Another off build. Flying Blade Blademaster

After my grenadier i started another off build this time a Sword and Gun Blademaster utilizing all Flying Blade skills.

It is again a build around heavy cooldown reduction, this time for Sword Typhoon which is probably one of the hardest hitting skills in the game. Maxed it means 32 times a hiki with 50% crit chance and 150% damage.
Combined with Aura of zeals crit damage bonus the flying swords hit hard.

I am currently playing this build:,50,50,0,v1.0000100100009160200000000799600000

As said my armor has increase userate on every piece apart from the boots for which i chose the Archangel Gliders for movement speed and the get out skill path of righteousness.

With that and userate relics in my weapons i get the cooldown of Croscutter down to 1-1.2 second and Sword Taifun to 7-9 seconds.

I also found 2 item things important. First is you need to have at least 1 thorne somewhere. This is because when you get hit by melee the thorns procc your surges. Mirs Anger is my choice for the Chest and it has thornes.
I also have a whirlwid trinket as that is my skill to procc surges myself. You can put a point in SOJ but i dont like that skill as you need to stand still. It is probably better at proccing the surges but whirlwind fits the build better and is more fun.
Gloves can have dual userate stats, one inherent userate of blademaster skills and on high roll of swordsmanship skills. my gloves have 23% userate in total.

The general playstyle is shooting throwing, shooting throwing, pull stuff, whirlwind, taifun everything dead.
And it works pretty good. When using Taifun the DPS Meter jumps to 5-8k. If everything goes right which means 8+ mobs in the aura and level 3 crit surges, you get around 90ish crit chance for the taifun!

Now talking weapons. To get the cooldown to a workable level obviously swords and guns with relicslots are first choice (userate as a stat also helps). My everyday sword is a Dissector sword with two relic slots and 1-3 fuels. I would allways go for a legendary one because Morgoths has sword taifun which you max anyways. But if you only use Morgoths you can certainly save some points here. One sword with splash is needed in any case. For the fules i slot critdam which is first choice given you have a natural 50% crit.

I prefer to have different sets and another set i have is a Myrmidans combined with a Firefield caster with ignite which is really good at taking down Fulcrums Mastertotems and for other special ops. And i also have a set with a Hiki because it is undeniable the sword with the best single target damage and good for bosses and spread out mobs. Maybe a 5 slot Gleamcarver can rival it.

I have also tried nearly every templar gun in the game and came to the conclusion that the gun is for status effects not for damage. It needs to be a gun with 30-60 shots per minute to have a good rotation between shooting and throwing a sword. Vorpal guns dont work for me as the try to throw the sword if it is still on cooldown cancels shooting and i have a nervous trigger finger.
Now the gun i have settled on is, who would have thought, a pacifier. It is 60 shots per Minute and can phase really good especially the one i have which has +12% spectral damage and +200-300 Phase attack. And it can have 2 relic slots. It works nicely for this build and looks cool.
Alternatively a shock cannon packed with phase mods could be good too but doesnt phase as good. I have a global one which sadly has a damage malus and this is a crazy gun with like 10m splash and high interrupt you can make the whole screen dance.
The poison guns can also be good and have alot of slots but their toxic ele strength is not that high and they are pretty annoying (loud and slow projectiles).
For group action in Abyss i am actually looking for a shield with increase userate. Because ele attacks dont work that well in groups and a shield can get you the resistance needed for some Abyss Boss Minions.
And btw dont throw awy midlevel userate relics (or send them to me :wink: Because there exist a low level sword with four relic slots which could potentially be put in the offhand and therefore has no effect on you damage but can in total decrease cd by 120%+.

My toon is rank 15 atm but i havent setteld to spend the perk points yet. Probably crit and ele attack and stam.
But he find his way around in St.Pauls and did the 3 normal Abbys bosses with just a few deaths which could have been avoided.
Dread needs a Firefield Caster to be able to shoot him from below because throwing swords will kill you which is really funny btw when you see the sword coming back at you from above.
Squadro, you need to seperate the minions from the boss and Fulcrum you again use the firefield caster to kill the Mastertotems which i found burn easily.
Haven’t started the Talox ripfest so far :wink:

Next one is my gunvoker.


I went for ele attack with the perks. And i dont regret it. My pacifier is pretty much a Phase Beacon now. Normal mobs phase 90% of the time and elites need two shots (It has 1200 Phase now but it is a double edged with 400 additional phase). I am very happy with this weapon now, it reliably phases and gives me additional 22% userate. And it’s a pacifier - one of the least used weapons in the game i think.
And the dissector sword often poisons now even without additional mods. Crit poison is pretty good. At least in solo play. Group is a different thing and i am still figuring out what is the best offhand solution for group play.

Speaking of Pacifiers, you may want to try out R. J. Donald’s Diplomat.
Granted, it’s not much of an offensive weapon, and it’s lower level, but it should still provide +userate and some +phase, along with some stop strength. It’s splash too.

Yeah, could be used as it has two relic slots. Though it is missing the third slot of the normal Pacifiers. Splash would be heaven but the gun i use really only shines with 1000 phase upwards (at least in Abbys where it already needs more hits compared to normal Parliament Levels) and this is not realistically achievable with RJ Donald. Alternatively a Shock Cannon could be used for Splash Phase (lacking one Relic Slot though over the Pacifier).

It is a matter of what type of damage is needed. Against bosses i figure userate is key because most bosses need more sustained damage or they start to do tricks. It has to go quick. And one less userate relic means 1-2 seconds of more CD on Typhoon. Typhon regularly also applies the effect of the sword because of the many hits it produces.
So against bosses i am totally fixated on userate. Against everything else it could well be a mixed bag.

But definitly on the list of testworthy weapons. And i am still testing, trying stuff out and finding new things.
The weirdest thing i am looking out for is this low level Sword with 4 Relic Slots, nanoed up, userate aug and stuffed with midlevel userate relics. That would give me another 30% plus userate (Flying blades only use the mainhand weapon for dmg). But midlevel userate relics are hard to find.

Btw do you know if strength gives Crosscutter more Dmg?

Really love this build. Such a good mixture of weapon and sword and different skills that can be used. Very fun to play.

Yes, it counts as a melee skill!

Little update on the build:

the added piercing to crosscutter and Typhoon of one of the latest Patches makes this build even more usable. Very cool to critpierce 5 Mobs in a row.

I have now tried a setup with 2 swords where one is a lowlevel 4 slot one all filled with userate relics and that is pretty rad. Typhoon is around 3 seconds now and Croscutter at 0.9 seconds. Beware though the Whirlwind will alos use the low level sword and in that combo does less damage.

Bloodletter is the perfect single target sword because of the 3 relic slots and userate as an affix.

If you want to do Morax (Cata 9) you need a way to shock him in the latest state or he will constantly dig in and heal.

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You never know in this game when you come about something new:

You can use a Vorpal in your off-hand and put two userate-relics and 5(!) mythic strentgh mods in it which boosts your crosscutter and typhoon dmg by a whopping 200%.

By doing this with a Bloodletter i am getting finally a dps against Cata Bosses so that i dont feel like it is better to switch to the ignite set.

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After pretty much having finnished the melee summoner i have turned to the Baldemaster again.
He was doing quite good but he was a bit on the squishy side since he doesnt wear alot of the Abyss items which offer superior defenses over userate gear.

Now, using the Vorpal and the Bloodletter gave me the option to really minmax the userate area. The aim was to build in a Darkheart and a better helmet which ended up after the 5th try (and 3 +1 Guardian augs) as a Face of the crusader with +1 Blademaster :slight_smile:

I had various distributions of userate/strength variations for the 3 Vorpal and 3 Bloodletter slots and figured the sweet spot lies where you can throw 2 swords and then immediatly unleash a sword typhoon. And that is at around 115-125% increased userate. To get that with 3 non userate armor pieces (Helmet, Torso and Boots) i had to put in 3 high userate mods (12-14%) into the Vorpal and 1 high and 2 lower ones (with high sencondary affix like strength, stun or elemental dam) into the Bloodletter.

This really changed alot as i now know exactly how to dps. I do Crosscutter Crosscutter, Typhoon, Crosscutter, Crosscutter, Typhoon and then Whirlwind and all that at a pretty good speed. That way i can easly keep up my surges.

This helped the defenses alot as Darkheart is alot better than Mirs Anger and it helped my damage with the additional stats gained and the offensive affixes on the Tower helmet.

But there is another thing which helped my survivability. One problem of the Bloodletter was that its damage notably comes over time. And while it is high enough to kill and most of the time oneshot mobs, they have the time to hit back before they die and that starts to drain pretty quick when playing aggressivly. The solutions was stun. You already have stun on your boots and now on the Darkheart, which gets boosted by the elemental attack strength perk. I happened to aug stun on my Bloodletter (for which i am now happy) and i put in a combined userate/stun mod. And this made a big difference. My usage of healthpots really dropped. It plays out so much smoother now.

I feel like with this changes this build is done. So its Bloodletter, Vorpal with strength and userate, a combination of old userate and new Abyss gear and a bit of stun.
Obviously there is still alot of room as i have just started to get into the aug business and 500 strength might even be doable in the extreme (sitting at 424 atm). But i think the sweet spot has been reached now.

When i find the time i take care of a few Videos on this. But now back to the grenander :wink:


On this build i am not sure how he will perform with 1.5 because the crit nerf hit him very hard with 50+% crit chance on the flying blades and more importantly the nerf on the Bloodletter which i couldnt test out.
I guess he needs to be build a bit differently now - needs to be seen.