Blademaster - picking every skill with CD because it's fun :D

stacking power in one or two skills got kinda old, so i decided to try and play with spreading points between skills with cooldowns - the idea is that those are more powerful than spamamble skills and since i wil lhave so many skills, i will have enough buttons to spam in every situation.

so far i’m in early game - lvl20, but it is super-duper fun! ignoring portal skill and two consumables, i already have only 3 skill slots left and all the skills are used all the time. it’s really fun to zoom around the battlefield with charge skills, throw swords at demons when everything else is on CD, dash past danger, cleave through hordes efficiently thanks to movement and execute singled out enemies with Sword of Authority. there’s also some very simple comboing, like throwing sword for stun before starting SoA, going in with Charge to use Sweeping Strike and getting out with Path of Righteousness after using Crosscutter and SoJ.

i’m definitely picking Sword Typhon later on and Hamper. probably not taking Whirlwind - it locks player into doing one action continuously and i dunno if i can cancel it with weapon switching. probably can. still, it takes time to get full value out of and it looks like it’s purpose is to get out procs faster to deal with hordes. assuming Sword Typhon pirces just like Crosscutter does, i’m sure i wil lhave enough AOE without it. Hamper’s vulnerability looks useful, but i don’t know if it matters if i only will be able to upgrade elemental attack strength skills. want to take first two surges and both of their skills - i feel like just having them will make more difference than upgrading everything i have, plus it continues the theme of going wide rather than deep.

now, about upgrading skills, passives/auras/surge - i dunno. looking at the skills, i have a choice of speccing into raw damage, crits and elemental effect. i’ve been told that prioritising ele str, then crits is a good way to build BMs, but i don’t know if it’s how every damage dealer should always be built and if having cooldown-oriented character makes any difference. i sure can up my ele attack power, but that leaves me without any points to spare on crit skills and it seems crits help with ele procs, so i dunno if going for ele only is ok at high levels.

i also don’t know if top tier items support this kind of build - i won’t be able to make good use of gear enchantments like cooldown reduction, swing speed, maybe even movement speed.

i’m sure somone must have done this before, but did they get far? was it viable for doing high tier content? how different was the balance when it was done?