Bug: missed items in the shared stash after swap them

Missed items in the shared stash after swap them. Bug was near the 03:00 by E.S.T. (~20 minutes ago).
Please give it back to me. I very need this items!

Screenshot: http://ipic.su/img/img7/fs/asdgjdhdhsdhd.1547540384.jpg

This is in the known issues list, which can be found here along with the bug submission form.

Thanks for that link. I sent the bug-report by this form too for the speed up of problem solving.
Time 19:23 by E.S.T. but i have no this 2 items yet.
Can i hope that admins return me them?

I remembered: that were legendary shoulders and unique helmet.

Вы чё,там-обалдели!!!Я-же извинился!!!Ну,и хрен с вами!!!Не больно и нужно.Все равно-игра-ГОВНО!!! Прощайте.