Angel Passage Bug/Problem

I got into Angel Passage on Nightmare with my Summoner and right as I took the port back outside after beating the boss and talking to the lady my ping jumped to 32k+ and then DC’d me after about a minute of waiting. When I logged back in my weapon slots are now bugged, slot 2 cannot equip anything which is where the cleanser was equipped, and all slots cannot be switched to so I am stuck on slot 1. Since I cannot switch weapons, I cannot progress. I need help. Abandoning quests and reloging did nothing to solve the problem.

Sounds a bit funny, but try to unequip all your gear and after that unequip the “wrong” slot weapons. I hope that can fix your problem. In early state on alpha I had a similar problem (Equiped the same time a 2hand weapon with a 1hand weapon)

Good luck on it!

OMG it actually worked! I had to re-log after stripping naked cus the weapon slots still weren’t cooperating, when I came back in I was able to pick up an invisible cleanser from slot 2 and trash it. Then I re-logged again and my slots are now working perfectly and was able to reacquire the quest and equip the cleanser properly. I owe you a beer sir!

Someone should sticky this solution somewhere.

After doing the quest again I ran into the same exact problem as before. I redid the quest a couple more times and found the problem. Coming and going through that portal to the sister while having I guess too many elementals causes the server freak out on you.