance, do considerable damage, target mobs in a good range, fun to watch and you can cast them far in front of you (or while you leg it).

-Dual Focus for managing Equipfeeds. 1pts. absolute minimum for dual-wielding foci.

-Drain Power a point or two for power management. With those pesky double-edged items +DMG -Powerpool, a good regeneration needs a bit of support, specially when you haven’t hit the ranks yet and can’t put points in those expertises. Neat to know: It does damage too. Not “woohoo” damage, but you leech multiple enemies and you do something. And something is better than doing nothing and waiting for mana.

-Arcane Shield, at least a point. Nice to buy oneself a bit of time when surrounded by stunning mobs.

-Blink, when you have to hit your shield, this is your way out of the mob-pulk… or a convenient way to speed up your travel :wink:

The remaining points (and maybe saved from lash mastery) could be put into further shielding, faster blink cooldown, better mana-leech or the hp-leech, maybe the spectral curse - if that’s your thing. I’d propably put a point into arc-legion just because it sounds fun. With plenty of offense abilities given, i’d advise to bolster some supportskills that make your life easier.

Thank you for reading, hope you found something usefull for yourself and big Thanks to Bryan and Alternalo again, for the in-deep talks :slight_smile:

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This is not correct. There is currently a bug on the skill planner that requires you to put 2 points into spectral curse in order to unlock spectral serpents, but this is just a bug in the skill planner and its not true ingame. You dont need to have spectral curse in order to unlock spectral serpents.

I’m also playing with Tempest + Spectral Serpents, but I’m doing quite abit of a different approach which requires certain items and is also quite experimental, as I need to further test some skill behaviours. Also note that I dont have decent gear yet, but im working on it.

This is the build I have in mind (assuming a helm with +1 skills),50,50,0,v1.0000100000003913350253201401224000

Note: Spectral curse is ONLY taken because the skill planner is bugged, ingame you’d put those 2 points into spectral mastery in order to unlock spectral serpents. Also note that the poison tree on the skill planner is bugged aswell, as you ONLY need 2 points in Venomonous Spirit in order to unlock Venom Armour and ONLY 2 points into Venom Armor to unlock Swarm. These 2 additional points we got from this can either be added to Swarm or Spectral Serpents.

On my ring slot I’m using +1 Hellfire (for igniting bosses) and +1 Arcane shield, on one of my weapon I’m trying to get +3 concentrate damage.

Some key differences with the other builds posted here:

To me Elemental Drain feels absolutly neccessary, especially if you want to play in partys (and this is the reason why we play here right?). At the same time it boosts your elemental defenses to proper levels if your gear has some resists on them.

Swarm is taken instead of increasing Lightning Field levels in order to diversify the damage. There are quite a few mobs out there that are resistent to lightning damage, and taking swarm allows for poisoning and thus stopping life regen on bosses. For bigger AoE Lightning Field would be the a option though.

Concentrate Damage: From what I’ve seen so far (but this requires some further testing), this skill can be snapshoted. This means, once you activate Concentrate Damage and then cast Tempest and/or Spectral Serpents afterwards, the damage increase will affect both skills even when you are moving around afterwards. Thus only the current +damage value at the time of casting Tempest/Serpents counts and their damage does not seem to get updated on the fly.
This is the reason why I’m choosing Concentrate Damage instead of placing more points into Swarm or Serpents.

My observations on this could be totally wrong and I’d love if some others could test this aswell.

Of all the skills taken, not all are placed on my hotbar. Since there are 14 slots on the hotbar, I’m using the following ones:

Arc Legion, Hellfire, Swarm, Tempest, Spectral Serpents, Lightning Field, Elemental Drain, Blink, Arcane Shield, Concentrate Damage, Drain Power

which leaves 3 more slots for items: HP potions, Power potions and Shield Boosters.

This build is very mana intensive though,so drinking mana pots and/or having a good power regeneration is quite neccessary.

Jep, thank you for pointing that out, i will edit the post up there accordingly, when the planer let’s one do the build without spending the points :slight_smile: As said, i don’t like the curse anyway.

The skill swarm is one i’d like to test one day too. At the moment i can’t afford to skill to and back just for testing. It seems rather expensive mana-wise, but the +ele-strengh and poison duration seems potent. I don’t know how much poison ele-effect ticks damage for, but one Swarm costs about 2 Lightning-Fields worth of mana but is a bit limited due to the 6 sec. cooldown. Have to try that in direct comparison to build my mind about that ^.^

Alpha Evoker guide for efficient leveling and for endgame dps.

Skills this build will use:

-Lightning Field 10/10 Since this skill's AoE scales with skill level it is necessary to max it out, starting at lvl10, max it ASAP. The initial aoe is a letdown but trust me it will get much better at the end. Why this, and not Hellfire or Swarm? Both Hellfire and Swarm have a little more base damage, but the power cost of each cast will be near 100 at lvl50 while LF's is only around 40. Swarm got a 5 second cooldown, Hellfire takes ages to land, this makes LF a much more mobile skill to use with it's 1,6 sec cooldown, much more accessible (available at lvl10, no prerequirements), and while HF and Swarm got higher base damage, you can easily stack LF 2-3 times while you can land 2 HF or Swarm, which makes LF's effective dps more than twice of the other ones.
-Spectral Serpents 10/10 This skill has similar base damage to Tempest, but it's cooldown and duration allows you to quickly stack up 3 of them then use other skills to damage your opponent. The power cost is also lower than Tempest's. It also have a chance to phase your opponent which means 50% increased damage for you and your party. Note that this skill will require a skill token available from TC vendor, or Abyss areas (it is a random drop, which makes it harder to get). This skill will cost you the most of your skill ponts, because it is at the very bottom of the spectral tree, you must spend 6 points to reach it, and 10 t max it out. I will explain later how can you get some use of those 6 skill points (See Spectral Lash).
-Dual focus 8/8 Out of question, this skill is necessary for almost every evoker build.
-Arcane Shield 1/10 One of your panic button. It will completely refill your shield, so you must stack up as many base shield as possible. Since this skill won't provide as much bonus to shields, it is unnecessary to max it.
-Blink 1/10 Another one point wonder.
-Drain Power 1/7 Great skill to help you out when you are low on power, or kill little swarming mobs especially in early game.
-Demonspine 1/10 A very useful tool available at early game, it has 100% chance to pierce your opponent makes it very effective against melee mobs. Since it's damage potential won't go up if you level this skill, it is not necessary to put more than 1 point into this one.
-Flameshards 1/10 Almost as good damage dealer than Skullsplitter, requires less investment to get there, stable damage output, unlike Skullsplitters which can be very hard to aim with. Chance to ignite your opponent, base damage doesn't scale with leveling, so it only requires 1 skill point.
-Spectral Lash 2/10 This skill is a pre-requirement to get to Spectral Serpents however, the damage potential of this skill is almost identical to Arc Legion with 2 important differences: It is accessible earlier (lvl 10), instantly deals maximum damage while Arc Legion needs some time to build up. Not to mention this skill also have a chance to phase your opponent and also costs less power then Arc Legion.

The rest of your points should go on Spectral Curse, which makes your opponent slower and helps you effectively kill large number of enemies since it makes them explode upon death.

Expertise (until rank 30): At your first 10 ranks you should max out Surgical Precision, this will give you 4% base critical chance. Next you should go for Accuracy, maxing it will give you 38, which means 76% critical damage bonus. Next one is Tranquility, which will greatly increase your power regen, therefore you can place your attacks more smoothly, or using Spectral Lash longer. After that point i would go for Stamina, because if you are using your feeds effectively it should be full, so every point which help you decrease the necessary points to put into this stat can go to accuracy, giving you another 76% cdb at optimal circumstances. If your gear doesn't use enough stamina for this to be useful then go for Fortune or Toughness, don't bother putting any point on Cruelty, since it's bonus is not additive it will give you minimal damage boost when you are on full crit.
Weapons: At early game use a coreslicer or ripshard in one hand, and a lens in other one for damage. Be sure at last one of your weapon have around 50% shield penetration, which will greatly aid you against spectral mobs and shielded imps. Coreslicer and Ripshards have an inherent 25% critical chance, no other focus will give you nearly as much, and for exchange their base damage is significanly lower than other focus types. This is why i suggested an another type for offhand, their combinde damage will be enough to kill anything early game. For endgame, i suggest you 2x 3 slot Ripshards or 2x2 slot Coreslasher/Coreshredder (Not Core of the Master because it look the same but has 0% inherent crit chance). They are a very good base if you want to go for a specific type of mob, easy to mod with ccm's. You have to use up 2 slots for increased aoe (~20% or more combined), to make LF efficient at high level maps.
Armor: Your helmet should be Veiled Threat, which is available from Moloch in Stonehenge. This helm gives you everything your evoker needs: critical chance and damage, power cost reduction, use rate and it has a large amount of shield value. For other pieces look for the Feral armor set available exclusively from Abyss side areas. Every piece of Feral armor have an inherent critical chance and added damage value for a cost of a few % of your power pool (nothing you can't compensate with high power regen, Tranquility says hello), along with random stats. Look for accuracy, all attributes and/or stamina on these pieces. BiS gear: Unique Feral armor set, all can be dropped by Abyss bosses only, except for Talox. Balbi's Ring for belt.
Gameplay: may think this is an unnecessarely complicated build because i picked up so much skill, but it is actually an almost one button spamming build most of the time. You just have to throw LF like crazy, place Serpents near rare and boss monsters, and finish them off with a close up flameshard. All other skills are situational, but you'll be thankful if you have those, trust me!
Personal experience, stats: With 50% weapon cc (60% combined base) i was able to solve ccm from just the weapon attributes and fill every slot with added damage. Ended up with more than 400 accuracy, around 1400 cdb. If you are lucky enough you can make critcap for 2 castes with just one weapon set with this setup.

Link to the build:,50,50,0,v1.000011000310a0000008a3227011100000

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As many people asked about my build, I decided to share it with everyone.

This is the endgame build designed for best performance against bosses. No +1 helmet required : )


Helmet: Veiled Threat (Chosen for it’s high amount of shields, which is really important, 7% use rate and power cost reduction)
Use the Feral armor pieces for the rest.

Focus items should be Ripshards (which are hard to find) or Coreslicers and it’s further variations for massive inherent 25% Critical Chance and 250% Critical Damage Bonus while it’s still a thing. I’d personally like it to get nerfed though. Nevertheless, it allows you to crit cap easily, provides a tremendous amount of CDB and costs Accuracy (adding points into accuracy to wear those increases your CDB).

Note: Upgrading Coreslashers to 10/10 in Nanoforge will let you have almost the same Power Damage as the Coreshredders. So if your Coreslasher has decent stats you should definitely go for it.


• Lightning Field: 3/10
• Tempest: 10/10

• Venom Armor: 10/10 - noone above has it, but it’s a really good skill that provides you with 540 armor which makes you much more resistant.
• Swarm: 1/10 - good DD skill that can poison enemies with nice AoE.

• Spectral Lash: 2/10
• Spectral Serpents: 9/10 - not maxed cause you don’t really need that 1 extra second.
• Spectral Curse: 4/10

• Dual Focus: 3/8
• Blink: 1/10
• Arcane Shield: 1/10
• Brom’s Curse: 1/7

Why and how these skills work you can see in descriptions of builds above.

Surgical Precision: 4/4 - goes first, for obvious reasons
Ehnanced Stamina: 4/4 - goes 2nd, so you convert the saved points into Accuracy
Enhanced Willpower: 4/4 - goes 3rd, so you convert the saved points into Accuracy

There goes my personal preference:
Toughness: 4/4 - provides you +392 armor. I choose it over extra accuracy so I last longer (except for some abyss bosses that can oneshot you anyways -thanks for that-)
Enhanced Accuracy: 4/4 - it’s always nice to have extra 72% cdb.

Tranquility is always good, but I don’t use it for more DPS. Using Powerpacks instead. (I get ~50-100 each Brompton Cemetery run with full luck gear)

[click here for skilltree]

Note: +2 bonus skill points in skill planner means you have a ring with 2 skills of this build.

Note2. Your crit chance isn’t Right hand + Left hand, it’s calculated differently:
Crit = Base (your crit without focus items) + (Focus1 + Focus2) x 0.6.

To crit cap any caste you need to get ~95% having Critical Chance Multiplier on relics. Best option is having CCM on your focus items already, so you’ll be able to put more Elemental Damage (adds % spectral/toxic/physical/electric/fire damage) relics which increases your total damage with crits.

Feel free to ask me anything in Discord.

P.S. take a look at this post too, I saved 6 skill points using Venom Armor “cast set”.

Brilliant, somebody using the poison tree.

While i’m not unhappy with lighting/serpents at the moment, i always wonder how other skills perform, specially in the harder bossfights like the abyss bosses and the dessiccator.

Can you maybe tell how much armor you normally have and how much % mitigation you gain with the 540 armor provided by venom armor? (does it change in the defense tab? Than maybe just a quick before-after screenshot ? :slight_smile: )

How does swarm at rank 1 perform? i imagined higher swarm would be preferable to the armor if in doubt. Do you have other equipment bolstering your poison attack strength or is rank 1 enough to trigger the sfx regulary in bigger fights on bosses?

Has anybody actually used Hellfire for a longer time or can lend me a +hellfire ring? I’d like to test that a bit for fun but reskilling to and back is financially impossible for me at the moment :-/ In global i really liked that skill and i think the longer impact duration is not that big of a problem, if i move good around the bosses or predict where they’ll be.

First I messaged you in discord but then I found it useful to say in public.

Hi there, I recieved your message, and surely, I can take a few screenshots for you.

  1. without venom armor and expertise (yet)

  2. I used a VA3 claw to get that 10/10 armor, because I fukt up with the skilltree after the respec and had it only at 7/10. Well, you see the difference anyways. And you’ll feel it.

I like the idea of cast set, though. You need to use it only once in 65 seconds, so, to me, it seems nice to have it.

I have a claw with 3 venom armor (could be 6 from 2)
And 2 claws with 2 Elemental Drain, which is really good, but avoided due to it’s cost to get to.

About Tempest/Serpents you might be wrong, it’s still such a sick combo of dd skills. Sometimes I don’t use anything else at all (Nether Ward in catas, for example).

About Swarm. On paper, increasing poison attack strength and it’s duration seems good. But well, I still haven’t fought dessi to tell you the difference, but I’m quite happy about my 1/10 swarm performance even with such a low inherent elemental strength from ripshard and coreshredder (which is 28 from 2). I still manage to poison targets from time to time. I only use it for it’s AoE and damage. But you can use the saved 6 points getting it to 7/10, if you want, too! I need to know the skill’s poison attack strength to tell you if it’s worth it.

Personally, if I go for cast set I’d max Spectral Curse as it’s such a powerful AoE debuff and there’s so many moving targets that need a slowdown in Abyss area and Moloch in Stonehenge. [dunno about dessi yet]

Venom Armor cast set allows you so many options, you can max Arcane Shield, if you want. 3/10 is +233 already, I wish I could say how many shields it provides if maxed, but Skill Planner doesn’t show it.

Having 1 point in Demonspine serves you good too.

While I wouldn’t put more points into Lightning Field than necessary to get to Tempest is this still quite a very useful skill in my opinion.

It does require a bit of practise at first to get the throw right as it flies in an arc, but once that’s mastered is it the best skill to kill spawns of fellbores, zombie summoners and imps fast, even from a distant. One ball is usually enough to kill the entire spawn, but its damage actually stacks when multiple balls are fired onto the same spot.

It can be fired as often as Flameshards, costs about as much in power, doesn’t have a latency, and it can be used in combo with Flameshards if necessary (i.e. to chew through crowded passages fast).

When thrown directly at the ground below you will it kill all melee mobs front, left, right and behind you, and often quicker than casting Tempest or Hellfire could.

It’s easily my most used skill outside of boss fights.

I don’t have Tempest maxed though. I didn’t like the idea to of putting 10 points into one, single skill when I could use them to max out Concentrate or Dual Focus, which serve all skills. In HGG did Tempest crit, too, and it came in most useful during Natan runs where it killed all the approaching mobs, making the life of the entire party easier and allowing them to put all their dps on Natan. In 2038 do I not find it that useful and in the Abyss does it sometimes not even work for some reason. Against Molly is it also not my most favourite skill, because a Guardian cannot hold Molly in one place as they used to and so the boss can then get out of range of the Tempest cloud.

I’ve also not yet managed to get 4 clouds up. Used more than 50% in boost and buff duration and increased cast rate. It’s as if it is capped at 3 clouds… Can somebody confirm or debunk this?!

Okay, about 20% more dmg reduced, is something that is sounding really nice, specially when i think about that pairing with the Brom’s.

My biggest problem with swarm is the radius as i’ve now seen it. Got my hands on a Cheap [[Glactic Conquest]] without slots for testing. Have some nice screenshots from LF (150+37% field) Hellfire (+37%) and Swarm (+37%) but maybe that’s rather something for a thread under classes than guides for further discussion.

Skillplanner links updated :slight_smile:

This is true … or so I thought. It is how it was in HGG and danker (and Harrowing) wrote a very nice article on the old forums about it. Here is a link to it for anyone who wants to read up on it again.

I did notice my damage going up after adding a simple 3% to my base crit at some point, although I should have been at the crit cap (see note 1 below) already. So I’m inclined to believe the math here being different from HGG. Or perhaps we still haven’t found the true formula yet.

Instead of HGG’s formula for dual focus weapons of:

TotalCC = (BaseCC + 0.6 * (LeftCC + RightCC)) * (1 + CCMs)

could it be it’s:

TotalCC = 0.6 * (BaseCC + LeftCC + RightCC) * (1 + CCMs)

It’s not a big difference, and the actual formula may still be very different, yet, this also matches a source of information I have, which I’m not allowed to talk about here on the forums… :persevere: And explains why I got a damage increase after increasing my base crit chance when I should have been at the crit cap.

So if it is true, then CDB may also be calculated slightly different from danker’s formula. Instead of:

TotalCDB = BaseCDB + CastCDB + 0.6 * (LeftCDB + RightCDB)

could it be it’s:

TotalCDB = 0.6 * (BaseCDB + CastCDB + LeftCDB + RightCDB)

At least in the old formula by danker there is a small inaccuracy in itself if one examines it more closely regarding how the CDB was calculated. When you read up on it will you notice that it’s not quite clear if cast-specific CDB and universal CDB (i.e. coming from a relic) both are being reduced to 60% or if only universal CDB is being reduced.

Anyhow, to put it into simpler words, the ‘magical’ 60%-reduction in damage when using two focus weapons is being applied at the very end of the CC and CDB calculation, and not only to the weapons’ properties. This makes in so far sense as it would make the 60%-factor an absolute factor, and one which would have allowed the original devs to control and balance the game mechanics easier as opposed to one, which is only being applied to parts of the critical damage calculation.

If somebody else comes across similar findings or just has their own thoughts about it, please share it here.

Note 1 - For those who are reading this and who aren’t yet familiar with the “crit cap”, it’s a builtin limit of the maximum allowed critical hit chance and it is set to 95%. A critical hit chance higher than this value has no further proven benefit.
I deliberately use the word “proven” here, because according to my unspeakable source is there a possibility for a monster to have a property, which reduces an attacker’s critical hit chance, and it’s being applied before the crit cap itself is being applied. It means that in such a case, with a CC of more than 95%, would it allow one to deal more damage to this particular monster. However, I have not yet seen or heard of such monsters in the game.

Note 2 - There are more than just Ripshards in this game. Other, very similar focus weapons are Coreslicers, Coreslashers and Coreshredders. These, too, have a builtin CC of 25% with 250% CDB and come with a high stun attack strength, just like the Ripshards do. Only do Coreslicers, Coreslashers and Coreshredders ever only show up with 0-2 relic slots and I’ve also never seen one of legendary quality. Still, one can find them as double-edged items, too, where these then can have double elemental damage, single elemental damage with a high attack strength, or a +4% or +5% bonus to CC, for example:

A rare kind of Coreshredder can be had from the very last side quest in the game, “Bad Costumers” at St. Paul’s Station on Nightmare. It has an item level of 60 with a power of 92. A Coreshredder of level 54 has got a power of 84, which makes the level 60 version 9.5% stronger in power. If you do this quest then you want to look out for it as the focus weapon may not always be offered to you.


Note 3 - The skill CONCENTRATE DAMAGE, which at 10/10 says to increase damage by 84% appears not to apply to critical damage. Thus when building a “crit evo” then this skill will only add an extra 84% damage to whatever damage you already do after the critical hit calculation. So in example, if you have 780% of total CDB and have reached the crit cap of 95% CC, then your critical hits will deal on average an extra +741% of damage for a total of 841%. The skill CONCENTRATE DAMAGE will then only add another 84% to this value, making it realistically a 10% increase in this example. So if one has spend points on this skill early in the game, but is now at the point where one reaches the crit cap and high CDBs, then it’s better to use the skill points elsewhere.

This may likely be true for the expertise CRUELTY, too, which at rank 4 says to give 14% extra damage. Spending these points in one of the four expertise ranks for more attribute points such as ACC, STR, STA or WIL, or perhaps on the expertise AFFLICTION for 28% more attack strength, will likely lead to a higher DPS.

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Hi thank you very much for that guide , i played the game from the very beginning. in global ( as you said) there was the flameshard/ demonspine/ hellfire rotation which worked absolutely great.

demonspine is weak now, with 1 projectile only - there is no question about it. but flameshards still feels very powerful to me . i am still on my first char and not very experienced - only at lvl 43 at the moment, but in comparison to the other skills, flameshards feels like the best damage dealer.

i do a tempest, lightningfiled, flameshard rotation and since tempest has such a long cooldown its T/LF/FS/LF/FS etc. i think about swarm or hellfire instead of Lightning Filed, but i am still not sure about that.

arcane shield is a very strong defenisve skill imo - unfortunatly it seems to have a bug. 1 time it works, the next time there is no skill effect. it only costs power and the cooldown timer will be started.

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i found this hoard of Information on the old Forum (Evokers Compendium):

The Skill coefficients are probably all outdated but the mechanical stuff like crit, dmg and critdmg formulas should still be up to date, right?

So if I understand correctly, This build is full useless? Is it can be useful or not really?