An evoker build with skull splitter?

most builds that i’ve seen don’t include skull splitter as a skill.
It does good damage but aiming the skull itself is the problem i think.

Is it Meta in 2038?

It’s very hard to aim with, and the initial projectile doesn’t explode if you hit something with it resulting in 0 damage dealt.

Even though it IS the best damage dealing skill, it fails to do maximum damage like 9 out of 10 times because of this mechanics and because of even the smallest amount of lag can cause the explosion set in the wrong place compared to the mobs actual position.

I’ve experimenting with this build for a while but compared to my other build that is described in the Evoker build thread is a lot less agile and i am not even sure it does better dps than that at all (i have to test it, waiting for the next patch that brings the dps meter to the game)

I think that the talents of the bone are not playable - the only talent that I liked is the very first (bone spike).
All the rest have no convenient use, they can not damage, and it is impossible to predict where the fragments will fly.
probability that all the fragments fall into the target is zero. The only thing where this talant is very good is against the accumulation of flying monsters

Wasn there a jump techique to make it work more often? Also can bonewall be utilized to get the right distance to mobs? Dunno but i am allways up for testing ne builds.

Well just aim at the ground and a little to the left or right, it is a close to mid range skill and works fine most of the time, for me that is. It power is incredible, recharge is quick, so just dish out 1 or 2 other skills in between. It is due to its use, range and effect a situational skill and incomparable to say Arc and never to be used on Booms or Rebound as it will surely end you … which is relevant if you play HC. SC well thats an entirely different matter and game (play).

From my experience (SCE) so far, aiming isn’t all that difficult. Especially, if you used Lightning Fields for some time before; they do share the arcing nature of their throw. It can be tricky sometimes, to accurately position oneself, so Skullsplitter explodes where is is supposed to. Bone Wall really gives you some option to play around with and support that playstyle.

One more thing to keep in mind:
If you run crit-foci like Coreshredders/-lashers do note their increased physical attack strength. Thus picking up one or two mods in this direction might prove useful to you.
I do know that status-oriented builds aren’t all that powerful, but it worked for me so far.

IMO it’s not meta, as it doesn’t kill stuff by itself. (e.g. Serpents/Tempest) You have to work for those kills. :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to play Brom’s + Wasp Armor, just for the giggles but actually, there’s no point in playing anything other than the lightning beam…

It melts stuff, great for clearing the scenario for palladium too.