BM improvement idea -Aura

Recently I played Engineer. It was very stable and satisfactory.

I thought the Engineer was a glass cannon, but there was an excellent evasion tool.

Escape was incredibly efficient. (I am a hardcore player.)

Even though Escape is cool down, it has the Medpak retrofit technology.

Shield cells are the last resort. My Engineer is stable.

Very aggressive Stun Skills are prepared.

At least, the BM needs one more shield charge.

The weakness of BM, in my opinion, is that it is too heavily dependent on weapons.

In the extreme, if you remove weapons from all classes of characters

The weakest is likely to be BM.

Even Marksman seems to be helpless if he gets rid of his weapon, but bombing and grenades exist.
You can hit enemies enough.
The evoker is advantageous if it has a high-performance weapon, but it doesn’t seem to be absolute.

What would a BM without weapons do?
Aura of deflection or Call of th chosen will help the party a bit.

I think this is a fundamental difficulty in BM balancing.

To be honest, BM doesn’t have a very useful skill.

Let’s say a 50-level Blade Master has invested only 10 skill points.

Sword of Justice 2, Sweeping Strike 3, Whirlwind 1

Matched Blades 1, Surge of restoration 2, Templar restoration 1

Sword of Typhoon is covered by Moorgoth’s Hand.
Onslaught is covered by Abyss gear.

This way you won’t have a big problem playing with Blade Master.
Aura didn’t shoot. Because Aura is not worth the investment.
The remaining 40 skills are not very effective.

BM’s physical is quite strong, but it reveals its limits after reaching level 30.
This is the big difference I felt while raising my character many times.
It becomes difficult to level up and you have to risk your life when farming the lift.

Sword of Tyhpoon has been improved to deal with more enemies, but not enough.
(In fact, this piercing skill has become vulnerable to large monsters like Moloch.)
By this time, the Engineer is sweeping the area with his bombing skills.
Again, the lack of AOG skills is a big weakness.

BM’s skill system is a strike skill using a weapon and a passive skill that supports it.

I want the Aura skill to hit the enemy directly without the help of weapons.

The monster, tormenter, attacks the player with a threatening aura, and it would be nice to apply this to BM as well.

For example, Aura of vengeance is modified to phase attack aura.

Aura of Zeal is replaced with aura for physical attack.

Aura of Zeal already duplicates Surge of Wrath.

In fact, BM is guaranteed to survive by defeating enemies with a first strike.

They are very different from Guardian.

You will be able to subdue weak enemies with Aura attacks.

Thank you!

Hmmm, HC here as well, first day and only.

Thorns. That’s the aura your looking for.

I have been enjoying BM since the original Beta.

I could thus not disagree more with you.

Auras are the Guards domain as swordskills are the BMs.

Also, with Sword Taifun, Whirlwind and Sweeping Strike pretty much anything around the BM evaporates … so here is your AOE … for “range” you may utilise Sword Throw which, once monsters are line up, is a powerful shoot skill …

The BM’s main problem” is Sword of Justice. One can virtually play the BM with just that … and most do.

Thorns are interesting yet to much of an investment (9+1) … fully skilled + equipment it could pack the damage of a Hikida … haven’t had the chance to test interrupt strength, stun and crit procs of it though and since retrainers are hard to come by the idea has been shelved … for now.