Batch of observations and suggestions after the latest patches


Spidermines are in a perfect position now. Spamming doesnt help but placing them situationally works wonders.
Nanobots are still not worth the points imho. The dmg is not quite there. Not sure how to make them better maybe make them stick longer to trigger more explosions.
There was some talk about the tactical mode on the drone which doesnt seem to work, at least you dont see a comparable dmg boost like rapid fire. Though i highly suggest to check if a fixed version is not op. I know several weapons which would do crazy dmg if they get higher rof.
I would definitly raise the minion cap to three including the drone so that a 3-bot droneless setup would be possible. 2-bot droneless is pretty lackluster.

-it is a bit of a shame that snipers are back to square one because the general idea of having sniper projectiles pierce through mobs was good imho.
-the Sniper Skill tree needs some love. For the heavy investment and the downsides it has the dmg increase is a bit on the low side.
-i would make grenades 7 point skills instead of 10 - 10 is too much of an investment
-Camouflage needs to change to something useful and usable. The number of situations where you can actually trigger it are very small. Most of the time a mob is within the radius be it around the corner.

-the movement skills need to be looked at as they behave eratically. But overall BM is quite good imho.

-definitly make userate apply to Shield skills
-Also the guardian needs so many skillpoints for all sorts of things that maybe shields could be made augable with +1 in general like helmets or some skills get the sumo treatment.

-Nova Spam is not good imho. The point investment for it is too low as is the cooldown.

-Aoe skills deal too much dmg escpecially hellfire which also has too big of an aoe. Fields should be support dmg, killing trash, used to add some burst when shooting with singledmg skills while the field ticks on and adds some effects. The time to clear eg a rift when you compare Field skills with single dmg/normal aoes is in a big disbalance on the Evo. Suggestion: remove crits from all types of fields (like it is on strikes, toxic grenades, hive shards etc.) and make the evo rely on other skills (of which he has a pletora) to kill elites and bosses. It would also be more consistent throughout the game.

100 shinies for a recipe is not so overly motivating tbh. At first i thought i could target craft mythics and get full slot versions. But now i see that the weapon is random and full slots is not a given. I think by farming the 100 shinies you get more mythic weapons by drops that the desire to craft a random one loses its incentive.

Another use for shinies could be to aug an additional offensive affix or a skill on certain not used and non abyss unique armor pieces like eg Scrapper X-Flexers with combat dmg. Though i actually would keep that up for and if some sort of choosable difficulty maps are ever to be implemented. Pretty much like the Labyrith crafting reward in POE. It would breathe new life into existing but useless items. And maybe break the dominance of running around with full abyss uniques while only be available in the endgame. i for one would keep some uniques which i normally would have destroyed if i knew that maybe in the end i can get an aug which i would otherwise not get and which would complete my build.

I honestly think that if Evos and Sumos are toned down just a bit we have all classes on a pretty level playing field which we never had before. And there also exist niche builds for every class which can be fun and if you can accept some disadvantages to the meta still can master the game.

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I forgot:

The stat changes on mods slowly start taking effect and i am very skeptical that these were for the good.
I mean it is a form of balancing but at the same time it takes away a lot of minmaxing fun.
When you cant mod the juicy triple ele fuel you just found because it would mean putting 30+ points of wisdom into a MM it doesnt feel that good. Finding the right mod with the right stat requirement was a nice hunt. Now most affixes are clearly out of the discussion.
It also hits certain boundaries whith some high modslot weapons. Not that it is used alot atm but what mods are supposed to fill up 2 7slot vorpals if not offensive ones. Resulting in a Guardian with how much Willpower?
I am all for making the game harder but dont think this was the right area.

I do not agree with the conclusion. In addition to everything against this background, if you played MM and BM you will see that the engineer even lags behind them much. MM starts harder, but later the engineer cannot compare with him.

On the shiny issue. I like that you now get shinies while leveling a new char. I still think the recipe for the myth weapon is a bit steep given the randomness. I would suggest to make it a fixed weapon (the one you put into the cube) but with random slots. I would also go so far to add a small shiny amount to the mythic mod recipe (like 5) and at the same time add shinies to Sydonai (like 2-3)

I think maybe there should be an option for new players to use say 50 shinies to get a low level mythic. Give them something to gain at lower level. Also the essences should be 25 of all 4 types not just 50 Demon/50 Spectral.