Blademaster's Crosscutter projectile is extremely narrow and seems to be getting autoaimed in wrong direction sometimes

pretty fun skill, but the projectile is so small - i was able to miss every enemy in a subway staircase once! there are also many other moments when it flies past an enemy, grazing it’s shoulder, but not actually coming it contact with it. and it seems the skill autoaims if there’s an enemy up close and inside target brackets - so it flies far up, far down or a bit sideways. might be my frantic mouse spinning, dunno, sorry, but i do get an impression it only flies where i point it if enemies are further away.

the upside is that it can squeeze into narrow gaps where monster projectiles can’t, and it’s easy to peek with it from behind corners, but come on - Blademaster is not meant for that! also matches projectile’s graphics perfectly. perhaps too perfectly - most other projetiles seems to be way larger and there’s no frustration from missing them thanks to that. or maybe it’s just the flying sword’s speed that give me time to notice how i whiff it time and time again (not that it happens frequently, but when it does - it’s very noticeable)

so, uh, maybe make it wider? a lot?

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Well, call it a wild guess but you using a high dmg weapon like a katana, lightning sword, holy negotiator or righteous star right?(in your main hand)

well, yes. but how does it matter?

Crosscutter only uses your main hand weapon.
And when you use a weapon wich does mainly aoe dmg as a main hand (at least 2m+), then Crosscutter becomes very fast your favourite skill.