[Bug] When a monster hits me, the shield becomes 0


This bug occurs intermittently.

The conditions of occurrence are caused by enemy attacks when the shield is at its maximum.

The shield becomes 0.

This bug often occurs when Blade Master is wearing Abyss Full Set.

Guardian also encounters this bug when wearing the Abyss Full Set.

Please check this bug. It’s especially fatal in hardcore.

This bug does not occur when the Shield value is medium or slightly damaged.

It only occurs when the enemy attacks when the Shield value is at its maximum.

Probably, I think it occurs when the maximum value of the user’s Shield is high.

I used Google Translate. Please understand.

Thank you!

It’s not a bug. The monster is simply critting you and that causes shields to be depleted in an instant. Tbh I never liked that mechanic, as shields are already unaffected by armor. BM has no way to regain shields (exception: shield booster item), so their 4k shields aren’t really making them tanky by any means, in fact BM is quite squishy compared to guardian, who has auras and 2 shield refill skills 30/15sec CD and evoker/summoner, who are almost immortal with broms and venom armor, while being able to fight from a distance anyways. There is some imbalance towards BM survivability for sure. Patch 1.5 looks to be like best in slot gear is mythic pieces with AA (+15-17), strength(+~30-35) or stamina (+~30-35) augments. The base should be any armor type with high inherent armor value instead of seraph pieces. With decent health pool, surge of restoration could keep you alive, but I doubt that even this setup would grant you any suvivability near evoker or summoner. And then there is always map with tons of SFX spamming mobs that phase you for 10secs, which then again leads to worse performance with an armor build instead of shields.

Sorry, but I couldn’t understand the “The monster is simply critting you and that causes shields to be depleted in an instant” sentence.

If what you’re talking about is a monster’s critical damage,

As far as I know, you cannot receive critical damage while shielded.

The condition that shield becomes 0 in an instant is as follows.

Blademaster or Guardian

Uniqe abyss full set gear wear

Shield was Full (3400 ~ 3700)

To prevent this, I intentionally lowered the shield rechage +%, but it didn’t work.

It occurred intermittently but frequently, and was caused by normal hits of general monsters including Poison zombie.

The first attack of the poison zombie caused the shield to become 0, and an poison SFX condition occurred immediately.

It did not occur when the shield was already damaged and fell below 3500. (It only occurs due to the first hit in Full Shield state.)

I use the shield Booster item quite often, but it never occurred when the Shield was given a bonus due to the Booster.

As you know, This phenomenon is different from the Abyss Demon boss’s EMP Skill.

I can’t imagine that a normal monster has a mechanism that can instantly destroy my shield with just one hit.

The 3500 Shield holds against Dreadnaught for a few seconds.

If this is not a bug, please let me know why it works.

That’s all for the report. Thank you!

It also happen to evos and any other classes since forever afaik. I cant rememebr where or when but i think Bryan gave me an explanation behind this mechanic.