Blocks and dying

Body blocks by mobs that are little more than eye buggers should be eliminated. Body blocks by mobs less than something substantial should be modified if not eliminated.
Body blocks are effective. My teams on the ladders used them to protect the flag stand. But we as players were the equal of anything in the game. In HG, mobs that are little more than a nuisance body block like an NFL offensive lineman. I would still not mind so much except there is a tendency to be confronted by 20-30 piffleing mobs all of which array to body block. I have attempted to travel (lvl 24 blademaster) from monument to liverpool three times and have been killed/stopped each time due to body blocks. Now to be sure I could take all afternoon and creep there, which I am not going to do. Body blocks should only be programatically allowed to the largest mobs in a group with no blocks for any others with eye buggers NEVER allowed to body block. Terribly annoying.

Second thing - restarting 3 or more locations back gets tedious. either drop a prd near there are only move back say one location for respawn. This wouldnt be an issue with parties but it is solo.

Thanks again
I’m spending the rest of my game time today with unrealtournament (the new one) to clear my head.