Are there no machine guns with higher item levels for the Guardian?


on my way through elite and nm i came across the Pepperbox machine gun (and another one of the same type) which i upgraded to item level 48. Though it does perform fine in Brompton Cemetary and the regular base game, these machine guns are pretty much useless in Westminster, Abyss and Stonehenge because of the high HP of the monsters.

Now during gameplay i never came across any of these machine guns anymore and only certain guns like the Nova Gun can be found with item level of 51-55. Also frustrating, i can’t upgrade very rarely found grenade launchers with item level 51 to beyond item level 53+.

Are there no machine guns or grenade launchers for the Guardian with higher item level in the game?


No there aren’t. I have tested the buffed ones in mythic versions but they weren’t that good even on level.
The grenade Launcher though are Cata Viable especially in global form. I am using a flame version and phase version and it can clear Catas and ignite the bosses pretty quick.

I found a very good trick to ignite Bosses is to have them being swarmed by lesser mobs and if they ignite they seem to ignite each other quickly just like the summoners minions do when they get ignited.

Hiya aladinf,

thanks you so much for your reply and interest in my qestion. Can you please post screenshots of your Grenade Launchers and the information on the mods? I also have some of these fire direct Grenade Launchers and my stash is full of mods but i still can’t do enough damage. Thanks a lot.


With a grenade Launcher guardian build you do dps by phase igniting. At best with a global affix. You basically run throuch the level and ignite and phase on the way and anchor now and then. Dont expect those guns to do enough dmg to kill a Cata Boss quickly with dmg mods. It is faster to iginte them.

There are no run and gun weapons MM style for the guardian atm.

Hey, thanks for the info, will test my fire direct weapons. My experience so far, nova guns and a fast sword are really effective even for hords of monsters. Plus, you can cause damage on a wider area. For example destroying boxes and stuff. I like that combination.

Nova guns (epecially Phase ones) are a very nice side gun. They can provide reliable phase which gives you an additional 50% multiplicator and there arent many multiplicators in the game. Also 50% less incoming dmg is nice.