An issue with the Engineer's drone - Nova gun

When equipping a Novagun on the drone, the drone sees this novagun as a ranged firearm and will start to sit at what it believes to be the max range and start pulsing out novas that obviously isn’t hitting anyone.
I don’t really know how to fix this, but i would guess one could sort out this issue by having the drone
seeing these novaguns as melee weapons.

Indeed. The Drone recognizes it as a ranged weapon (which it is, really) and opts to fire it when it’s at its max range. I’m not entirely sure if it recognizes a wrong range value, or if it’s just the delay between it choosing to fire and the end of the firing animation that causes all the missed shots. Seems to be the latter from what I gather.

I’m not sure if it treating them as melee guns is possible, or if it would be productive (since the animation still has a delay and the Drone does not have aggro maintenance skills). Another bandaid solution might be to somehow tune the AI (either the default or aggressive) to fire guns from, say, medium range. Though that would affect all guns, so it should be considered quite carefully.

Amusingly, the SH Starburst nova guns don’t have this issue when used by the Drone. I doubt FSS specifically designed them for Drones at the time, but it’s an interesting observation to make.

Yes i noticed this behaviour when i was building an engineer planned to using
the drone with a novagun+chainsaw for meleemayhemmadness.
I would say it’s definately an issue, but how to solve it is a whole other ballgame.