Blademaster question

I read the mini guide on this forum, but i am interested in something more specific.
I am a newbie blademaster, and i wanted advice on making a tanklike build that is
geared towards farming an abyss boss like talox. Any advice on good skilltrees
and gear for such a build?

I suggest you to go full str with your stats, grab a Hiki and a Moorgoth’s. Don’t take Aura of Zeal, but Aura of Deflection instead. +Max SoJ, Surge Mastery, Matched Blades, Crusader Wrath. The point distribution in surges should be the following: aim for velocity, restoration as a second priority and wrath only for Crusader Wrath prerequirements. Aim for full seraph gearset except for head, use Face of the Crusader.

The Deflection aura will destroy about 60% of the incoming projectiles, except the lightning ones (which isn’t a projectile). Surve of Speed will make you fast enough to get in and out of certain situations quickly. Surge of restoration will cancel the effect of that annoying psn effect you will have all time, if your shield is low just back off for a few secs or use a shield emitter. One point in crosscutter is enough to interrupt the adds or even Talox from casting anything if you feel you won’t arrive soon enough. Moorgoth’s will psn quickly preventing electric minions and Talox itself from healing.
If you are using a Squadro’s ring with added physical damage it will come with stun attack strength, so either your interrupt or your stun will have a chance to get talox, preventing him from summoning the last wave when he is vulnerable.

Since i am a bit tired now, i’m not sure if i left out something important, so feel free to ask anything and happy deathless Talox hunting for you!

Thanks for the advice