Camera mods, POV, FOV : First Person melee-Mod or enhanced Third Person for Hellgate London ? (request)

Hi there, thanks for this awesome London 2038 project :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I just posted this on Reddit r/Hellgate

This is a copy (reference purposes)

Hi, a week ago I read about Hellgate London re-release.

  • I was happy until I read that was by ‘the company I don’t want to mention’, and not a Flaghsip Studios powered GOG release (at best), (no offense).

  • I took my original 2007 copy of Hellgate London by Flagship Studios, and I am happy to discover the community and game is alive :3.

  • Sources like, Revival Mod or London 2038 project, so thanks so much guys & gals :3

  • I installed Reshade + DX10, + some mods and the game with Gamma color correction looks good, considering is a 2007 game, no framerate issues, only ‘a bit frame-loss with volumetric smoke, but not-bad’

As the title: I am wondering if exists or if is possible to set / create a camera-mod for Hellgate London focused on:

  • FOV modification
  • GUI / UI scaling
  • better widescreen
  • POV: first person melee mod (swords and stuff)
  • POV: enhanced shoulder cam / third person mod

I don’t have skills / info to do that, but maybe via .dll injection, ASI loader, or something related (I read from other games.)

The camera in third person seems not bad, but I think could be great, don’t you think?
Feel free to express your opinion, and if you know how to create this share the info, boy :wink:

Hi there u might want to try the perfectperspective.fx from reshade u can change the FOV there.
And yes i would like to see some UI scaling/better widescreen and 4k support. :slight_smile:


Hi, @ZuranOrb, thanks for the tip, I will try that .fx, a real-camera mod would be great too.