Boomerang Tormenters can still one-shot you

Boomerang Tormenters can still one-shot you.

There was some controversy about this in my guild, so I wanted to document this for the benefit of hardcore players and in case anyone wants to discuss it.


  1. In the 2008 game, monsters with backlash / boomerang / rebounding affixes could one-shot you by reflecting your projectiles.
  2. At some point, the devs changed that. I’m not sure if the 2038 team has explicitly made any changes with this (I didn’t find any in any 2038 patch notes), but the TC 4 patch notes
    ( Abyss Chronicles build 4 patch notes )
    included the item
    “Missiles reflected by monsters with the Backlash, Boomerang, or Rebounding properties will now receive 90% damage reduction.”
  3. 2038 users observed that boomerang is still deadly with Tormenters in particular (Discord excerpts below), but a dev said it’s not considered a bug. It’s not in the known issues list.

My observation of this :

  1. I was farming nightmare Lord Chroosay with my level 50 evoker. (It used to be a decent farm, so I thought I’d try it. In 15 or so runs it seemed so-so.)
  2. I ported in for the 15th time or so, and the game rolled a Chroosay with the boomerang affix.
  3. I wasn’t looking out for that and didn’t notice it. I threw my skill rotation at Chroosay: Tempest, Hellfire, Lightning Field (I’m sloppy and I think the ball missed), Swarm, then I got to Spectral Bolt and died instantly. Full health to dead instantly.
    So, behavior confirmed.

Excerpts from Discord:

Lokimo 10/17/2020

@Alternalo yea, hc gameplay now more “interesting”, especially because boomerang, and other reflect affixes from tormenters, seraphs still was not fixed

Alternalo 10/17/2020

@Lokimo i think nothing to fix with tormenters, they have an aura which makes them able to reflect projectiles if they have that affix, it’s more like you are aware of this and proceed with caution when you see rare tormenters. But rather than having one of this thing which can potentially kill you, now you must pay more attention for on death mods too, not like they are deadly by itself but their sfx can ruin your day if you are unaware.

ZyraTheAngryPlant 11/08/2020

Summoner is a safe pick, yes. WE have a lot of summoners, so you may get some items, who knows.
Anyway, watch out for Rebound, Boomerang, Backlash Tormenters. These are still bugged and devs didn’t fix it, yet. @developer
our level 50 Evoker died to level 30 tormenter, because of the bugged affix KEKW`

Yeah, that’s not really an ‘interesting’ mechanic when it directly abuses one - and only one - class.

It doesn’t abuses only one class, this mechanic reflect all missiles by a chance if it gets into the Tormenters aura.

You can kill yourself with a thrown sword, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, bolters or with basically any non hitscan weapon, including strike markers landed inside the aura or grenade skills. onHit novas can be reflected too.

I’ll trust your insight on this, but admittedly I have only heard evokers complaining about this, so far.

I think i had this happen once, here’s the deal:
A pack of tormenters, me 50/25 Engie inside their auras, in a lowbie lvl like 26 or so rift…
Needless to say nothing there should have been able to even scratch me and yet… one second i wait for my strikes to do their job the next i’m taking ungodly amounts of damage that dismantle my hp to 0 in seconds…
Was using rails, had strikes.