Bone Spectral Curse Evo

This is my very first “focus” Evo i ever played and it turned out to be surprisingly awesome.
It mains in the Bone Skills and makes additional use of Spectral Curse which i find one of the coolest skills in the game. I had used Spectral Curse before but with this build it really shines.

What to expect?

It is a very straight forward and pure build. You can kill stuff in many ways though. You can go machine gun/shot gun using only Demonspine or Drop Skullsplitter AOEs or do drive by killing with Bone Shards or setup for huge Spectral Curse explosions. There are some gear/augment restrictions but generally it is not that hard to gear and leaves you with a ton of unspent attribute points. You also dont need a +1 Helmet. We will be investing in userate alot and therefore need alot of Mana and Mana reg.

Skill Tree,50,50,0,v1.00001a3a10000000004a00007311000000

As you can see mainly maxed bone skills and spectral curse and some 1point wonders.
Demon Spine is going to be the single target Spell and usefull if Mobs are very spread out or lining up in passage ways. It does very good damage and has a respectable AOE and long range and pierces though mobs. So running around only with it gets you somewhere.

Skull Splitter is a bit more complicated to use and random in outcome but it can do even more damage (even single) than Demon spine. It explodes on impact into a ton of single splitters and does cover a considerable but somewhat random area. It is best used at a certain range (5-7m). Its normal range is prettly low with 15m but we get that fixed. Also its cooldown is pretty high but that is also getting fixed so we can get a nice rotation with Demon Spine for max DPS.

Bone Shards is a personal AOE, damaging and potentially stunning anything around you. It does good initial damage and dots for a while. It is probably the best skill for triggering Spectral Curse and popping at least one of the affected mobs to get a chain explosion going.

Wall of Bone creates a well Wall of Bone that most mobs immediatly attack and get a little damage from thorns. But it is a very usefull distraction and helps to pull mobs together for Spectral Curse. I allways use it also to make Cata 2 Boss Tempest to not attack me for wihich it is super usefull.

Then we also have the Ember with 4 points to max it with a cast set and have a little igniting tank around us.

Spectral Curse is used for the overcrowded higher level areas like Catas, Church Yard or ABs where mobs come from all angless AND for Cata Bosses. You place a Spectral curse on 12 Mobs and then you go Boneshards which will most likely kill one of the mobs in range and then all go poof. Through our gear we increase the range and splash of Spectral Curse aswell as the range of Boneshards. So this can be used in alot of situations. As for Cata bosses we lure mobs into the vincinity of the Boss and drop 1-2 Spectral curses and when the Boss is in the midlle of the mobs he will die in one go or at least get phased for a long time. I managed to kill Morax in one go with it. Works best in Beast or Undead Catas.

A point in Arcane Shield to refresh our shields, a point in blink and concentrate damage- thats it.
No Broms, no Eledrain, no Hellfire.

For the Perks you can go full comfy mode as the damaging perks are not very relevant for this build because we neither have high critdam nor do we apply sfx. So power, power reg, ele defense and health/armor are good choice or even sprint cd.


Now when first having skilled all Bone skills and get acces to Skull Splitter it all feels a bit slow and clunky and therefore we emphasize userate of Evocation skill on our gear so we can spam out skills more often and play fluidly. This comes with the burden of high mana consumption so another thing we look out for is power reg. When leveling this build it is also totally fine to spend like 100 points into willpower without needing them for the gear. You will have attribute points in abundance at the end (i havnt even spent 120 points atm). With this build we obviously want to do damage and since we are using boneskills only we can go for gear with naturalism and evocation damage in addition to crit/increase damage.
We will end up with not much crit/critdam, we dont apply SFX other than stun so we can go full on naturalism(aside other damage affixes).
To make the whole Spectral Curse memes going easy we use mainly Glyphshards as they give 40% more range to boneshards and i think curse range too (feels like it) and it increases the splash of Spectral Curse considerably which is very important to get the shot gun effect with overlapping splash areas.
For single damaging bosses we can use other foci though.

So here we go on gear:

-Main Foci:
For the above reason we use Glyphshards. In a perfect world you get two Galactic Conquests/Harlequin Ablaze 2slot WITH userate aug. The userate aug is fundamental for this build (at least to me) so i opt for a good legendary one with userate over the uniques. Galactic with a good spectral damage roll seems to be a bit more usefull with the additional splash but each have their advantages. The skills apart from Hellfire for rift-pulling i dont even use.

I currently run a Galactic Conquest with userate aug and only 1 slot and a legendary one with damage, userate and powercost aug. Obviously not optimal.

-Single damage foci:
Against bosses that i dont kill with Spectral Curse i use 2 double edged foci with 90%+ naturalism (in a perfect world i would get a userate aug on them). These make a huge difference against sturdy bosses and i look at 1000-1200 dps ahainst Cata 1 which is considerably good.

-Cast set:
for the Ember we obviously get 2 foci or guns with Ember 3 and as many modslots as possible to stuff minion damage/armor/health into them

Simple- preferably eledmage or a cobination with other damage, doesnt mater what.


I opted against a Dark Visage and went for a Veiled Threat as it offers power cost reduction, userate and the whole palette of damage (even though a bit less than Dark visage). It doesnt have shield pene though and we might even end up with no shield penetration at all but we are not distributing a lot of sfx so its fine.

There can be only one and that is Noraks Anorak with inherent naturalism affix (the good version so to say). It can drop with alot of inherent affixes but we want naturalism which adds up to 40+ damage with the also present Damage of Evocation skills affix. It also comes with shock resist and power reg, minion armor and willpower - we need all of this:'s_Anorak

This is also crystal clear and needs to be a Heart of Darkness with a near 20% spectral damage roll. We need this ele damage (and the crit etc.)

As of the last patch Balbis Ring can roll naturalism as an inherent and therefore we want that as in total balbis offers aton of damage then.'s_Ring

There is no definitve unique that is best in slot here. I would say a heavenly piece with naturalism is good as i have a low level one.

Here there is a definitve very usefull unique availabe with Nagahakus Optional Jeans. It comes with naturalism dam, movespeed, a bit of minion damage, willpower and shock defens. Again we need then all. AND it can rarely roll double naturalism. I’d suggest staying below lvl ~35 and farm Australia for a good pair.
I am currently investigating a different leg item with Harrowing Truce. It has 20% Evocationdam and 25% userate of Mindpowerskills. Now you lose some damage but you can cast more Spectral Curses - a thing of taste i guess.'s_Optional_Jeans

For boots there are two good uniques. Nighstriders are allways a good choice because of the movespeed, the skill, and the potential high phase. Without additional phase somewhere else this affix it is pretty useless on this build though (but you can make it work). Therefore i go for Nadjas Leisurely Strolls as they got so much usefull stuff on it. They can roll userate, powercost or shield pene and come with a bit of ele damage, ignite, minion damage and high movement speed.'s_Leisurely_Strolls

A trinket with a good amount of ele damage is the best you can slot.

-dye kit:
I went for the Stonehenge increase damage dye. A little boring but there is nothing better i can put in there atm.

Thats it. It is suprisingly working very well with stacking naturalism and not going the obvious crit route. With the Glyphshards you can spam nicely due to the userate augs, get nice aoe and good clear AND you have the potential to get the most damage in the game by using Spectral Curse in the right situations (with the more splash and range the easier these situations are to find). And with the double edged naturalism foci you have pretty good single damage.
For an Evoker it is also surviving pretty well with all the defensive perks, good shock defense, high userate Arcan Shield and the Ember as tank/Wall of Bone as a distraction.

You can see the damage potential here:

Have fun!


Excellent work, as always :slight_smile:
I’ll be adding this to the guide index shortly.

Updated: when changing the single damage userate heavy set to 2 double edged naturalism foci (happened to find a 4slot one) i am now having pretty good 1k+ single damage against Cata1. I was even able to slowly pop DOD mummies and get some Spectral Curse pops and at least get around the first corner :slight_smile: I assume if you have patience you can solo Dod.

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Another update: I have added Harrowing Truce as a Leg option as it makes you cast more spectral curses. Also i rate this build as one of my strongest now after the chage to the spiritualism foci for Bosses. Not only can you oneshot them if the spectral curse goes off well but you can also dps them by normal means.
Tip: you can farm Quovantus nightmare with it because he spawns alot of little worms that take the spectral curse. You need to wait for him to cast the poison field and then blink in curse quickly and Bone Shard, Shield up and out. If you are lucky the rifts get also killed for a full oneshot. If you are unlucky he either doesnt die or the rifts spawn a ton of shit on you and you die - so dont do this in HC.

A bit too late but here is a pre nerf patch Cata run:

It is still working after the patch but the nerf did hit hard (a bit too hard for my taste). You just do notably less damage so you are less likely to create the big explosions on a button press. Depending on the mobs i now send a skullsplitter first and then try to get the boom with boneshards. But Cata1 did die yesterday too in an explosion.