Boss drop list from HellgateGuru - probably outdated and most likely incomplete, but might still be usefull

OMG look… @NiKKeZ and @Bubba_Fett are on that thread from almost 10 years ago :smiley:

It’s incredible to think that this game is 10 years old.

I introduced somebody to this game today. They thought I was pulling their leg when I said it was released in 2007. The DX10 version still looks great, even 10 years on and in my opinion holds up astonishingly well for a game that is just over a decade old!

I feel so old :face_with_monocle:

Haha… that’s pretty crazy. Thanks to everyone for their hard work bringing this back.

Eh…COOL! Thank you Tehnix!

Looks “quite” fitting to the current patch-status - or? At least it’s def. no HG:global list.
We should get this information somewhere where we can work with so we don’t loose the work already made.
Prepared something.

I filled the normal-mode drops in - some items look suspicious (wurms rumbler, techsmiths,…) if someone knows they are actually not real, please delete - also if you get drops additional or have any other ideas…, please do add :wink:
If you find grammar errors, you can ceep them butt bewäre thäi moultypli ufer thyme :innocent:

Will fill the nightmare-drops when i find time for that, must get back to work now ^.^

The 4-armed guy in the British Museum is missing. I have the name not at hand, if one knows, feel free to add or name here. Same for the winged one in the level with the train incoming.

They’re named rares or legendaries which are “first kill” drops from their respective bosses. There’s also a quest or two that give named items as rewards.

Thank you Firvagor for haveing an eye over the lists. Ready with the london bosses lists normal & nightmare :slight_smile: