Altaholics Anonymous

OK, so, I’m Brindled, and I’m an altaholic.

With that said, I’m wondering if there’s any opposition to multi-boxing? I will respectfully not do it or even look for ways to do it if the powers-that-be look down on it.

I have had multiple accounts since the beginning for using/muling/hoarding/selling/trading purposes. It helps everyone for someone like myself to be able to store excess, both in stashes/inventories and consignment, to bring items to bear on the minions of hell. Think of me as the roving trader in elder scrolls or the likes. I’ve never been a true power user of video games. I’m sort of a bottom feeder. :smiley: The only thing on my side is long term experience.

However, I have a problem; I am, again, a hoarder. This game is hard on the likes of me. In global I did it really easy, but I had a crap computer at the time so it wasn’t physically easy on my system. Now, I have a system where it will be easy, excessive monitors and all.

What say you? :cucumber:

The rules page says no multi-boxing.

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I’m also an altaholic. Side quest when rerolling did the job. I’m cured for this game.

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I know of another player who is (according to his words) allowed to run 3 instances of the game at the same time and is thus able to level all 3 chars simultanously. From what I know he is not using any program that allows you to controle all 3 chars at the same time but is rather controlling each char individually.

The rules page doesnt mention the case of individually controlling multiple chars without any tool as being forbidden, so I guess thats fine?

Ok, that’s all I needed to know. I’m guessing in my haste I missed the rules page entirely when getting back started. Thanks!