Hello, everyone.I was looking for something to link my message to-I didn’t find it.I decided to create a new theme.Athanasios gives quests to collect boss heads daily and in turn, in strict sequence.I will call these bosses-1,2,3,4. But, in the Wake Hallow location along the way, boss-1 may turn out to be 4, i.e.-at the very end.And to get access to quest-2, I have to skip the locations with bosses-2,3,4, i.e. go through almost the entire location-Wake Hallow.But, and quest-2 may be at the other end of the Wake Hallow location.And in order to get to it, I skip- 3,4, It would work fine if the locations with bosses had entrance, directly from Stonehenge (as it was in Hellgate Global)-without the Wake Hallow location.Now my suggestion.Make Athanasios have ALL the bosses’ heads when getting the quest.And the character will receive a reward (all heads) after receiving heads from all bosses-1,2,3,4. And he will not need to look for certain heads, but go in order.(1,2,3,4).P.S.And if, when completing 1 quest, I take all the heads in a row, I will have to restart the game.And it’s not a fact that I’ll find the right head right away.And, again, we will have to look for the right head.Or, again, take everything in a row.

At Charing Cross, Joanne gives a quest at the initial levels.And the character can choose any TWO items as a reward for the quest.I give this example because it is possible to do the same in the case of heads (FOUR heads).If possible.I hope you understood me correctly.I think it will be more convenient.Have a nice day.

This kind of solution couldn’t be done on a data level because of multiple quest targets. That’s how I originally wanted it to be, myself, but that would require coding beyond what I could do.
Still, it’s possible, and it’d be more convenient. So once we resume work after the break this could probably be addressed.