Are there auto dismantler?


I think the developers do know about the need of autodismantler - but not now. It´s alpha and then beta - there are still bugs to fix, balancing to balance (°°) … Dismantler´s and there implementation in the gamemechanics will be a part to this game in the future. Backpacks and extra Stash-Space also. So what about the implementation ingame? I look forward to see it in kind of loot-drop or a randomly cube reciept…


The problem with increasing market slots is they can end up being used for storage as well. Though we have put things in place to make this less practical (10% Deposit), with more slots comes more of a chance people will use the market as a place to store items.


No, not at all. Go ahead and do try to abuse the market as a storage. Sooner or later will someone pay your price no matter how high you make it. If it’s then a really good item will even a 10m Pallas price tag not stop someone from buying it. Not to mention those who buy stuff by accident while playing drunk…

And, yes, the 10%-fee hurts. I don’t believe it’s a deposit, is it? It’s a fee, which you don’t get paid back afaik, and trying to abuse it by putting an item up worth 100 Pallas for 1m Pallas is going to cause you a 100k Pallas bill. When you think you can abuse it then it’s only because you haven’t realized yet that you should have just sold it and to only buy it back when, or if, you actually need it. However, bleeding Pallas into game mechanics will hurt your gameplay far more and sooner before it will hurt the server.

We do have abuse in form of emails (just email an item to yourself for storage), but increasing the size of the market cannot lead to abuse. It will contribute to player interactions and give us a richer market.

We all do find the lack of storage space hurts our gameplay. It goes without question. But when one compares it to the gain of having a bigger market then we do win more than we lose. Instead of having to find the space to store an item will others simply take it off of you and you get Pallas in return for it, where you also get to decide how much you want for it - it saves you time, makes you richer and becomes a convenience. The market also serves you as the biggest storage possible, far bigger than any personal storage, equipped with browsing and filtering functions, and all you have to do to use it is to pay Pallas for the item you need, without a fee.

Of course, some will want to live out their hoarding disorder and therefore disagree with me, but I’m not going into such an argument. I’m not interested in fighting somebody’s disorder for them. That’s a fight they’ll have to fight with themselves.


Yes it’s a fee not a deposit, bad choice of words on my part, though it was not my point, the point is it’s there to make using the consignment house as a place of storage for items less practical. Also claiming mail is being abused to store items is fucking ridiculous, it’s god damn mail dude, it’s used to store things like mail and items in many games. That’s a use case, not an abuse. Also if you think people will not abuse the consignment house as a place of storage you are right, because we put a fee and limit in place to slow it. If you think listing 20 items that could be stacked items is not enough and is in turn causing people to use all their storage space that is a huge fucking stretch. People keep things not because they can’t sell them and the CH slot limit, but because they like them and want to keep them.


People don’t keep things simply because they like them. Most people including yourself have an actual reason why they keep hold of something. It’s often a practical reason or one of high value and it’s definitely not just a simple liking. You will have put actual thought into it.

The moment you run out of space is then something you often don’t like and may actually be a reason why you hate holding onto it, because you value the empty storage space itself - space which could be used to hold a more valuable item.

Hoarders do it, because they don’t know why they like something. They are the ones who hold onto things, because they like them, but who haven’t figured out yet why that is and so they not only run out of space, but they also often have a chaos in their collection, and because they fail to put thought into it.

Also, it’s people who use email for storage who call it abuse. I don’t send emails to myself. Perhaps they call it abuse, because they find it’s unnatural to send emails to oneself. You’ll have to take it up with them, but it’s not me who calls it abuse. I only agree with their judgement.


You’re spouting semantics at this point. When I used the word “like” I meant it in a way that there is some reason that person wants to keep that item. Sorry in the English language we use the word “like” in many ways, and it’s not always down to the actual defined meaning of the word. Not sure if your first language is English, if it is, see the first sentence of this paragraph again.

In either case, people don’t tend to fill their stashes up due to CH slot limitation, but due to the facts that you pointed out yourself, there is some reason they “like” that item or this item and choose to keep it, and yes I would agree, some people are just hoarders, though I feel that % is most likely far lower than either of us thinks.


Hence my idea of giving people more slots. You don’t want to get stuck in old semantics when you can have new ones, do you now?


God damn, it’s like talking to a brick wall. Let’s just agree to disagree.


lol It’s like you wanted someone to confirm your view when you already know they have a different one.


Actually no, it’s that I thought I was having a conversation with a reasonable person who can see things in more ways than his own way, but alas, I was wrong. You just resort to semantics in an attempt to twist people’s words against them to fit your own agenda. I said lets agree to disagree, you can stop being an asshole now.


No. You didn’t think you were just having a conversation. You actually thought you were right and that someone on the Internet was wrong.

You think what I do is to “twist your words with semantics” and your response to it is to call me a brick wall and an a-hole. You should be ashamed of yourself for failing at semantics and for lowering the level of the thread to insults.


My god man. You just can’t help yourself. Stop deflecting, it’s not helping your cause, you are just proving me right at this point. You know exactly what you did and what you are. If you didn’t, now you do. If I am ashamed of anything it’s that I even gave you the time of day to make your point, next time I won’t, because you are the cunt the entire community claims you are. I have no issues being right or wrong on the internet, you on the other hand, do it seems. Also before you say I am wrong, please prove that people use up their stash space because they don’t have enough CH slots, until then you’re just guessing. You can’t even let something go when someone figures out talking to you is a waste of time, you just have to poke at a dead horse thinking the world is wrong and you are right, and you’re going to prove it, but you fail miserably. If you wanted to make any impact here you haven’t, instead you only push yourself further and further from the community with your bullshit arrogance.


You really thought you were making a deposit, didn’t you? It wasn’t just a bad choice of words, was it?


You really want to be banned at this point for being an asshole don’t you? You really think you’re not one?


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I use an autohotkey macro to break stuff down…cuts breakdown time by probably 60%


Having an auto-dismantler in this game is Waaay down on the “to do” list imo.
First all weapons and classes needs to be balanced, content needs balancing
and polishing. I’ve played HG since it was in beta pre-retail and i have always managed
without an auto-dismantler - despite being a hoarder.

You just get really fast and dismantling manually :slight_smile: .


yur at group yu fight wait i dismantle nice gameplay