[Bug] Quest - Piece of Mind

Quest - Piece of Mind
Location - Charring Station
NPC - Tech 42

Description (sort of) - Tech 42 gives you a Blue Print and tells you to acquire Parts from Sinns in 3 maps. Once completed you make the item with the blue print and return to Tech 42.

Bug(s) - Tech 42 did not give the Blue Print.
- The quantity of items dropped from Sinns does not update on each map (i.e. Acquired 2 of 6). At least one map does not indicate how many are found/acquired.

Having collected, more than enough, of the parts and returning to Tech 42 does not allow for completion of the Quest without the Blueprint and you cannot retrieve the blueprint from him with it already activated.

Solution(?) - Abandon Quest, lets you keep the quest items, and then re-acquire the quest & Blueprint from Tech 42 in Charring Station. Lastly, Activate the BP from inventory and then talk to Tech 42 again to complete it.

Additional Bug - Blue Print is permanently stuck in inventory.