Any tentative timelines for a beta release?

Hey guys, I’m a longtime fan of Hellgate: London. I spent an outrageous amount of time with this game back in the day, and losing my characters when both the original game and the T3Fun/HanbitSoft version shut down was a tough pill to swallow.

As such, I have been unwilling to dive into the alpha release of this project given the plans to do a character wipe. But once the beta is ready and no more character wipes are planned, I’d happily jump in.

I’m not a Discord user, so perhaps there is more news about beta there, but it would be great if there was an official update on this website as I’m sure there are others like me. The last “official” update here was 8 months ago.

I realize beta plans are probably still up in the air, but is there even a reasonable guess that you could leave us with? Knowing if it will be closer to 1 month vs. 6 months vs. 12 months would at least help set expectations. Thanks!

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I think i remember Bryan saying they hope to transition to beta within this year. Unless it was about the next big patch not sure.

I have stopped playing London for more than 6 months because i saw the message that all characters and items will be wiped out after beta start. recently, what i’m doing is just checking this homepage, and found nothing new.

Hello Thomas, welcome.

@ZeeL is correct; the current plan is to make it within the year. I can’t be more specific at the moment, but I do hope we’ll be able to share more soon.

On the subject of the future, we should also have a sizeable new patch relatively soon.

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a full wipe going to beta isnt a bad thing, it gives more chances to play in groups. that is how you should build anyways, especially if you are new to the game. Long time players will team up, get thru say elite nm in a day or 2 for the hard core types, and dont forget, we old peeps know our builds and gear we want and how not to waste points in atts or skills.
I always wanted the end game stuff in hgl to me mandatory party quests, to hard to solo but maybe 3 can do it myself.
Cant wait for beta. Been a great time playing here already.
Hats off to the Devs for keeping this alive
Thank you