Attacks with both weapons should have less of a delay before the second weapon starts firing

the “Use All Weapons” basic skill, as well as MM’s rounds skills offests the second gun’s firing start by half the time it takes the first gun to fire. this is mighty inconvenient for slow firing weapons. using two separate basic attack skills is not an option for some builds due to skill slot limit and for bullet skills it is plain impossible

ideally, i’d say the other weapon shouldn’t have more that 1/3s delay.

i found out i can double-click to make the second weapon start firing after the second click. super useful for Nova guns, TRDs and whetever else there is. used it with the basic Use All Weapons skill, no clue if rounds skills works the same way.

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I really like it to give a more “consistent” fire rate for things like sniper pistols, grenade launchers and whatnot. To me, it feels bad when both guns start firing because of the bigger interval between each shot, making it feel like I’d be better off just clicking when the gun’s ready again, which can then get a bit tricky when the game has no input queueing for skills. Definitely wouldn’t mind an option for it, of course.

Ok… i’m lost here…

My guns always fire almost instantly when using dualwield function.
Even with Gundian using every gun available, my guns either fires both instantly,
or at times one slightly delayed. Not a problem imo.

Besides… what exactly would be the benefit of the other gun start shooting 0.5sec faster ?.
It’s not like you’re losing major dps or that the monsters cares about it.

if you switch to guns and hold fire while the switching cooldown ticks down, it seems firing of both guns starts together, but if they were ready to fire already, there is a delay.

delay is significant for extremely low ROF weapons like novas and TRDs. i dunno what else to say about it. like, if firing both guns clears the path in front of me and the other gun firis with this delay, it takes me ~50% longer to move forward. oh, and skills that have cast time, like the electric prayer, ruins DPS then instead of being used inbetween shots.

I’ve found that when dualwielding Novaguns, you need to actually press twice fast
to get both nova’s firing at the same time. This is nothing that i consider a problem tho,
just something that people might want to know.

another issue is that two energy weapons won’t be draining and recharging at the same speed. i’m using templars’ electric flamethrowers and intense fights often end with one weapon properly recharged and the other one completely drained. the issue could be negated a bit if energy drain guns were both draining and rechargins much slower - although i kinda like how quickly this happens with this specific weapon type.