Boss on Barge house is a cheat

… not by design, but lord something rat (sorry forgot the name) takes a little damage, zips back to the void and returns right away with full health. It isnt possible to kill (for me)…

Just a note, that should be changed. A powerful boss that you cant grind (who regens like this) seems unfortunate.


(iMy toon is lvl 15)

Sounds like you’ve encountered a rather unfortunate combination of random affixes on a rare/named mob?
If you have a quest to kill it then you can try resetting the map, and the game will roll another set of affixes on it.

Or if you want to overcome the challenge then you should shock and poison it somehow. Shock prevents it from teleporting and using the instant heal ability, poison prevents him from constant regeneration.

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Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: The real problem is he follows me around. (;

Thanks again