Blademaster's templar restoration might be fucky-wucky

Since I began using it to heal people, due to the health regen not really being enough to do much to me in those 12 seconds and low chance to proc surges, I noticed people weren’t exactly being healed the 21% my current tier says it heals at 3 surges. It heals a fair bit of my health, which I never personally checked to see if it’s actually 21%, but it’s large enough for me to believe it’s at least close to that value. Recently, I went into an AB with the purpose of healing people and comparing the healed value with the 7% (21/3) of my health, as well as a possible 7% of their health suggested by Bryan.

Target: 1175 health, 7% being 82.25
Me: 1091 health, 7% being 76.37
What happened: target was at 994 health and I was at 3 stacks; I used templar restoration and the target went from 994 to 1096. The problem is already noticeable: the healing was 102 HP, which matches neither 7% of the target’s health, nor 7% of mine. I didn’t think much beyond that, but what I do know is that there were no secondary effects on the target, such as poison, health regen or a second person trying to heal them.

Ergo, I have no conclusion besides “uh, what the fuck bro” and I think this warrants some checking by people actually adept in the arts of testing (and that have access to the code of how it actually functions, wink-wink) when possible.