Bomber bot and why am i dying so much

(I am currently doing the tower quest) Around lvl 37ish I several things started happening. My bomber bot became a slacker and couldnt be bothered to bomb ANY mobs that were swarming me and I started dying 4 times a day - something that just didnt happen before.

I have an Eng with haste and bomber - with an arclight (309) and armor with thousands of elemental defense. At lvl 40 I have to defend on the retreat (movement) and if ANYTHING - something 2 inches high - is behind me I get killed. (7 stance and beacon). Slayers, vortex wraiths (and more) take 100 (easily) meters to kill. The tron bugs take a while to kill. etc etc.

Something changed. As a solo (MP) player I have to tell you the more it changes the less I like it. I easily killed all the hell bosses and honestly given that I dont have a ‘team’ I can see I wont be able to play this game before I return to stonehenge. (I am currently at the Tower quest - jesus I dont want to think how hard that boss must be (Or how pointless my toon has become).

For a team - maybe its ok. Solo MP is beginning to stink. These games ARE NOT a test of manhood. They are entertainment. If it isnt going to be entertainment - I’ll go somewhere else … sadly.

I’m in nightmare mode so I dont expect it to be easy. BUT in the last several major quests something has happened that makes killing some of the mobs mentioned really hard. I can kill them but I have to grind on them for a long time. In particular given I dont get help from my bomber (lvl4). Haste helps (full). Not only are the mobs tough to kill the number of mobs is amazing. Hundreds (I havent counted but it is a large number). On Tower approach I was met at the portal by 12 to 15 slayers and was killed when tron bugs blocked me from behind. … geez. I can think of other ways to say hello. I have all the stations - but havent moved to parliament or stonehenge quests yet. Honestly I doubt I can get there. Bummer.

I am only playing MP at the moment. so its lvl40 MP nightmare up to Tower approach with ONLY haste lvl7 and bomber lvl4 with stance lvl 7 beacon lvl 7 and a good stick - arclight 309, 150 shock and 150 fire (basically) 800 health 250 power (low) and 2 or 3 thousand elemental defense. I dont mind retreat beaconing the mobs if there were fewer of them and if a floating tron bug couldnt body block me. The sheer number of mobs was shocking the increased difficulty in killing was over the top. BTW, when you die that much you end up with no money which seriously limits your ability to play at the higher levels.


Tower of london quest is 46th level, but the level is 48th, and you’re 40th.
If the monsters are 46th level to your 40th, then they deal 128% damage, while you’re dealing 70% damage. If they’re 48th, then they do 166%, while you deal 38%.
Either way, I’d recommend going to stonehenge and leveling up when you find yourself lower level.

Thanks for the reply. Makes sense. I did switch sticks to a slighly heavier (280+) fire arclight and under test did much better. I have gaunlets that add another 140ish fire. I think I could get thru it but I like your recommendation better. Frankly Quest levels never occured to me. I’ll pay more attention.

I competed on ladders in shooters for years and I tend to use alot of maneuver - which allows me to take on more than I have any business taking on. :slight_smile:

thanks again.