Any news from dev team?

Apologies if this is all on Discord but I dont use that and wondered if we could have some news here.
I have been playing for most of the open alpha and it does seem to have gone a bit quiet lately. Not complaining and am very grateful for all work done so far but cant help wondering- hows it going?


maybe. IMHO, because we are all busy playing the version on steam.
carry on the good work. nothing can beat a fan created version, dont even mind donating some funds to help speed it along/
Still the problem is, have to wait until it is solid enough to play with. it is too tough to play yet if
high level characters may be wiped later. too much work.

So nothing? Or just “no comment”? Or even “get it on Discord”. Anyway, love you all, and keep on keeping on.

News will appear in the site announcements as changes, etc come up.

Questions of this nature are much less likely to be answered here in the forums, let alone in a timely manner. The Discord gets more attention.

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