Are there auto dismantler?

Hello Community,

are there auto dismantler like in the HG:Global Version? Which where pay to have only in this version - It made the farming process really much more fun

No. It’s back to the roots where you get to use the good, old “do it yourself”-dismantler. Do it often enough and it feels like it’s happening automatically. You just need to allow your brain to get very numb. :joy:

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well, pre Stonehenge i guess its ok, but with stonehenge it was just impossible ^^ because of the millions you looted there

I really wish we could have auto dismantlers. The one by one method combined with he super tiny inventory becomes tedious really fast.

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I find the dismantling mechanic has got a deeper problem. Auto dismantlers are nice to have, but what exactly do these solve? If you give this some thought then you’ll have to realize auto dismantlers are just a fix to the problem of how dismantling and the crafting mechanic works in general.

I don’t think many players care for what item yields which components, but that most players simply dismantle enough items until they have a sufficient amount of whatever it is they need. In general will players have a pile of 9 components and not care for what each of these do, with the exception being the nano shard. Nobody is interested in memorizing the exact compositions of items.

If this was made simpler then players would start to care more about what they want to dismantle and become more aware of what they want to pick up in the first place.

Further, dismantling shouldn’t pay any money. Rather let mobs drop more pallas, but leave money out of dismantling. The components themselves have a value, which should be enough.

Then, leave out chance. When players already don’t like to dismantle items by hand then this shouldn’t be made more tedious. Rather allow it to be deterministic so that when you dismantle something you also get a guarantee for a specific component. This makes it more worthwhile to dismantle items, because one becomes more aware of the consequence of what it means to dismantling an item and one also gets more control over the outcome.

Then have every item yield exactly one type of component when being dismantled. This makes it easier to remember and allows one to be more selective over what one picks up.

I’m not sure how exactly this all should get formulated in combination with the rest of the mechanic, so I’m just leaving it here so we can discuss this. Maybe we can find a suggestion for how dismantling could work so that it becomes a bit more fun than just the dull repetitive mechanic that it currently is for most players. However the goal should be to make the mechanic more interesting, more controllable than just slapping an auto dismantler on top of it all, because it really just means that we want to get rid of the underlying details.

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Honestly, i dont want to decide what to pick up because it is timeconsuming and fiddly to pick the right items out of a bunch. Just a checkbox in the inventory which allows me to select colours which get auto dismantled. There is definitly some underlying problem here but given the sheer amount of feature request i would be fine with a quick and dirty option.

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I was thinking one could drop the components and have them pick up automatically like it’s already the case with Palladium. So you’ll just run through the loot and it’ll pick up pallas and components without you ever having to press F.

You’ll get a little less loot, but don’t ever have to dismantle anything to get components. Those who want more could still dismantle stuff when they want, but would have to do it manually.

The thing with auto dismantlers is that it requires GUI changes and even when it then has filtering options will it never be quite right for everyone. Then ppl will mess about the market with auto dismantlers, others will farm for them all day, or which ever will be the way its going to be. Getting rid of the need for it would be best imo.

Just a thought really. The thread on ideas and suggestions has been closed, so I don’t know how far we can currently discuss this.

Just implement HGG’s auto-dismantler as a general feature and make everyone happy.


yeah … this

no item you need to farm, buy in ingame shops, just a feature you can turn on / off to auto dismantle loot on pickup

At the state it is right now it is just unplayable for me and ever was without auto dis, thats why i bought with my money only the auto dis allthe time i was out of

It may not be possible, even if it is desirable for some people.

The team may wish to steer well clear of anything that wasn’t content in the original Hellgate: London. Anything that was added to Hellgate Global could attract the wrong type of attention. The last thing we want is to lose Hellgate for a third time.

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For me auto dismantlers that automatically dismantle items set on a specific rarity would be a negative addition to the game in its current state due to various reasons:

  • setting it to dismantle green / blue items would destroy good base items that can only drop on these specific tiers of rarity and makes them completly absent from being available in the CH. Items like evokers coreshredders are often considered the first step into endgame weapons, and when everyone dismantles these the supply of proper rolled base items shrinks drastically

  • after a certain point of playing a character, nanoshards become obsolete as you just have too many of them and there is no more nanoshard sink because you’re only upgrading your gear every couple of weeks (if even). Currently I’m at 800 nanoshards after playing a char to 50 / 30, and I just cannot use them as I can’t get any decent new base items to upgrade. Ofcourse this changes when thinking about gearing about multiple chars at once, but once these chars face the endgame content the situation will be the same again

  • the value of proper ring crafts heavily depends on the availability of crafting materials, and with auto dismantlers this is becoming trivial. Cursed ring items drop alot when running abyss content, so the only deciding factor is the availability of crafting materials. With auto dismantlers in place, crafting a proper ring would become way too easy and the market would be flood with ring crafts, meaning one of the endgame activities will be gone

The only advantage of auto dismantlers I see is being able to AFK - farm gnip pong and other bosses while another party members does all the work of spawning / killing and only come back every 20+ minutes to pick up your loot. I know this has been in the game for the last 10 years, and I’m guilty of doing it myself recently, but personally this is not what I consider to be good for the longetivity of the journy to endgame gear.

Implementing auto dismantlers causes huge economic problems and requires a ton of adjustments on various levels in order to make the endgame work. While this is currently just the alpha and items getting spawned / put in the CH all the time so that the current in-game economy doesnt matter anyway, for a release version I consider a properly in-game economy a key feature.

I really would like to see those auto dismantlers (or a similiar function) too, if possible in the mid- to far future.

The problem for me is not the manual destruction in general, but, that my inventory is full after 6-7 items. So if i have a good Blue, Blue, Orange group i am forced to clear my inventory before proceeding (and that’s the point where those pesting invisible testicle-heads or flame-coloum A**hole* spawn). That actively breaks the smooth, action orientated gameplay-flow and is specially tedious if you are running in group but continually have to wait for one or another to make room in the inventory.

I could imagine the fact wouldn’t bother me at all if the inventory space would be big enough, that one could at least run a half hour and than be able to destroy the crap in the station in one go.

I’m very excited if and how that thematic will be tackled by the devs in the future :slight_smile:

thats the exact problem … the dismantling makes the hack & slay a dismantle and inventory manager rather than an action game and this was one of the main problems in HG:L and was sadly with ingame purchases fixed in HG:R …

endgame weapons with stonehenge and abyss content where always drops not crafts, at least at times where i played not sure if this changed at some point

I disagree with your point about shrinking proper rolled items. Having a multitude of crafting materials would and will increase everyone’s ability to use the crafter making more “proper rolled base items.”

I have done this this very evening, and would continue much longer if I had more materials through dismantlers.

I can only see positive results from having dismantlers, convenience and time-saving being the major pro to them.


Sure, there would be more rings and they would devalue a bit. But it is not like the AH is bursting with rings. They are still expensive to craft. And in the endgame you would want to have one of the Abyss boss rings most of the time and they dont need materials, they need essences.

And as brindled said, the crafter would be used more thus resulting in more items. This might also rebalance the fact that less green/blue items are on the market.

All in all i dont see the economic impacts as that big really.

Yes please, the inventory tetris is maddening, I don’t see how it could make the game anything but better.

Hey, i don’t mind salvaging manually, but the inventory is just far too small…
should be at least splitted into 3 tabs:

  • weapons
  • armor
  • other

and the size of each tab should be doubled.
with the current inventory got to salvage every minute or two, which is quite annoying…

p.s.: i wouldn’t mind the auto-salvager from HGG :smiley:

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Why not shrink the size of drops to one square? Should be too hard to implement. Also, you can create an “auto-shrinker” and place the machine in the stations. This way, folks can shrink the items and then the developers can get a listing of the item/item types they missed.

But increase the size of the stash and working inventory too. Way too small. You start making mules to hold stuff, etc.

I don’t know how likely it is that we will get more inventory or storage space. If I remember rightly it would mean more server space, Omerta pays for the server out of his own pocket. More server space probably costs more money, or will do if we overflow what is already available, taking into consideration the maximum number of characters each account can have. There many even be a theoretical account limit as well.

People will always create mules for the things they value the most. The problem with giving people more stash space is that the more space they get the less good stuff ends up on the market. Having less space available forces people to think about what they want to pick up, what they want to sell and what they want to keep. And most cries for more space are, because they want to avoid doing this. Keeping the stash space small means you’ll find more useful and valuable items on the market. So before I would want to discuss an increase in stash space how about an increase in market slots?