Alpha XP Question

Please excuse if I have missed the point on this as only been on a couple of days and have zero programming knowledge, but would it not be better for testing if there was a permanent hellrush xp boost so players could test more, more quickly. Also a free access to skill retrainers and unlimited cash for trying out as many options as possible might help? Everything gets reset as I understand it so why not?

this must be a troll post right?

You’re basically asking to get a 50/50 char with the perfect augmented uniques/legendaries and call this ‘testing’?
Leveling to 50/30 is already insanely fast, and palladium is super easy to get once you know what you’re doing so there is absolutly no need to implement any of this.

If you dont have time to play, then dont do it.

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Ok. Dont bite me. I stand corrected. It just seemed to me that you would get more out of Alpha Testing if people leveled 5 or 10+ to full level and tried all the options- good bad and ugly instead of just one but as I said only first day or two for me.

So no biting here ^.^ Welcome to the Alpha i guess :slight_smile:

That is an idea, but if you level that fast and always, you outlevel the sidequests pretty quickly, so you ether can grind without xp cause they reward often a attribute-point at the end, or skip them, gimping your maximal performance significantly at the end.

A lot of the game is about to level up and questing, even though endgame and accompanied grinding is fun (for some ppl. more than others, everybody his poison). If you take that whole leveling away because you get the maxlevel from the start, the checking of the quests (function and text) as well as all those precious levels, falls away. It’s not a lot of fun to clear tottenham court road with a lvl50/50 and oneshot everything and no need for any drops the next dozend levelmaps.

I speculate (definately NO hard facts here!->) the dev-team spend at least a few months with exactly the possibilities you mention to test specific events or combinations endgame-wise (Bryans luck videos are really fantastic, you got to see them). To speculate in that direction further - if it would be a thing, that they need 100 people to test the endgame - they would probably have already done it. I guess the Roadmap that i suspect Omerta to have somewhere in his head, just now says “play it normally and report all anomalies”.

Thanks for welcome and your more… measured response :wink: .
So have we reached the just play as per normal stage then? I wrongly assumed that would be more the “Beta” phase, but I have no previous experience of such things. My assumption was we were not building long term characters but more testing to destruction, wiping and starting again. Trying to push the boundaries, so to speak, to see what problems could be found/fixed. Not just playing for fun as it were. Anyway its all good, I will potter on and see how it goes.

While the suggestion certainly has its merit obviously would it also put a bit of a strain on the GMs and devs. They shouldn’t alter the way the game is being played for the purpose of testing it, but the testing should be as close to the real game experience itself for it to become authentic.

The GMs themselves then are 50r50 and have special access so they can test whatever needs testing in a particular way. It’s just not meant to be available to everyone.

We do get buffs from time to time, but I find them more annoying than helpful. So do some buffs boost the amount of power and power recharge to insane amounts, which makes it impossible to set up a character right during those buff times. It’s the same with testing weapons and mods to see their effects in combination with one another. When your damage then gets buffed does it throw off your measurements.

By the way, some GM said (calls himself Elite_Staff) we shouldn’t be testing weapons… Testing weapons is something many players do and it’s a normal part of the game play during any game. I wonder why he’s a GM when he’s this clueless and never tested as much as a weapon in a game.