Beta Roadmap


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We are pleased to present the roadmap to the imminent Beta. This roadmap draws from insights you provided in the survey, the results of which you can see here. Critical bugs Bugs that have been reported as hindrances on the way to a stable Beta include the following: Disappearing mods from weapons stored in the…


Thanks Bryan. Good to hear some news on development plans and my best wishes to all involved with the project.
Not sure where the survey was conducted (discord?) but if I might add- will the team be doing anything to hinder keyboard macro farming? Certain players openly carry this out and even chat about it. They are probably the same ones who did it in Global on an industrial scale or maybe its a coincidence they have used the same guild names :wink: If the team are happy with this then fine -its your baby.


Please contact me directly BlueSunshine


Did I miss it in all my reading or when this wipe going to happen? Like next week? Coming months? Next year?

Just asking as my complete guild has stopped playing HGL more then a year ago waiting for the wipe to happen. Meanwhile they are all over games yet mostly in PoE, which is a extremely great game but I’ve settled with HGL and Anthem atm as core games. So all “The Koreans” you see running around are effectively just me, if you ever see em, that is.

Anyway, can you pinpoint a date or is it still more mystical in nature, e.g. “we know there is an ice age, pole shift, comet hit, mass extinction just around the corner, we just don’t when it’s gonna be tomorrow or a million years from now,”.

What’s new for short :wink:

We all knew there will be a wipe after Alpha (happens in every Alpha and usually at the end of each Beta), so we now know that is the last foreseeable wipe ever…and this we knew before themis very roadmap, right? What else is new aside from the selective polls and it’s results?

Thanks again for taking this game live again!


I honestly wish there was an exact date, as it would ease the tension of not knowing. “Soon” is a cruel word that nobody likes.

But as for what news came with this roadmap, surely there’s substance;

  1. Those 4 bugs will have to be tackled, and Beta will begin as soon as the last one is down.
  2. Additions may be made before Beta, including QoL features.
  3. The upcoming wipe will be the last one, save for dire circumstances.
  4. Donations will open once Beta comes.
  5. The primary focus of future development will be new content, and the survey results will be taken to heart.

I understand those are not the exact, specific dates or news one may be hoping for, but surely it’s still good news :slight_smile: