Blademaster Reckoning Vs SoJ Vs Singeltarget

[Disclaimer - I know this is alpha and all abilities are subject to change]

I guess we all know it, Sword of Justice is the i-win for Blademasters, but considering all the attackskills
a BM has, it shouldn’t be because that means every BM runs with the same build… no diversity.

And since i’m one of those players who always want to think outside of the box and go for that which
others doesn’t consider. I created a BM based on pure ST-damage for bosses - while relying on splash weapons
to kill anything around me.

I have however found a disturbance in the force… Maxed out, Reckoning does a mear 30% more bonusdamage
then SoJ while being ST-skill. I’m not math-genious but my guess is that SoJ more then makes up for this
and far exceeds this bonus by utilizing 2 swords and the ability itself is based on weaponspeed.

A BM using 2 Very fast attack swords with SoJ will become a literal whirlwind, especially when teamed with
a hastebot engineer… i’ve seen it myself - it’s scary speed on SoJ.

Sword of Reckoning does have it’s attackspeed affected by both hastebot and weaponspeed.

The point is that i am willing to bet that despite both abilities being a “tier one” ability and SoJ leaning
more towards AoE damage, it will still easily outdamage Reckoning on singel targets - and this totally
negates the reason why anyone would pick Reckoning.

And this is also why i’m making this post, since i strongly believe in diversity brings better gameplay,
instead of every BM running around with the same build.

Maxed SoJ = +110% dmg. 2 swords - very very fast attacks + 2swords = more mods = more bonus.
Maxed Recko = +140% dmg. 1 sword not much else too it - gives access to superstrong status-attacks.

Now… i’m willing to bet that if you took 2 BMs with same swords, one with SoR and the other with SoJ
and you did a timed kill on Shulgot, the SoJ-BM would finish, go for coffee and get back before the SoR was done.

I’m going to try to get this test done to confirm.

If you have the possibility please test this with a similiar level-equipped Guardian too. I fear the wails of the BMs, when the guardian is not only unkillable but doing more DPS too :joy:

If the BM and the Guardian are similarly equipped/built and we’re only comparing SoR damage, there’s a decent chance that Guardians may deal more damage if combining SoR with Anchor. The Guardians’ Hamper does reduce more armor than the BMs’ too, if Hamper is thrown into the equation.

Though, of course, SoR is an inferior choice over SoJ for BMs, so (non-shrapnel) Guardians should still not match the DPS of BMs outside of that comparison :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps in the future, we will see the Reckoning tree getting tuned for more damage to solo targets
while the SoJ will have it’s damage adjusted to AoE, which would require the player to chose…
Clearing mobs fast, or do alot of damage to bosses.

Currently BM’s are a one-trick pony.

Not sure I recall correctly yet I believe to remember that SoJ pre 2.0 did only 30% damage to start with and increased less than it does now.

Anyway if you boost SoR dmg you’ll end up having SoR BM with splash weapons to do the same trick the current slight oped SoJ has.

My point is, how do you make the BM’s other skills more attractive so SoJ shines less than it does now.

Given that a BM is rather soft with no real sustainability aside from surges he has to carry the threat that he can kill and clear a room in jiffy as he wouldn’t stand a chance doing that over several seconds.

BM’s solely relying on SoJ to accomplish this are doomed. In HCE where killing quick is the only option the BM has to survive a maxed out Sword Taifun tree goes a long way.

Charging into a room full of mobs to ST’em followed by a WW to finish the rest off with a quick SoJ or Weapon Throw. A well that is a beauty. Dead before the MM strike goes off.

And you will need this when going towards the Endgame - killing Sid on NM where mobs are 59-65, as you will not SoJ let’s say three Blade Slayers for several seconds; not as a Guardian and sure not as BM.