Broke, wrong skills, need a fix

Hi everyone

Ill make this brief: Im broke (for doing stupid shit with the nano forge), my skills are all over the place, and I have no idea how the expansions work.

Im sure I can fix my problems if I would just play the expansion, since one of the bosses drop that thingy which lets you reset the skills. Money will be made while farming these bosses I guess. I have beaten the main game at this point and am on my way to beat it a second time on hardcore mode.

I got raped when I entered the wild in Stone Henge. Guess its specifically made for parties. Can you tell me how and where I can join parties to raid the place? Is there a Discord channel where one can get notified when someone is about to go hunt some bosses? Are their any guilds/clans to join up?

Thank you very much in advance for answering!

Hi PAaddict, welcome :slight_smile:

That’s mostly correct, but not entirely. Stonehenge is mostly MP-focused content, but it becomes much more manageable by lv50. The Wilds specifically have a different difficulty modifier, so those areas are indeed better suited to parties. But they too can be soloed with careful building.
Lastly, Moloch does favor parties, in that parties of 5 can do 25 runs while each member pays 5 heads; the “5x5”, as it’s called.

Listed parties are available in the party panel ingame (“p”), and you can likely form parties in chat. We do have a Discord server, with a dedicated #looking_for_group channel for boss runs.
As for guilds, I wouldn’t know. I don’t have quite enough time these days to keep up with how that part of the game is going.

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Hey man, thank you very much for the information! How could I play this game all this time without knowing the party panel? xD

Anyway, joined some random dudes party, and within seconds, I was farming stuff with him and got invited to his guild.

Thanks again for the help!