Before i start my Engi

Now that Strikes dont crit and cant have splash radius mods i am wondering if droneless engi can be made good. But then i see all the high +minion damage affixes that i cant remember being there before. Now do they (the +minion damage) work on the Bots (eg Rocket Bot +Molotov)?

Was thinking about going bot heavy with Haste Bot up all times then Bomberbot which crashes into the mobs followed by a quickly constructed rocket bot and direct molotov and drop in the nanos now and then.

Molotov Assault should have a very high ignite attack strength if I remember it right. This used to set bosses on fire, but it’s also a strong attack against small groups of (winged) demons, fell bores, skulls, etc… While bots don’t get bonuses from the player’s weapons can their damage be increased with +% Minion Damage on gear. Any ignite attack strength or +% increase of elemental attack strength found on gear will likely also go towards bots.

The engi in HGG was over-powered imo.

Minion damage works on bots, but you won’t be able to run 3 bots simultaneously.

And don’t forget that even when strikes and bots don’t get all bonuses from weapons do these still get some, such as:



Thx for the answers. What i want to try is skill 3 bots but only use 2 at a time. Haste bot should be on all the time. Bomber Bot in the beginning until i have mobbed up the monsters then i let it crash (hope that crash also does a bit of dmg) and phase the lot (hope it phases good) and then construct a rocket bot and let it molotov into the phased mobs.
Apart from the question if this goint to be viable damagewise with maxed minion damage i also need to see how this actually can be handled clickwise. If it is too fiddly i will scrap the idea.

Also when i have increased damage on armor wasnt that increasing all damage (bots too?).