Blademaster with a shield, and a Hamper

Blademaster with a shield, and a Hamper

I used a translator. Please understand.

From an old patch (I can’t remember the exact build, but it wasn’t that long ago).

The Guardian has been patched to use SOJ. This was surprising. and nice

SOJ is a trademark of BM, and it was inconceivable that the Guardian would use it.

But I have dreamed of it for a long time and it has come true. (I imagined it, but didn’t expect it.)

Guardian using SOJ is positive in terms of Play’s diversity.

Moreover, even sweeping, which is also an excellent skill!

BM’s overall defense has been increased. Restoration has been upgraded, and Holy instinct has been upgraded.

We lost Thorns, but as you can see we can make up for it from the armor, so it’s definitely an upgrade.

Coincidentally, my feedback in 2019 has been reflected. Thank you.

I would like to suggest again.

Give the Guardian’s Shield Bash and Shield of Faith skills.

A Blademaster fighting with a shield is a dream. But if a BM uses a shield, other than that, his defense increases.

there will be no benefit However, it would be good to expect any change in one shield attack skill.

To be honest, I don’t think there will be much change. But it’s good for diversity.

There can be some objection to the skill tree being hybrid.

Let the players discuss. (Summoner’s use of Swarm has been very successful.)

and another one,

Make Hamper’s Efficiency the same as Guardian’s.

Hamper is obviously a Blade skill, but taking the penalty seems unreasonable.

Because BM requires a lot of sacrifice to invest in Hamper, there is no need to pay a penalty.

The role of the BM increases when playing party play.

However, there may be objections to taking advantage of the Hamper +3 exclusive Sword.

Thank you every time.

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I add more. I think, assuming both the BM and the Guardian have shields, the BM can outperform the Guardian in defense against a single enemy. (When the Guardian did not use the Greate defender) Actually, the BM using Holy instict on the Hanbit server defeated the Guardian in a 1v1 match.

i kinda agree.

i mean more choices is good, but i can’t imagine picking Shield Bash over SoJ because there are so many great passives that a Blademaster could simply use one active skill and do great. Shield of Faith? Blademaster already has several defencive skills. i think that’s enough. if possible, i would like to see proactive defence skills for Blademaster that emplys swords. skills that would have bonus interrupt strength, deflect projectiles or give more evasion while they are being used.

there was an idea to give shields a basic attack - just like how swords requires no mana-consuming skills to perform an attack. i also made (but haven’t published) several sketches of reworked classes, in them both Templar classes can use sword and shield together at the same time to perform melee skills, but only swords receive bonuses from Blademaster skills and only shields receive bonuses from Guardian skills.

Hello there :slight_smile: Glad to see you back.

I’ll chime in on this sometime this week, promise. There’s a few things I’d like to go through with this, especially the parts where I agree.

this sounds like a hint of change :open_mouth:

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